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JANUARY 2007 VOLUME 11 - ISSUE 1 - This is the full magazine in digital form!

Sydney to Honolulu – Cessna Style
It’s always a long flight when you are flying Sydney to Honolulu in a Jumbo Jet. But what about flying it in a Cessna? Believe it or not, flying the route in a Cessna is even more exciting. Naturally, there are more stops on the way, and the navigation is always challenging. Join John Lattanzio for some island hopping, on a major scale!

Flight Simulator X Tips & Tricks
So you’ve bought the new sim, played around with it, and crashed more than once. Now find out some cool tips and tricks that are not so obvious to get the most out of the new sim version!

Dangerous and Challenging Approaches
The world seems to be filled with airports that are located in the oddest of places. It seems that airport planners have this uncanny knack for sticking runways in some of the most inconvenient spots for pilots, often forcing stressful approaches that require “threading the needle” among mountains and other obstacles. So let’s take a look at an example of each type of tricky approach – one compliments of mother earth, the other compliments of the complaints of those who decided it was a smart idea to buy a house underneath the approach path to a major airport!

Virtual Airline Profiles
We continue our close up look at more online virtual airline groups. Part of the enjoyment of flying with a virtual airline is in finding one that best suits your flying needs… Try these virtual airline groups on for size…

Lots of Raves. Rants to Follow!
Everyone who’s been using Microsoft Flight Simulator for the last 15 years knows the routine. A lot of hoopla surrounds impending releases of new versions, then a cargo hold of rants follows after flight simmers start using the new product. It’s that same old love/hate relationship that simmers have with Microsoft.

Importing Aircraft into FSX
The first of our specialized Flight Simulator X “How-To” articles focuses on moving aircraft designed for Flight Simulator 9 into Flight Simulator X. Not all will work however, and there are some basic guidelines to follow for success. David Wilson-Okamura has all the information you need.

Simulating Space Flight with X-Plane
Search the Internet and you will find several programs that can be used for the simulation of space flight. In this article Chuck Bodeen will tell you a bit about a few of those and then explore what can be done with X-Plane.

Round Robin Adventures
We are flying a Pilatus PC-12 for a Charter company, and today our passengers are bound for the Okanagan Valley in the British Columbia interior.

From the EDITOR..

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first issue for 2007, and the first issue in Volume 11. I’m sure we will have yet another fantastic year in the flight simulation hobby.

Who knows what the new year will bring us in terms of software, hardware and peripherals for our pastime? I’m going to make a prediction for 2007… I think the new year will see a big push on new home cockpit devices, and the number of manufacturers will increase as well. We will also start to see more affordable cockpit modules this year in the past year. Although this is only a prediction, there are certain indicators that are appearing that will have an influence on this area of flight simulation. More suppliers and manufacturers means more competition, which should lower retail prices and increase quality as the competition stiffens. New hardware and technology is now available to make the programming and use of such devices much simpler, leading to more interest from a wider range of simers, not just the tech-savvy.

I think software development in terms of sims is at a little bit of a plateau at present, but will again drive forward as we get further into the new year. The focus in the community at present seems very much to be on hardware and controllers as opposed to new software releases. Much of the developer’s time is spent at present attempting to patch older products to be compatible with FSX. As this is completed, I think we will see more new FSX add-ons becoming available. Mission add-ons will be released first, followed by scenery and aircraft further into the year.

For X-plane fans, the growth continues on as it always has, and new builds of the sim are coming out fairly regularly. However, the latest build releases are really pushing forward in terms of sim graphics and panel functionality options, something which the Microsoft line has always held dominance in.

For combat fans, the market is slow at present, but there have been a few combat sim announcements made recently, and we will be following those up in future issues, so stay tuned.

We look forward to your readership throughout 2007. For now, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride…

Enjoy the January issue of Computer Pilot Magazine – The World’s Favorite monthly flight simulation resource!