CLS - DC10 / KDC10 / KC10A

CLS - DC10 / KDC10 / KC10A

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Available since: 03/30/2007.
Publisher: CLS
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This great package includes up to 15 models with over 30 different liveries to enjoy! Next to the passenger models and cargo models we also included two military models.

Model features:

  • Highly detailed 3D models
  • 3D Virtual Cockpit
  • Option for showing the wings from the interior view (wingview)
  • All standard animations
  • Opening doors and cargo doors
  • Pushback truck
  • Airstairs
  • KC10A Extender model
  • KDC10 model
  • Animated fuel boom
  • Animated drogues
  • Over 30 liveries for free
  • Dynamic wingflex


FDE / Effects / Sound Features:

  • Highly tuned DC-10 FDE based on high-detailed Boeing documentation and experience in air carrier FAA Level-C 3-axis simulator
  • 6 DC-10 flight models based on Boeing specifications: DC-10-10, -15, -30, -40, KC-10 Extender, and KDC-10 Refueler.
  • "True Feel" format for correct performance and feel.
  • CLS DC-10 Operations Manual, with full flight example complete with weather charts, dispatch report, performance sheets, checklists, and pilot weight manifest sheets.
  • 6 CLS scenarios and flight plans based on real-world operations
  • High-fidelity DC-10 Soundset based on GE CF6 engines.
  • Flight-tested based on FAA simulation requirements
  • Customized Effects

Panel features:

  • Full analog Pilots, Co-Pilots and Flight engineer panels. Also included is the Overhead, Throtlle Quadrant and Radio stack.
  • Flight Engineers station has expanded pop ups for easier viewing.
  • Limited function FMC which allows for SIDs and STARs in the MSFS database, Radio and Navigation frequency entry, v-speed calculation, "direct to" waypoint features, progress display, estimated fuel on board, and more.

Paintwork features:

  • Highly detailed artwork
  • Over 30 free liveries
  • Layered Paintkit




  • Western Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Continental Red Meatballl
  • Laker Airways Skytrain
  • Pan Am
  • United Airlines Early 80s
  • United Airlines Friend Ship


  • FedEx



  • White
  • Aeromexico


  • Varig
  • United Airlines Grey
  • United Airlines Early 90s
  • British Airways Landor
  • Alitalia
  • Alitalia C2
  • Continental
  • Continental Black Meatball
  • Eastern Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Laker Airways
  • Monarch
  • Swissair
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Pan Am
  • Ghana Int. Airlines
  • KLM
  • Air France
  • Lufthansa
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Martinair


  • FedEx
  • Gemini Air Cargo


  • White



  • Aeroflot


KC10A Extender

  • US Airforce



  • Royal Dutch Airforce

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 or FSX
  • 1.6 GHz Intel Pentium IV or AMD equivilant
  • Windows XP
  • 512Mb RAM
  • 128Mb 3D graphics accelerator card.
  • 1.3 gig free harddisk space for FS2004
  • 2.3 gig free harddisk space for FSX



Customer Reviews

5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!  
Nigel Edwards *Verified Product User*, 08/24/2007
    A very good product indeed and well worth the money. I hope CLS will produce a Tristar next!
5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!  
Les Dillon *Verified Product User*, 06/16/2007 1 of 1 customer found this review helpful
    I must say of all CLS products I was pleasantly surprised byt this offering. Here you have a 'lite' product that's great on performance and holds true the real bird in many ways. Case in point, instead of clicking one switch just like the default birds you actually have to go into the engineers panel and start the APU first. This package has a great 'Air Conditioner' sound when the APU is started. There's many switches clickable that actually do something in this add-on. I would say you almost have a cross between hardcore and 'lite' with this package. Just like SkySimulation's MD11 this is not your average 'lite' package even by CLS's standards (although I haven't tried their A340). The only problem I have with this add-on is the landing light tied to the interior lights (a mistake or oversite common is add-on aircraft).
All in all this aircraft is great. It looks good both day and night, from within the VC and out. It has a nice 2D panel and the FDE feels just right (although I personally feel CLS's A310 FDE to be outstanding). I highly recommend this aircraft after being reluctant to purchase it at first (already had the Aerosim model). I was floored by the detail here as well as the eye candy. This is truely a gem. I personally don't need a INS system and the limited FMS is just fine. Great job CLS (just untie the landing light from the interior light please)... :-)
4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!  
Nathan Bonyun *Verified Product User*, 06/04/2008
    ever since I was a kid I have been a big fan of the DC 10 and L 10-11. CLS has developed a product that satisfies the desire to experience the feeling of flying this bird. This plane is a perfect balance of simplicty and complexity at the same time. She is a champ when it comes to smooth nice manuvering, and I don't recommend her for the aerobatic pilot. The only thing that was challenging was using the autopilot, you have to pay attention to what your doing, and when you disengage autopilot to put the bird on the runway, there is no such thing as delicatly easing it in, you have to grab this girl by the scruff of the neck and shove her to the ground.
4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!  
George Joachim *Verified Product User*, 06/09/2007
    Even though I usually dislike 'lite' airliner sims, this offering from CLS is very well done, and has the right amount of detail to enjoy without being fully procedural. The model, sounds and the feel of this airliner is very appropriate for its vintage and size, without being a pilot, I can say that it handles as it should. The variety of accurately painted liveries and the great accuracy of the model is something that really underlines the quality of this product. The panel graphics are not the best in the market but are better than the previous CLS panels. A necessary purchase for those who like the DC-10. I hope that CLS will do a L1011 tristar as well one day. I am a fan of procedural sims, and I hope one day CLS will start making those types of sims too. Waiting for the L1011.
1 of 5 Stars!1 of 5 Stars!1 of 5 Stars!1 of 5 Stars!1 of 5 Stars!  
Grzegorz Gierczak *Verified Product User*, 09/17/2007
Don't even think about buying this product.
It generates OOM phenomen, even you uninstalled this bird. At this time the CLS doesn't find cure for this problem. I have got 80 Gb legal soft for FS9 and ... probably I have to reinstall all my FS instalations. Horrible.
Don't buy !!!