F-14A TOMCAT VF-84 JOLLY ROGERS AJ200/160393/1977 A4 SIZE

F-14A TOMCAT VF-84 JOLLY ROGERS AJ200/160393/1977 A4 SIZE

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F-14A Tomcat VF-84 Jolly Rogers, AJ200 / 160393. CVW-8, USS Nimitz CVN-68 - 1977
A4 Size (297x210mm / 11.69x8.26"

A4 size is something we recommend for fanatics with limited space in their home. This Profile is also available in 1 smaller and 2 bigger size, please check the listings if this size is not the one you're looking for! All sizes features the same high quality artwork, and produced on the same media!

All prints are produced using 230g high quality digital paper with color proof for up to 75 years (indoor)

We are doing really deep research to provide the most accurate aircraft profiles available on the market, even for the most hardcore aircraft fans! Also we spend a lot of time with the art production on top of the extensive research. Many other poster producers are using really basic technics to provide the artwork for their products, but we're real artists with serious industry experience, that is a guarantee for you that the quality of our art is outstanding!

This poster contains the following features:

  • Very accurate Aircraft profile
  • BuNo, Modex, Carrier, Air Wing, Homebase and Squadron info
  • Squadron History
  • Squadron logo
  • Airwing Logo
  • US Navy Logo

We hope that you'll find our products up to your expectations, and you'll enjoy seeing it on your walls!