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For more than 20 years, Heavylift has been the company organizations turn to when they need to safely and reliably transport a large piece of equipment by air. That is why today Heavylift is recognized around the world as the first choice outsize carrier for businesses in a wide variety of sectors. The Belfast first flew in 1964 and only 10 were built for the RAF. Half of those ended up in service with HeavyLift.

This program shows exactly what kind of operations Heavylift undertakes as we ferry the Belfast from Paris to Madrid to pickup a crane destined for Dakar in Senegal. Because of the weight of this piece of equipment we have to stop in Las Palmas on the Spanish Canary Islands to refuel the aircraft. On the way back from Dakar to Southend we are empty and as a result the Belfast can do a 9 hour nonstop flight!