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NOTES DOWNLOAD MANUAL: classics_hangar_pilots_manual_fw190A5-A9_v1.00.pdf
REQUISITOS FSX SP2, Gold or Acceleration Expansion Pack

Fw 190 A, the late variants

With this second installment in the Classics Hangar Fw 190 series the virtual pilot can now make the transition to blind flying and early radio navigation. Experience the sleek maneuverability of the Fw 190 A-5, make your way over the improved A-6 and A-7 sub variants to the versatile A-8. Deal with the weight of the heavily armed and armoured Sturmjaeger and master the 2200 horse powers of the A-9, the final version of what many believe was one of the finest piston aircraft that ever flew the skies.

Included in this Flight Simulator X add-on package are renditions of the later production variants of the WW II Luftwaffe’s second major fighter aircraft, the Focke Wulf Fw 190 A. Depicted are the standard variants Fw 190 A-5 to A-9, some of these in different configurations, as well as renditions of the Fw 190 A-7/R2 and the heavily armoured Fw 190 A-8 “Sturmjäger” sub-variants, the latter commonly known as “Rammjäger”.

Each variant has a unique 3d virtual cockpit with fully operable and working 3d instrumentation, re-creating German period micro mechanics in a depth never before seen in a Flight Simulation.

The flight physics for each aircraft are captured uniquely, making full use of Flight Simulator's advanced 6DoF aerodynamic equations, including accurately modelled coupled Moments of Inertia calculations, giving the virtual pilot a distinct sensation of flying in air.


  • 10 highly detailed FSX-native exterior and interior models.
  • 16 historical exterior liveries in 2048 pixel high resolution textures supporting bloom, specular, bump mapping and self shadowing.
  • Option to use extremely detailed 4096 pixel interior textures, configurable using an external texture manager application.
  • Unique flight physics for each sub variant, highly accurate real world physics based flight modelling provided by AvHistory, created using’s USAF DATCOM based 1% Aerodynamics, Stability and Control aircraft development software.
  • Custom engine damage and aircraft system modelling.
  • Drop tank and bomb payload.
  • Highly detailed and fully functional virtual 3d cockpit.
  • Extremely detailed and accurate set of German 3d gauges.
  • Working reflector gun sight.
  • Custom tailored engine and cockpit sounds.
  • Two user-selectable realism modes: "Full Real" and "Just Fly".

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP SP 2 , Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2, Gold or Acceleration Expansion Pack
  • Dual Core Processor @ 2.4 GHz or better
  • 512 MB DX9 Graphics Card
  • 300 MB free disc space for the executable, 900 MB free disc space for the installation.

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AVSIM Online - Flight Simulation's Number 1 Site! How good are they? As a reviewer, I get to try out a lot of add-ons. Most of them are good, and almost all are good for something or someone. With so many good products, how do you keep them in perspective? How does a reviewer sort the good from the very good, and the very good from the truly great? To help with this, I have a few products that I use as reference standards. These are the models that I take up when I have been flying a new product for several weeks and need to recalibrate my internal sense of what a great -- not just very good -- product feels like. Occasionally, the new product is so good that it becomes a reference standard in its own right. That doesn’t happen very often, maybe once a year. But this is one of those times, and one of those products.
Flusipilot Kurz und knapp. Classics Hangar setzt mit der FW 190A die späten Baureihen neue Maßstäbe. Wer zukünftig im Flugzeug Add on Geschäft mitreden will, wird sich an dem Team Mathias Pommerien, Alessandro Biagi und Gregory Pierson messen lassen müssen. Und die Messlatte liegt jetzt sehr hoch. Ganz klar, die FW 190A von Classics Hanger ist das beste Pferd, was bei mir im Stall steht. Wer hier noch etwas zu meckern hat, dem ist nicht mehr zu helfen. kann hier nur eine ganz klare Kaufempfehlung aussprechen. Dieses Add on ist ein uneingeschränktes „must have“.
FlightXPress (Print) 9/10