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NECESSITE FSX, Microsoft FSX Service Patch 1 (SP1) must be installed !

Totally FREE for owners of Version 2.0 !

Vancouver+ City and Landscape brings you the City of Vancouver, the entire landscape north and east of it for hundreds of kilometers, Pitt Meadows airfield in great detail, Langley Airfield in great detail, dozens of customized airfields and seaplane bases, hundreds of bridges, the railways, roads…. THE LOT.

Vancouver+ for FSX has been made by Jon Patch, the author of many high quality freeware titles such as Victoria Harbor/Ogden Point, and Holger Sandmann, well-known for his many freeware landscapes and the author of Misty Fjords and Tongass Fjords! They had assistance of a whole bunch of great people to make this THE most complete scenery title we have published yet!

(NOTE: Vancouver Airport is NOT included in this package.)

What is new in Version 3

New buildings and structures: Living Shangri-La (now Vancouver’s tallest building), Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel, Vancouver Convention Centre, SkyTrain LRT line downtown and near CYVR, numerous generic buildings added.

Photoscenery: New 50-cm photoscenery for downtown Vancouver and Tsawwassen, with night lighting and new object and autogen placements.

New AI Aircraft: DHC-3 Otter (2 repaints), DHC-3 Turbine Otter (5 repaints) and DHC-6 Twin Otter (5 repaints)

Compatibility: Now fully compatible with ORBX FTX NA Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies, including photoscenery adjustments for all seasons including "hard" winter. To ensure compatibility with adjacent addons, several out-of-area Vancouver+ v2 airports have been removed to be replaced by their ORBX renditions: CAD5 – Merritt, CAL3 – Douglas Lake, CAM3 – Duncan, CBT6 – Quilchena, and CYDC – Princeton.

The MAIN things that were already available in Version 2 are:

  • The City of Vancouver in even more astounding detail than the FS9 release
  • Downtown Vancouver/Stanley Park and Tsawwassen/Roberts Bank with 5 meter aerial photographs!
  • The Airport of Pitt Meadows (CYPK), highly realistic
  • The Airport and aviation museum of Langley Field (CYNJ), highly realistic too
  • Both airports ground textures made with 30 centimeter aerial photographic textures
  • 30.000 square kilometers of 'Holger Sandmann' scenery, showing BC as it really is
  • Custom made textures, water textures, mesh, landclass, roads and railways and much more....
  • AI cruise ships and other vessels making their way through harbor and sea
  • Custom made AI aircraft and helicopters, with many liveries and AI flightplans
  • 2 complete and high-detailed airports
  • 29 improved airfields in the region
  • 7 seaplane bases, all AI capable
  • 13 heliports
  • 11 private airfields (see if you can locate them!)
  • A custom made 'configurator program' that lets you tune the package to your desire and PC's capabilities
  • A 59-page, very extensive manual, helping you with installation, navigation, (FSX)tuning and general enjoyment

Although Vancouver+ has its very own mesh, textures, water textures, roads and railways and the most realistic shore lines and river beds in the business, it is fully compatible with such popular titles as Ultimate Terrain. There is a separate chapter in the manual explaining what is and what is not compatible, including instructions on how to handle certain add-ons such as for instance FSGenesis mesh!

Here are some of the many, many features that you will encounter in this add-on:


  • LOD11 (19-m) mesh of the entire project area with integrated FSX style multi-LOD (LOD5-11) buffer mesh files to maintain high terrain detail in the mid to far distance.
  • Accurate ocean and inlet water bodies, with shorelines; all saltwater shorelines have wave action.
  • Accurate lakes and rivers, with shorelines where meaningful; all lakes and some rivers will be flattened to avoid water creeping up adjacent slopes.
  • Lakes and rivers above 600m ASL can be made to “freeze” in winter.
  • Water class (water colors) file with custom textures to depict differences in river colors (e.g., brownish Fraser, grayish glacial rivers, bluish others), lake colors (e.g., turquoise glacial lakes vs. dark blue others), and ocean colors (e.g., Fraser River sediment fans).
  • Land class (land use) file optimized to represent the current distribution of urban areas, settlements, farmland, forests, forestry cut blocks, wetlands, alpine areas, etc.
  • Custom ground textures for several land use types not present in FSX: small and large forestry cutblocks, industrial areas.
  • Optimized autogen files (distribution of vegetation and buildings) for most ground texture types.
  • A modified local set of default ground textures can be created (via configurator checkbox) to prevent the display of the “desert”-style default winter textures.
  • Custom seasons file to more accurately control the spatial distribution of ground textures throughout the year (e.g., advancing or receding snow cover in the mountains).
  • Accurate placement of the main glaciers and ice fields.
  • Road network for the coverage area based on the GeoBase road data; major roads have FSX style moving traffic (optional).
  • Railroad network for the coverage area based on railroad network data provided by Joel Gill.
  • Power line network (utility corridors) based on topographic maps and satellite imagery.
  • Custom textures for different shoreline types, streams, gravel bars, utility corridors, railroads, and the Vancouver Skytrain.
  • Ski areas (ski runs and trail network) at Grouse Mountain, Cypress Bowl, Mount Seymour, Hemlock Valley, Whistler-Blackcomb, and Mount Baker. Most include ski lodges.
  • Spray effect at the Cleveland Dam; includes sound effect.


