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  • Microsoft Flugsimulator 2004
  • Windows XP only
  • Pentium 2,5 GHz or faster
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 3D graphic card with at least 64 MB, recommended 256 MB
  • Soundcard
  • Download Size: 23 MB
  • Installation Size: 80 MB

The US Coast Guard is a complex organization that is part of the US military and has duties range from homeland security to the maintenance of navigation aids. But of course Search and Rescue remains an important role and Aerosoft now bring you the best in ships and helicopters so you can expand your flight simulator to the exiting world of the US Coast Guard! 

Including both the newest type of cutter and the most versatile helicopter of the coast guard this is a very complete package. After you sailed the cutter to a location of your choice, you can use the shipyard tool to 'build' a static ship at that location. With three simple clicks of your mouse (and a restart of FS2004) a static version of the ship will be placed. You can now take off from that ship and perform your mission. After landing you change from helicopter back to the ship model and sail to your next mission. A truly complete package for a great price. 


Sikorsky HH-60J Jayhawk:

  • Four Vector designed Multi-Function Displays (scalable to 4800 pixels)
  • Augmented Stability and Control System (Automatic Flight Control System)
  • Highly realistic Auto Hover System (with 3 axis depart modes, allowing you to fly the helicopter sideways under full control)
  • Tested and highly accurate flight model (yet fully flyable for novices)
  • Pilot Flight Display with three modes (hover / HSI / map)
  • Nav Display with 7 modes (include user defined navigation points)
  • Will fly all default FS2004 flight plans
  • Total interactive and fully functional Virtual Cockpit
  • Six 2D panels, designed for multi screen cockpits
  • High def sound set by MeatWater studios (enhanced)
  • Extensive manual, assisting novice pilots understanding helicopter flight
  • Build on top of the Seahawk that won many awards. (but does NOT need the Seahawk installed)
  • Animated crew member, doors, winch
  • Fully accurate rotor and tail folding procedure (with control panel)

Maritime Security Cutter, Large (WMSL):

  • Two static models (deck railing up and railing down)
  • One 'drivable' model with sound set and simple panel (no VC and note that Fs is not really great in simulating ships)
  • Fully accurate light configuration that helps you land in low visibility
  • Extensive effects (wake, smoke, drainage etc)
  • Additional sinking sailing vessel to practice SAR missions

Shipyard tool:

  • Connects to FS to read position
  • Inserts all information so you can find the ship in the GOTO AIRPORT menu
  • Compiles static model (with all effects)


The following expansions MUST be installed to use the Shipyard tool:

MS .NET Framework: Download here (Filename MSXML.MSI)
MSXML4.0: Download here


System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Flugsimulator 2004
  • Windows XP only
  • Pentium 2,5 GHz or faster
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 3D graphic card with at least 64 MB, recommended 256 MB
  • Soundcard
  • Download Size: 23 MB
  • Installation Size: 80 MB

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