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A jetliner FMC style navigation system collection.

This FMC pack contains seven FMC gauges, all of them working in a very similar way imitating the look of Boeing or Airbus FMCs. Four of them are intended to be used with B737-400, B777-300, B747-400 and A321 aircraft. The other four gauges are general purpose FMC gauges and they don’t content specific aircraft data pages as APPROACH, IDENT, TAKE OFF... so they can be used with ANY aircraft.

The purpose of these gauges is to implement the FMC style you can find in many of modern jetliners or business jets, using the flight plans created with Microsoft Flight Simulator FS9 or FSX, or any add-on which can export flight plans in the FS format. We have eliminated the complex way in what you have to plan your flight in current commercial FMCs implemented in some of the commercial airliners existing for Microsoft Flight Simulator but keeping the feeling of a real FMC-CDU.

They are general purpose FMC and, in fact they can be used with ANY aircraft, though its normal use will be airliners or busines jets. But a little Cessna 172 will follow the programmed VNAV in the same way than an Airbus 380, with the normal limitations due to differences between both types of aircraft.

Some features of these gauges are:

  • Follow a flight plan.
  • Flight direct to a FLP waypoint (by passing some of them) and continue from there.
  • Choose any waypoint in Microsoft database to flight direct to without a flight plan loaded.
  • Select an Arrival procedure for destination airport.
  • Follow the vertical navigation desired, speeds and altitudes.
  • Display a lot of different information concerning airports and navaids.
  • Display information concerning fuel and winds.
  • Pass VOR, ADF and COM frequencies from navaids or airports to aircraft radios.
  • Etc...

New in this version 1.5:

  • Eliminates altitude porpoising when VNAV is active.
  • Altitude, IAS and VS can now be changed while VNAV is active.
  • New manual including Tutorial.
  • General code improvement.

Have a look at the user manuals to know everything you can expect of these gauges here: