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REGISTRATION KEY This product does not have a registration key, you can simply execute the downloaded file to install
  • Intel® Pentium® III or equivalent processor
  • Microsoft® Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Windows® 2000 with Service Pack 4
  • 256 MB of RAM (512mb recommended)
  • Video card (64mb) (256mb recommended)
  • 50 MB of available hard disk space
  • Microsoft ® Flight Simulator X®

The Diamond Aircraft DA20-C1 is the best composite two-place piston-engine trainer and now can be enjoyed in Flight Simulator X with a completely active 3D cockpit.

Highly detailed replica of the Diamond DA-20 C1 Eclipse

Exterior model, made in Gmax with the standard quality materials of the Flight Simulator X. High definition textures and normal map makes this model one of the most realistic aircraft in Flight Simulator X.

  • Full animated exterior:
    • Flap,
    • Wheels,
    • Ailerons,
    • Elevator,
    • Rudders
  • Full Animated Pilot:
    • Head (scan the horizon and turn right and left)
    • Arms (move the stick and the throttle)
    • Legs (move the legs when he action the pedals rudders)
  • Animated 3D cockpit exterior:
    • Canopy (Open/close)
    • Stick
    • Throttle lever
    • Mixture lever
    • Parking Break lever
    • Alternate Air lever
    • Carburetor Heat lever

The package contains five real liveries, such as US Air Force Academy livery and also includes PDF User Manual with real information. This Manual has the Aircraft control panel description and a very extensive checklist.

The Cockpit is a very high accurate 3D model, and fully interactive. It is made in Gmax and all switches are controlled like a real aircraft (except Cabin Heat) with your animations.

Full animated cockpit: Stick, flap selector, pedal rudders, throttle, mixture, parking break, carb. heat, alt. air Levers, 9 electrical switches, canopy, prime switch and fuel pump.

The cockpit has realistic nightlight with exclusive effect and almost all gauges are also exclusive.

Sound pack included. 


Customer Reviews

4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!  
Bernhard Rems *Verified Product User*, 03/30/2009
    I beg to differ. Yes, it's not the convincing release, but it is the ONLY ultralight in FSX that doesn't eat more framerates than one of the heavy irons. For a leisure flight out of one of the more scenic locations in FSX this is a good buy.
3 of 5 Stars!3 of 5 Stars!3 of 5 Stars!3 of 5 Stars!3 of 5 Stars!  
Petri Simolin , 11/22/2011
Exterior model is very nice, interior is nice but the textures could be better.
Elevator in the model is working in reverse and EGT gauge is not working.
I hear that patch exists to fix all of these, but it is nowhere to be found because the manufacturer no longer exists (WS Simulations).

If you have 1.2 (or any other) patch to this aircraft, please contact (I have also written to several other forums and tried to get the patch from somewhere).
Retailers only provide the 1.0 version with broken gauges, if you know otherwise, please let me know, I would be happy to purchase this twice just to get the patch!
2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!  
David Rogers *Verified Product User*, 12/30/2008
    Low price and sadly low quality. Poor textures and the model is of freeware quality in my honest opinion. So sound file at all is provided, the product uses the standard C172 sounds aliased. flight dynamics are too twitchy which the real DA-20 is not, despite being a light aircraft. This add-on is nowhere near the league of the Aerosoft Digital Aviation Katana DA20.