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IFR is hard. The knowledge test doesn't have to be ...

With a minimum of time and cost, YOU can ACE your FAA Instrument Rating (IFR) knowledge (written) test using our GroundSchool Software. (Free Trial! Download Below.)

Pursuing an instrument rating is a good idea. It will make you a safer, more capable pilot even if you never fly in actual instrument conditions. Congratulations on your choice of considering the training that, more than any other single differentiator, sets a safe pilot apart.

  • GroundSchool features ACTUAL FAA QUESTIONS. Answers and Explanations have been written by highly experienced flight instructors and professional pilots. All required charts and figures are included.
  • By this point, you're familiar with the format of FAA Knowledge tests and probably appreciate the benefit of getting them done sooner rather than later. Our software helps you do this is a no-nonsense fashion.
  • Remember, you only need a minimum 15 hours dual instruction with a CFI-I to fulfill the requirements for an instrument rating. Yet, many people require 50, 60, or more hours of dual for the rating. While 15 hours is perhaps an unreasonably small number, 60+ is usually a wastefully large number caused by unprepared students trying to do the bookwork in the air. Learn the material first - our software helps you do this. Remember, IFR flying is all about information--why else would all "accelerated" IFR programs ask you to have completed your written tests before showing up on day one? [read more IFR training philosophy]
  • This software costs about the same books do, but is significantly more time efficient. Sure, DVD/Video sets may look pretty, but most find them inefficient, timewise. Our software works on YOUR pace at significantly lesser cost.
  • This software can be used to prepare for the Instrument Flight Instructor and Instrument Ground Instructor tests as well as for all initial instrument rating tests (airplane and helicopter).
  • Don't fear the examiner! A high score on the written test will help you impress the examiner during your checkride (flight test), but doing well on the oral exam portion of your checkride will impress him/her more. Study for your written exam with our GroundSchool software (below), but also prepare for your Oral Exam with our RideReady software. Starting early with RideReady is a plus, since it really goes a long way towards teaching you more complex scenario, judgment, and systems type questions that you will likely experience during your training and oral exam compared to the relatively straightforward written exam questions.
This single download will help you prepare for any or all of the following tests:
  IRA - Instrument Rating Airplane     IFP - Instrument Rating Foreign Pilot
  IGI - Ground Instructor Instrument     IRH - Instrument Rating Helicopter
  FII - Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane     FIH - Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter
  AIF - Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane (added rating)     HIF - Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter (added rating)
  Canadian Instrument Rating to USA FAA Conversion [about]

With our FAA Written Test Prep software, you don't have to worry about having an out of date version. Our authors work to update the data as FAA question pools change. Groundschool has a built-in self-update feature that connects to our servers and makes sure that you have the latest and greatest versions of the software and data soon after they becomes available.

Additionally, the self-update can be used to install new test data (such as Instrument Rating on top of Private Pilot) so you can have it when and where you need it.

"I took my written and was determined to be happy if I received a high-80's to low 90's. When I saw my final score, I was upset. I scored a 98 and was naturally upset that I missed that one question. (note: the previous statement that he was upset was sarcasm, of course!) The FAA Check Airman was impressed, though, so that's good!! Took the checkride yesterday, and passed with flying colors. So I am now officially in the "Instrument Rated" club!!" - SF (IFR)

"I registered your software to study for my FAA Instrument Written Test. I knew I would do well, but was pleasantly surprised when I scored 97%! Thanks for the great study tool, I know it helped tremendously." - RM (IFR)

"Overall, this is an excellent product and is a pleasure to use" - Review by FlightSim.com

"... your advice of getting the [IFR] written out of the way early was good. [Using the GroundSchool software] I scored 100% on the written and passed my checkride with only 26.3 hours dual [with a CFII]." - AM (IFR)

"I love your program. It's a very effective way to study... Passing my knowledge test for my Private was a breeze after using your software. So easy that I didn't even hesitate before buying your Instrument-series questions after starting work on that rating. And I like the fact that I can download updates as the questions and our best estimate of the answers evolve." - JE (Private/IFR)

"I found [FAATest.com GroundSchool] software to be much more time effective for actually preparing for the test than [competitor's] DVD set. The DVDs had colorful animations, but of mostly simple things. With your software, I was able to really go through the material quickly and efficiently. " - SS (Private / IFR)

"I am very satisfied with the results (and cost) of your product." - JP (Private / IFR / Comm)

"Superb software! The explanations make it very useful" - JG (IFR)

"I've been pleased with the software. It's easy to use and has all the study options you could need. I work with a lot of pilots and I'll be recommending your software to anyone who asks" - PC (IFR)

"Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you know that I took my Flight Instructor Instrument (FII) written today and got a 96%. I am a 95' Embry Riddle Grad and got my single multi engine Private Instrument back in the early 90's and decided to complete my CFI, CFII and MEI ratings. Your software really helped me break some of the rust off and get back in the pilot seat as far as the knowledge tests. Money well spent!!" - Sincerely, CM, CEO ***** Aeronautics, Inc.

"I have been telling the students that come to me for instrument training that the written must be completed before we start training, and I always suggest your stuff." - Bill Zaleski, gold seal flight instructor with 10,000+ hours and holder of four ATP and three commercial ratings. Formerly of Professional Instrument Courses, inc. (11 years), Bill now takes on students for individualized concentrated IFR training. See instrumentratings.com for more details.

"let me quickly review all the small things I had forgotten since my initial instrument rating... 100% ... the checkride was a breeze " - VZ (Instrument Flight Instructor Airplane)

The feedback keeps rolling in. Our users routinely score very highly on their knowledge tests. We invite you to be next. It's hard to say for sure, but we're confident within reasonable doubt that we have helped "hundreds get hundreds" with our software by this point.

