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Synchro-Soft PW4060 Soundset

Synchro-Soft is pleased presenting a new soundset for your aircrafts and this time is for the Boeing 767 with the Pratt & Whitney Pw4060 engine Soundset.

PW4000 Series

Pratt & Whitney's PW4000 94-inch fan model is the first in a family of high-thrust aircraft engines. With certified thrust ranging from 52,000 to 62,000 pounds, it powers the Airbus A310-300 and A300-600 aircraft and Boeing 747-400, 767-200/300 and MD-11 aircraft. For twin-engine aircraft, the PW4000 is approved for 180-minute ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-engine Operations), giving airlines excellent operational flexibility.

Since entering revenue service in 1987, the PW4000 has offered airlines excellent operating economics and high reliability. Advanced, service-proven technologies, such as single-crystal superalloy materials and its Full-Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC), contribute to superior fuel economy and reliability. The engine's attractiveness is further enhanced by excellent performance retention, long on-wing times and low maintenance costs.

The PW4000's exceptional service experience, performance, and modern technologies make it attractive for a future military tanker application, such as the 767. In addition to low noise and emissions, it offers far greater fuel economy and maintainability than engines powering existing tankers.

Engine Models:

1- PW4052 5- PW4062A 9- PW4158
2- PW4056 6- PW4152 10- PW4460
3- PW4060 7- PW4156A 11- PW4462
4- PW4062 8- PW4156


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Kristoffer Thorsheim *Verified Product User*, 05/31/2009
    This guy has so many soundpacks that are just thrilling to have. Owning almost all of them, completes my sound library and I HIGHLY recommend these fine packs of sounds to anyone. Either newbie or the advanced simmer...