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  • FSX SP2 or Acceleration
  • Minimum system requirements identical to those of FSX itself.
  • Additionally, 1.9 GB free hard-drive space.

The Scenery:

This scenery covers the city of Oslo, Norway, and the surrounding areas with high resolution (1.19 metres per pixel/LOD 15) photo-realistic summer imagery, using entirely native FSX techniques for excellent performance. This means the covered area is depicted exactly as in real life, bringing you the same views as if you were actually flying over the landscape. Accurate night-lighting is included for a realistic night-flying experience. This scenery is kept autogen-free to ensure best FSX performance and crisp, clear textures. Please be advised that the scenery does not cover Gardermoen airport.


The scenery is entirely compatible with all add-on meshes and land-classes. It works with Flight1 Ultimate Terrain X - Europe and Ground Environment X Europe, complementing these add-ons very well for an immersive and realistic flying experience in either VFR or IFR flight.

Installation Note:

Once purchased, download ASTTech_PhotoRealOslo_Install.exe. Due to the large file size, check that the download is not corrupt (ASTTech_PhotoRealOslo_Install.exe is 2,004,406,216 bytes in size). Execute ASTTech_PhotoRealOslo_Install.exe and follow the on-screen instructions.


Customer Reviews

3 of 5 Stars!3 of 5 Stars!3 of 5 Stars!3 of 5 Stars!3 of 5 Stars!  
David Rogers *Verified Product User*, 04/26/2013
    I decided to purchase some photoscenery today as it is always nice to see how a real country or area looks. This Oslo scenery is really very nice. It is quite crisp close to the plane but becomes quite blurrly further in the distance. Increasing LOD is FSX would improve this of course. It's not quite as visually nice as the MegaScenery Earth 2 scenery, but it's not far off. I have deducted two stars for one simple reason; there are no airports within the scenery area! The documentation confirms that Oslo International Airport (ENGM) is not within this scenery area. There is one military airbase (ENKJ) but it's not realistic to land your GA aircraft there. So in reality, you must take off at ENGM, in default scenery and head south, flying in to this scenery area. The scenery transition is very noticeable so this is far from ideal. Come one AST, this is nice, but because of the above, it's really not so usable. It is essentially just a tile of photoscenery around the city, with no civil airports to use within it. AST really must consider extending the scenery area of this product so that it goes up to ENGM airport.
2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!  
Jan Nordberg *Verified Product User*, 06/20/2013
    Making scenery for Norway will be a hard job. Four quite differnt seasons, even from one part of the country to the other, and not to mention a bunch of demanding simmers. We are spoiled by an ever growing freeware scenery world of good quality, both Photoscenery and other more poly based.
But, since I'm living just in the center of this scenery and the price can not offend anyone, I decided to buy it. It's a picture, no more no less, lifeless, blueish to an extent I find unnatural. With no blending masks it will always be an "on top scenery", so when you fly over this area you feel that "Oh, here is an another picture but the autofocus didn't work to good".
One thing I can say for sure, since I'm a scenery designer myself, it's placed much more correctly than some other photoscenery I have seen. All my buildings for this area goes spot on, thank you.
To David and all others bying this scenery, ENKJ Kjeller is a military and GA airfield, so feel free to land there. The southeast part of the airfield is the base for helicopter and GA club service for the Oslo area, and there is a freeware photoscenery, which by the way, blends in with this scenery.