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Kuala Lumpur New Int'l Airports 'ON BOARD the First A380!'

  • Exclusive: A380 VIP Tour Malaysian Airlines!
  • Includes: Awesome A380 Close-up Takeoff and Flyby!
  • Includes: MAS Malaysian Airlines fleet
  • Includes: Historical old Subang airport footage!

Enjoy a magnificent and Exclusive VIP tour of the Super Jumbo A380 along with a takeoff and flyby at Kuala Lumpur's new Mega International Airport at Sepang!

Just as Singapore Changi evolved to become a world famous airport so now is the spacious and architectural beautiful Kuala Lumpur International Airport! See Malaysia Airlines, with one of the world's biggest airline fleets and a 5 year history of KLIA along with footage of the former main airport at Subang. From older Russian Yak 42s to modern Airbus and Boeing jetliners, the skies are always full at this exciting airport - day and night!

Follow the Super Jumbo A380 - Follow AirUtopia!

Duration: 120 MINS