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Toulouse Blagnac TLS is a very special place. Besides of being a very important airport in the south of France, it’s the number one manufacturer of Airbus Industries and ATR in Europe and the base of the most new Airbus deliveries, like the biggest civilian Aircraft – the upcoming A380. Also from Blagnac starts the famous parabolic flight to simulate “no gravity” on earth.


  • Nearly 95 % of the hangars of Airbus an ATR are rebuilt with detail
  • the curios terminal and the tower is rebuilt according to the real buildings
  • use of newest design techniques (Gmax, XML)
  • animated jetways that can be individually started by setting the corresponding NAV2 frequency (listed in the manual)
  • hangar doors at the Air France maintanance area and some hangar doors of the construction hangars can be opened by setting a NAV2 frequency (To give you good impression of how huge they are)
  • ground scenery enhanced with higher resoluted aerial pictures
  • high resolution ground textures on taxiways and apron
  • numerous additional and authentic details like fire fighting trucks, shuttles, pushback trucks, stairs, baggage cars...
  • use of AI-traffic and static aircrafts at the same time is possible
  • many static aircraft like the A340, A380, ATR or the Airbus transporter "Beluga"
  • fantastic night lighting
  • at some parking position you can call a marshaller by setting the special NAV2 frequency (similar to the real procedure in TLS today)
  • layout of taxiways with stops, taxiway markings rebuilt after actual aerial pictures
  • authentic border lighting at the taxiways
  • animated scenery provide an unbeatable realistic representation
  • manual (PDF) in german, english, spanish and french


Customer Reviews

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Richard Flint *Verified Product User*, 04/04/2006
    An excellent product from Sim-Wings and a must have airport for any Airbus fans.
Detail is up to the usual superb Sim-Wings standards and the framerates remain great even when using detailed aircraft.
Wherther you fly large or small aircraft, this airport makes a nice addition to any scenery collection.