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REGISTRATION KEY This product does not have a registration key, you can simply execute the downloaded file to install
NOTES This product is being sold WITHOUT ANY AFTER SALES SUPPORT as the developer is not reachable!
REQUIREMENTS Pentium cpu 1.0 Ghz or higher
256MB of Ram or higher
100MB of hard Disk Space
3D graphic display card
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
FS2004 update from Microsoft installed

The Very Singapore scenery package produces the Singapore Changi airport and the Singapore city highrise, as well as some Singapore islands.

Including its famous one : Sentosa Islands. There are many great landmarks and buildings which are also included in the scenery. AT the WSSS airport,  there are 3 animating gates which can move itself to the aircraft door you use. More info please read the readme file inside the package.

Singapore is a beautiful city, we travelled to there and stayed a week long to collect information in order to have this scenery produced.

Features of this product:

  • Singapore Changi Airport
  • 3 animation gates (see the readme file about the operation)
  • Singapore city centre buildings
  • custom design buildings around the Singapore city
  • with beautiful night effect
  • Fullerton Hotel
  • Merlion Lion Statue
  • MITA building
  • Suntec City
  • Art museum
  • all the famous hotels like Standford and Raffles etc.
  • Singapore National Stadium
  • Orchard Road
  • Quay ports
  • China town housing
  • Singapore river with bridges
  • Raffles Institute School
  • horse racing stadium
  • cargo port harbor
  • Sentosa Island
  • Jurong Island
  • Freeway
  • moving cars on freeways (of course only on few freeways not the whole city !)
  • moving cable cars in Sentosa
  • static boats and ships in the sea
  • Landclass
  • hills
  • about 3km x 3km aerial satellite photo mesh
  • Most of it created with gmax so the frame rate is good enough


Customer Reviews

5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!  
Patrik Leven *Verified Product User*, 02/20/2010
    This is a great scenery and should be on everyone wish-list. Anyone who's ever been to Singapore will recognise this straight away. The city is also beautifully made. A little power hungry (even though I run 2x Nvidia 8800GTX in SLI).
5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!  
Les Dillon *Verified Product User*, 10/06/2007
    Really nice scenery although it can effect smooth performance at times. On my machine it's somewhat noticeable when looking around. Other than that this is a great rendition of Singapore (for comparisons check out the latest version of Google earth to see how close this package hit the mark).
5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!  
wisley sou , 09/26/2005 1 of 1 customer found this review helpful
    This time Samsoft did a great job. It is such a wonderful and amazing scenery ! It has many eye candies and lots of details. I love flying the scenery very much.
5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!  
Szymon Gwozdz *Verified Product User*, 08/22/2005
    I purchased this scenery, and I think it's great product for everyone who been or want to go to Singapore. I've been there this winter and I think the detail level in CBD and Changi is impressive. Some of areas within the Islands are also good detailed. The moving cars on freeways and moving cable cars from Mount Faber to Sentosa are terrific! The only dislikes for me is insufficient details in some areas like Punggol or Woodlands. There aren't also made rest of S'pore airports, but its more frames thanks to that. Overally: Very Good product, great for VFR, it's really possible to feel the Singapore's spirit!
5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!  
princessjoe joe , 07/31/2005
    I don't think what the first reviewer said is true. Because I have bought the very Singapore and I am having a good frame rate with it. The airport and the city are so detailed and it is much very close to the real world. I enjoy flying it a lot ! My computer spec is Pentium IV 2.2Ghz, 512Mb Ram,Gforce 5200 display card,80Gb hard disk. There perhaps different FS9 display settings...