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Japanese Airports series" are add-ons for Microsoft's Flight Simulator FS2004 and FS2002.

  • Highly detailed airport made with Gmax.
  • The texture of surface of the earth around the airport uses the aerophotographs. (About four square miles)
  • All "Japanese Airports series" contain "Aeronautical Information Publication Japan (AIP Japan)" PDF version!

AIP Japan
----Instrument Approach Charts
----Visual Landing Charts
----Standard Instrument Departure

Airports Featured in Volume 4:



Customer Reviews

5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!  
William Shum *Verified Product User*, 08/24/2005
    This scenery is simpily the best, worth every buck! RJTT ans RJKK just amazing, $19 for two highly detailed airport, not a bad deal! Highly recommend! Go for this!
5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!  
Darren Howie *Verified Product User*, 04/27/2005
    Fantastic scenery with amazing FPS.
To say i am happy with all the overland airports is an understatement.
Grab em if you enjoy flying in the land of the rising sun as there detail and lack of performance hit cant be matched.
5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!  
Ron Hayes *Verified Product User*, 04/15/2005
    I am always skeptical about addons in MS like Scenery as I have always ended up deleting them due to the FPS slaughter that the flight sim takes. As a "real" pilot I utilize my system for more than just fun and it is imperitive that the frame rates are good and the flying is smooth. Having said this I am very pleased with this addon, in fact love it. As an example, Fukuoka is a much improved airport with good features and "eye candy" but I did not notice any Frame Rate hit. Very smooth. Also which is even more important is that the ILS and the PAPI etc etc are set up correctly. The ILS/PAPI are flying you to the right spot on the runway allowing a realistic transition from instruments to visual for landing....
All in all, excellent. I will be adding the rest of the Overland library to my computer in the near future.
5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!  
Danny Watkins *Verified Product User*, 02/14/2005
    Again Overland brings us another pack of exceptional Japanese airports, all of these airports in pack 3 and 4 are done to a very high level of quality, with photo-textures around each airport and are all extremely framerate friendly.
Highlight of these 2 packages has to be RJTT, Tokyo Haneda, which for the quality and amount of detail contained gives amazing performance, some other payware scenery guys could learn a lot from the developers of these packages, not only is the airport modelled in great detail, but also many other objects around Tokyo bay too.
RJAA , Narita has also been done to the same quality, and the package is worth getting just for these 2 airports, but the fun doesnt stop there, there is something for everyone, the heavy flyers amongst us can opt to fly JAL or JAS A300 from RJTT to RJSA or one of the many other routes to some of the airports contained, or the lighter flyers can take a pick of flying either the A Net Dash 8 from RJTT out over Tokyo bay and on to some of the completely photo-textured islands to the south of Tokyo, RJTO, OSHIMA, and RTJQ, MIYAKEJIMA , or if you really want to fly slowly, try flying from RJTF, CHOFU , deep in the city of Tokyo across to the islands mentioned above in a RCA BN-2 Islander, or even take a trip back in time and replicate some of the routes that JAC and ANK flew in the NAMC YS-11, the possibilties are endless.
If you enjoy flying in Japan, or even want to take a trip somewhere new, these airports are a great place to start, and there are some beautifull places to fly too, at 19 Euros they are good value.
Roll on Japanese Airports 5, which is rumoured to contain Kansai :)
5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!  
Eric Thornton *Verified Product User*, 02/14/2005 3 of 3 customers found this review helpful
    2 major Japanese aiports in superb detail, Haneda RJTT and Fukuoka RJFF. Haneda looks awesome and really brings Tokyo bay to life. A must get if you fly in Japan. Amazing scenery and it's not hard on frame rates like some of the Simflyers stuff. Highly recommended. =)