Features include:

  • Explanations written by professional pilots and flight instructors
  • Most tests (Airplane, Helicopter, Balloon, etc.) are covered
  • Plenty of study and testing options allowing you to personalize the software for your own most efficient study.
  • You can get an instructor signoff to take the actual written test through use of this software and our Online Endorsement Service.
  • The ability to explicitly flag questions which you find to be difficult
  • Lookup individual or groups of questions using a wide range of search criteria
  • Integrated Library of Aviation offering everything from PTS documents to FAA training publications to aircraft checklists and much, much more
  • LaserGrade™, CATS™, and AvTest 2000™ Emulation modes allow you to practice on the software as you will see it at the actual testing center.
  • Ability to load and save training / testing sessions
  • Printouts galore! Print out score reports to show your instructor, a "book" of questions for yourself to study on the road or elsewhere.
  • Something that is not really quantifiable or visible: fast, efficient study. The software has been designed to be quick so your time is spent preparing and learning, not flipping pages or clicking about needlessly.

Thanks for checking out the software! Good luck on your test, and blue skies!


The FAATest.com Team


"I wanted to express my gratitude for the FAA Ground School Test Prep Software. The features are outstanding with regard to knowledge reinforcement, cross referencing, concentrating on weak points, and ease of use. Even if you have one of the other home study courses you still need this program." - DM, GroundSchool User


GroundSchool is designed to help you learn the material and score highly on your test in the most efficient manner possible. Our software represents years of listening to and understanding the needs of pilots and mechanics. The program is designed with the singular goal of helping you learn the material so you can pass your FAA written test with a minimum of time and effort. Sure, there are some study methods that are cheaper (and many far more expensive!).. but only if your time is worth no thing.. Our software is fast, efficient, and proven.

Here are a few screenshots from the software:

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First download and install the demo version and check functionality!
The demo version is the product installation file; there is no other download!
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Alexandre Gabriel Gomes SILVA
Carregamento rápido, transição de camada de nuvens suave, nuvens não somem mais ou aparecem de repente, tudo bem suave com sensação de realismo mesmo. Parabéns a HiFi, continuem assim, Motor de tempo perfeito. O que faltou apenas é um janelinha perguntando qual simulador usar, caso tiver mais que um simulador instalado, onde o processo de configuração para escolher qual simulador é um pouco complicado para quem não conhece muito de Windows. Mesmo assim, Aprovadíssimo.
Georgios Panagopoulos
I wonder what's the point of creating a so beautiful & detailed addons and pushing them to the market when they can be practically unplayble for the average simmer? With a pretty good computer that runs the most FSX addons smoothly I had at daytime around 20-22FPS with a default heli in offline mode while staying still on the ground. This means that it should sink to 12-15FPS with an addon a/c online. Flying there was not an easy thing. Very unstable perfomance and a bit of lag. Don't even think to try nightime flying.I had max 10FPS with the same heli offline. This purchase was a waste of money. I give them 2 stars only for the beautiful work.
meshal fahad
Airport strings of real .Night light fantastic th-
anks OrientalSim
Tyrone Headlam
Guten Morgen Deutschland. Thank you for a wonderful and money well spent Scenery. Broug-
ht a ticket from Simmarket (20 Euros) and flown to Dusseldorf to feel the experience other Virtual Pilots opinion on this scenery and It was worth it. Simply Wonderful :-) [FS2004]
Michael Lorenz
Dieses Addon funktioniert nicht einer Steam Edition. In englischer Sprache wird zwar darauf hingewiesen, das es nach dem Studium des Manuals möglich sei, MT 6.0 zu benutzen. Das nötige Traffic SDK von Microsoft bekommt man nirgends als Download. Abhilfe schafft die Installation des P3D 1.4 SDK. Hier wird die TrafficDatabase-
Builder.exe in das MyTraffic Verzeichnis kopiert. Naja, die Erwartung, das mit einem Fingertipp, wie versprochen, dann auch richtig Verkehr herrscht, mit bunten Fliegern usw. kann ich nicht nachvollziehen. Eine Kaufempfehlung möchte ich nicht aussprechen.
stijn van dyck
Nice looking planes some new liverys like Iberia but for a Belgium pilot, no jetairfly at brussels? No thomas cook at Brussels? ni-
ce product but missing some parts
Greg Blakley
Absolutely flawless! You can almost feel the sand in your eyes and the desert sun beating down on you. Super high FPS, incredibly detailed and the modeling is excellent. Wish these guys would do another US airport as I'm not an ORBX fan. Best money I've spent on FS in a while. Buy this, you won't be sorry.
steve schecter
The modelling quality is very good, But, and it is a very big but, it trashed my exe.xml. I have several in this series of small airports and none of the others caused this problem. It took me a while till i figured this was the culprit. uninstalling in chronological order all my software. then individually unchecking each area renaming bgls to turn off. So what happens is the sim loads and after a minute or two it crashes to desktop. It took out ultimate traffic and every other program that is listed under add-ons.
J. C. Seixas
This is of those little (or big) gems you come across every now and then. The developers went full length to detail this scenery. It has the look and feel of the actual airport and surrounding area. I do hope the developers continue producing sceneries like this one. Its well worth everything here and the price is a bargain for what you get. See for yourself and buy it. :)
Anthony Cort
Great product. The big drawback is it doesn't support the yellow progressive taxi lines that FSX provides. I use the feature all the time so I was very disappointed that the product didn't support it, and it was never mentioned. Unfortunately, I can't really use the product. I don't want to spend all of my time trying to find the correct runway or the correct gate after landing. It is great on performance and looks good, and the reason I am giving it a 4 instead of a 5 start, is because of the taxiing lines not supported and it was not mentioned in the description. -