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REQUIREMENTS FSX SP2 or FSX Acceleration Pack

The DBS WalkAndFollow tool expands the Flight Simulator X camera mechanism and provides a unique opportunity to freely walk around (without any limitations).

DBS WalkAndFollow is intended for users who have an interest in the challenges of Flight Simulator X scenery and taking screenshots (with an opportunity of saving "Point of interest") and exchanging these with other users. Also DBS WalkAndFollow expands work with simulator cameras (in virtual cockpit or in aircraft view) without simulator limitations of distance or angles and allows you to write changes of view points into camera definitions.


  • Follow mode: in this mode camera can be attached to the user aircraft (virtual cockpit and aircraft external view)
  • Walk mode: free camera movement mode without limits of distance or altitude.
  • Variable camera movement speed (slow, normal and fast)
  • Unlimited amount of custom viewpoints (POI) for Walk mode, that can be stored to external file for exchange
  • Integrated simulator cameras from aircraft.cfg (virtual cockpit and aircraft external view)
  • Three dimensions camera movement (cursor key and mouse movement used)
  • Two modes of mouse movement (with Space key or with middle mouse button)
  • Zoom mode
  • Surface control mode (for prevent to fail throught ground surface)
  • Info String


Customer Reviews

2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!  
Aaron Myers *Verified Product User*, 11/25/2008 6 of 7 customers found this review helpful
    I purchased this product with much excitement as I have the FS9 version and list it as something I can no longer fly without. Wanting this same kind of functionality I have become so used to, I really didn't take the time to investigate the product to make sure all of the great things about it are still present. Hindsight says that I should have taken that time.
In the FS9 version I use the follow mode most heavily as it allows you to pop outside the aircraft, even in flight, and adjust the camera in any number of infinite positions from tilt to zoom to any other angle of choice using simple mouse and keyboard modifiers. In FSX the follow mode has been relegated to primarily a tool for viewing the VC in various angles. You can slowly drag yourself outside the aircraft, but you still only see the parts that are modeled in the VC view, not the whole aircraft as it is in FS9. You can use walk mode, but by definition it doesn't follow the aircraft so you have to pause the sim for it to even be usable. Plus, the controls are far more cumbersome than they used to be. Using arrow keys for movement gives you no granularity with respect to movement.
My biggest complaint though has to be the lack of support for TrackIR. They simply do not play well together at all as they do very well in the FS9 version. You can't even get them to work when selecting the disable option in the FSX menu. I had to rename the W&F dll entirely before my TrackIR worked properly again. Major strike in the negative column.
And finally when I sent an email to the support address (the only option for seeking help) I was sent another activation code as though I was registering a new purchase. Did they not even take the time to read my email? I then replied again explaining that obviously I had already received an activation code and had support issues I needed addressed. I have yet to receive another response from them.
It's a shame to go from such a great product in FS9 to a waste of money in FSX.