AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
EUR 23.49  
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
  • AEROSOFT - 德国-科隆/波恩机场 EDDK X-PLANE 11
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As long-standing governmental airport and Luftwaffe facility, the Airport Cologne/Bonn is one of Germany’s major airports – it’s not without reason bearing the name of the first German chancellor Konrad Adenauer. The scenery was developed by Jo Erlend Sund in great detail for XPlane 11.

The airport comes with a large photo scenery surrounding of approx. 1000 km² and was recreated with high-quality 3D models and photorealistic textures. Its seasonal adaptations and custom winter textures make it shine all year long. Around the parking positions you’ll find lots of ground equipment and clutter objects, exemplifying the developer’s attention to detail put into this scenery. The numerous animations, of e.g. the service vehicles, passengers, or wind socks, bring the airport further to life.

Using the built-in configuration tool allows you to adapt a lot of options to your specific needs, so the performance does not have to play second fiddle behind the incredible level of detail.


  • Features a highly accurate recreation of Cologne Bonn Airport (EDDK, CGN)
  • High-fidelity 3D models of airport terminals, buildings, and other airport facilities
  • Interior terminal models included
  • Highly detailed PBR textures
  • Multiple texture resolution sets included
  • Highly detailed ground service equipment and clutter objects at aircraft stands
  • Up to date runway, taxiway, and stand layouts
  • Ambient service vehicle traffic on ramp
  • Custom road traffic around terminal entrance and cargo area
  • Animated ambient passengers inside airport terminals
  • Animated ambient ground crews on ramp and aircraft stands
  • Custom animated windsock and anemometer models
  • Compatible with AI traffic packages
  • Large ortho coverage of the airport and surrounding area (approx. 1000 km²)
  • Custom runway and approach light effects
  • Realistic night time effects with HDR lighting
  • Static aircraft included as an option
  • Ambient passenger animations for included static aircrafts
  • Volumetric grass included with multiple densities available
  • Configuration tool included
  • Seasonal textures and model variations included as an optional download
  • Animated jetways and passenger stairs (SAM plug-in required)
  • VGDS and Marshallers included (SAM plug-in required)

XPlane 11
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64bit), Linux (64bit), or macOS 10.10+
CPU: Dual Core CPU with 3,0 GHz (Quad Core CPU with 3.5 GHz recommended)
Memory: 8 GB RAM (16 GB recommended)
Graphics card: 2 GB VRAM, DirectX 11 (6 GB VRAM recommended)
Free disk space: 5.5 GB, SSD highly recommended

Jo Erlund Sund
VIRTUALCOL - 巴西航空工业公司 EMBRAER E170/175系列 MSFS
bought this aircraft because i wanted a ERJ175 to fly, the aircraft has both pros and cons. lets start off with the pros, 1. the exterior model is detailed fairly, its not top quality but good for the price you pay. 2. the cockpit is laid out close to that of a real ERJ so that gains it some points, however those are the only pros i could find. now onto the cons, 1. Nose gear clips ground when breaking. 2.the flight dynamics are not very good at all, feels like I'm flying a paper airplane. 3.engine sounds are ok but there is not much change on the exterior sounds between throttle positions. 4.either reverse works or it does not. 5.FMC displays A320 as aircraft in use. those are the major things i could see after flying around for 30 min. if they improved the sound, flight dynamics and ground clipping it would actually be an alright aircraft!
my fav handles SO WELL - I love my WACO too but I fly this more.
I bought this on the MSFS Marketplace and I consider it to be very well made. Flies great and the sound is awesome. It comes with an integrated checklist (albeit not automatable, although starting the plane is simple enough, tbh) and even has historic pilot avatars and the regular ones from MSFS to choose from. The plane is a lot of fun, no regrets to buy this. It is also a total bargain.
VIRTUALCOL - 巴西航空工业公司 EMBRAER E170/175系列 MSFS
Well I'll try to be fair, don't expect too much for the price you pay. basic systems, some bugs and average textures, but it has potential, hopefully it will continue development.
VIRTUALCOL - 巴西航空工业公司 EMBRAER E170/175系列 MSFS
The exterior is quite good, but as @israel say in his previous comment, the interior with low resolution. Problems when setting the autopilot on, the nose goes down and is quite difficult to connect, I think after some hours of training with this aircraft all will be ok. When I use the pushback, is causes a CSD. Also jetbridge can not connect (only luggage service is available). GPU not working, only APU available. Aircraft only for simulation purposes, not for study.
VIRTUALCOL - 巴西航空工业公司 EMBRAER E170/175系列 MSFS
The extirior model looks nice, cabin is OK, cockpit a bit low res, but overall OK. it flyes nice as expected, not what you would call "study level" but they say it right at the description. w-
hat i can't figuer out is the Autopilot behavior, the same problem with the b99. as you Engage the AP nose goes abruptly down! hard to set the ALT correctly and speed. i'll just say....Why? if you fix this to be simmilar to any other AC in the Sim, it would be a good basic AC for people like me who just wanna fly in the Sim. Please fix this!!!
S-DESIGN - 俄罗斯-索契国际机场 URSS MSFS
Потрясающая сцена. Наконец то Сочи! Ура!) Данный аэропорт очень важен в симуляторе т.к большая часть полетов проходит именно в этот аэропорт.
AMSIM - 格鲁吉亚-第比利斯国际机场 UGTB MSFS
This is a long awaited airport, So exciting when I saw, I bought no questions asked. I gave it 3 stars reason for it are as following. There are many missing buildings and trees plus the lonely old helicopter landing pad on the left side of the taxi way to RWY 13. Yet the train station main terminals and airport buildings are amazing. Well done old chap. The air base is a total shambles, nothing done on it and this was the main reason for the 3 stars. If there are to be updates then please fix these areas up and The buildings around the airport as well, then will I give it a 5 star. But still a great add on mate, keep it up.Plus Georgia rocks needs lots of TLC.
I am so pleased I bought this. It does exactly what it says. A click of a button and you have access to a range of maps for any airport. I had an issue with the activation code not working temporarily and the creator fixed the problem for me with no fuss.good communication I would recommend.
ISLAND CREATIONS - 西班牙特内里费岛 航空影像 高级版 MSFS
Its amazing how looks now Tenerife,even i've bought El Hierro, but in Santa Cruz there is a terrain fail deformation and there isnt the auditory and the congress palace. I hope with the next update it will fix. Good job