  • Custom Gmax buildings with photorealistic textures (photography by Nigel Grant and Emmett McRobie): Airport Square, Bentall V, Callisto, Canada Place, Cathedral Place, Electra, Flying Beaver Bar & Grill at Vancouver International Seaplane Base, Four Bentall (TD/Canada Trust Tower), Hotel Vancouver, Lafarge Cement plant, Library Square, HR MacMillan Space Museum, Marine Building, The Melville, Park Place, Provincial Law Courts, Qube, Royal Centre, Scotia Tower, Shaw Tower, Three Bentall (BMO Tower), Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver City Hall, Wall Centre. And in Burnaby: Metrotowers I and II, Metropolis at Metrotown (470 store shopping centre), Telus Building, Simon Fraser University Quad.
  • Thousands of autogen hand-placed buildings
  • Vancouver harbor structure
  • Custom Cleveland Dam
  • A smattering of MS generic objects: refineries, tank farms, buildings and structures of the Pacific National Exhibition in Exhibition Park
  • Burnaby Mountain tank farm
  • Point Atkinson lighthouse
  • 200+ marine navigational lights
  • False Creek and Coal Harbour marinas
  • Many antennae
  • Large greenhouses in Pitt Meadows, Surrey and Langley Township
  • Fuel barges in Coal Harbour
  • Peace Arch at Canada/US border


  • Major bridges, custom gmax. Road surfaces from aerial photos. Bridge models from Engineering drawings kindly provided by: British Columbia Ministry of Transport; TransLink Regional Transportation Authority; City of Richmond; City of Vancouver; Vancouver International Airport Authority.
  • Vancouver: Lion’s Gate, Second Narrows – Ironworkers Memorial, Granville St., Cambie St., Oak St., Knight St.
  • Region: Port Mann, Alex Fraser, Mission, Pattullo
  • Sea Island Bridges (CYVR): Middle Arm, Dinsmore, No.2 Road, Arthur Laing, Airport Connector.
  • SkyBridge transit bridge, linking New Westminster and Surrey
  • minor road bridges, custom gmax: approximately 110
  • rail bridges, custom gmax and FS generic models: approximately 60


5m airphoto photoscenery:

  • Downtown Vancouver/Stanley Park
  • Tsawwassen/Roberts Bank

30cm airphoto photoscenery:

  • CYPK area
  • CYNJ area

Airports (corrected, new, or replacement)

Featured facility: CYPK – Pitt Meadows Regional Airport
N49* 12.97' W122* 42.60'

  • 40 custom buildings
  • transparent tower windows
  • three runways
  • runways and taxiways adjusted to 20 cm air photo data, accurate to within 2m
  • taxiway signs adjusted
  • 30 cm photo scenery for airport area

Featured facility: CYNJ – Langley Regional Airport
o N49* 6.04' W122* 37.84’

  • 41 custom buildings
  • transparent tower windows
  • two runways
  • runways and taxiways adjusted to 10 cm air photo data, accurate to within 1m
  • taxiway signs adjusted
  • 30 cm photo scenery for airport area

AI Aircraft Models

  • The DHC-2 Beaver (32 repaints) is supplied in a new FSX version. Multiple models ensure that spray and wake effects are visible for all models.
  • An AI Bell B206L helicopter (11 repaints) flies the routes noted below. Flight Simulator X is not designed for AI helicopter use, so it flies somewhat like an airplane, with non-vertical takeoffs and landings.