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NOTES Please install 'Photo Real Orlando X‘ first
An Internet connection is required for Activation. Click to read the installation how-to for more information.
  • Microsoft's Flight Simulator X (SP1 / SP2 / Acceleration)
  • Tyler Newport's "Photo Real Orlando X" Scenery (739MB) - Not included in the price! You need this scenery for the photo identification (Checkpoint & EnRoute photos)
  • MS-Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2)
  • Adobe Acrobat® Reader to read and print the maps, tasks & answer sheet
  • Tested with 2,5 GHz Processor (Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8300), 4 GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce-GT 220 Graphics card
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher

You like to fly VFR? You love precision or want to improve your abilities in the airplane? You like short landing strips? Well, be here then right! At the "Rally around Orlando" of 1mot.de

Orlando (Florida/USA) lies north of Miami and west of Cape Canaveral (NASA). There usually (of grass trains) are many little airfields around Orlando but also reconciles great airports (Orlando International, the Executive KORL and Kissimmee Gateway KISM). The area around Orlando has a lot to offer. Many little lakes, fish camps, golf courses and "Walt Disney World" for the children.

Start you from the airfield "Stout FD83“ after the briefing in the control tower (coordinates: N28 ° 15.52 ' - W81 ° 23.04 ' south of Orlando) with many other competitors. The way leads to the most part by the photo scenery of Tyler Newport (Photo Real Orlando X) with a size of approx. 2000 square miles. On the competition flight to the final destination Kissimmee Gateway (KISM) photos must be identified at different turning points (Checkpoints CP) and on the route (EnRoute). So that this gets not too simple, signs (Canvas Ground Targets) are displayed also on the complete way. These also must be listed in the end value bend as demanded. So that you do not simply fly off with full throttle or have a look in the area at beautiful golf courses, there is a time schedule. Times must be adhered to by the start up to the landing and at all turning points (Checkpoints). The time window without penalty points is 2 seconds (plus/minus), after that there is difference for every second at the predefined debit time two penalty points. But the best comes to the end. The aim landing on 3 way airfields and at the final destination. Each of these airfields has a 'Competition Landing Field' (landing box). This is 63 x 12 meters in size. Divided up into eleven individual boxes. The smallest one is 3 meters long and makes every pilot sweat. After the flight one has 5 minutes time to hand in the end value bend to the "Marshaller" (otherwise there are penalty points). A Debriefing follows in the "Follow Me Car" and one then enjoys the presentation ceremony in the circle of other competitors. Try it, too.

The exact solution for the competition is hidden in a small hangar north of the Kissimmee control tower.

Following the exact introduction to the scenery 'Rally around Orlando':

You start from the airfield "Stout" (FD83') to your predefined start time (see task sheet/Stage1). After exactly 4 minutes you overfly the Start Point on the eastern edge of the runway 33. Per differed second you get 2 penalty points. Expect the first "EnRoute photos" or "Canvas-Ground Targets" after 0.5 nautical miles as of starting line. Type the found photos and signs in the enclosed answer sheet in. Overfly the "Checkpoints" at the exact predefined time (2 penalty points per second) and identify the photos to "correct" or "incorrect".

Checkpoint-4 is an "intermediate Final Point (iFP)" with photo and timekeeping. After fly over you have 5 minutes time for a touch and go landing on the airfield "Rybolt Ranch" including half traffic circuit up to the next timekeeping. This is on the northern edge of the runway 18. You must follow the prescribed departure instructions.

There are 3 danger points in the north and east of Orlando: Airshow with hot balloon on the "Ultralight & Model" airfield, US-Army exercise 'FLORIDA EAGLE' and an airplane in the approach to Orlando Executive 'KORL' with one burning engine (of 2 armed forces Helicopter escorted).

The Finishline north of the airfield "Carter" is the "Final Point (FP)" of Stage1 with photo and timekeeping. After a touch and go landing on the airfield a new route starts (Stage2). There are the same procedures as on Stage1. Heading 240° and 2.75 nautical miles up to the "Start Point (SP)" Stage2.

Of the Checkpoint-9 (iFP), it goes with a left turn directly to the airfield "Hi-Acres". After a touch and go landing of runway 18 it goes to the "intermediate Start Point (iSP)" on the south shore of the Lake Louisa.
Caution at the Checkpoint-11, please. There is a Ultralight airfield in the "Epcot Center. Please watch the airspace ! After Checkpoint-12 the Finishline follows at the end of this "Rally around Orlando". The course goes from the (FP) Final Point (second to the last timekeeping) to the south. Straight ahead up to the 'Lake Toho' with "Waterports" and then into the right downwind 33 of airport "Kissimmee-Gateway" for the last landing in a box.

Look on the task sheet for last landing time. After full stop landing, third taxiway right, straight ahead to the marshaller. He gets the answer sheet. Then taxi to parking position [P]. The Debriefing is in the follow me car.
Landing exercises can be carried out on "Henderson Field". [Good luck, the 1st Place is waiting]


  • VFR-Rally-Panel (2D) for default Cessna 172
  • Checkpoint (CP) and EnRoute Photos (in the cockpit panel callable)
  • Canvas Ground Targets (in the 'Rally panel' integrates)
  • Airport and RWY-Information (in the cockpit panel callable)
  • Inclusive of many parts of the Orlando map with time scale for 80 'kts' (PDF format)
  • A detailed representation of 7 airfields and much waterports with buildings, vegetation, airplanes, vehicles as well as ships, boats, encouraged persons and birds.
  • All airfields with landing box (12 x 63 m white and brown)
  • Tasks, answer sheet & Rally rules (PDF format)

More pictures and information (What is Rally flying?): http://www.1mot.de