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An Airbus classic! Building a state-of-the-art aircraft simulation for FSX is not for the faint hearted. It takes skill, knowledge and a lot of patience. The external model and virtual cockpit incorporate the latest modeling developments in animation, reflection and lighting built into the FSX simulator engine.


The A300B4-200 series is a first generation Airbus with analogue steam-gauges and a (for that time) advanced autopilot. Some of the current operators have made cockpit upgrades based on various GPS systems where the ADI was replaced with an EADI, the HSI replaced with an ND, the CDU replaced with a (basic) FMS. We have not simulated these upgrades as they where not included in the original aircraft! Because the Airbus autopilot systems are so different from the FSX implementation of an autopilot we decided to reinventing the autopilot from scratch. We send commands to the elevator trim and elevator trim to control the attitude and bank angle of the aircraft based on so called PID controllers. This results in very realistic autopilot behavior. We did the same thing with the autothrottle, so don`t be amazed if the aircraft is not able to maintain the correct airspeed in turbulent air. Do as the real pilots do: turn off the autothrottle and switch to manual control !

This aircraft was developed in cooporation with real pilots, the training department of a major cargo operator flying the A300 and based on experience in the full motion A300B4-203 simulator at Brussels Airport, Belgium and will be distributed by Aerosoft in both boxed and download format. Below are some highlights of the SimCheck A300B4-200 simulation...


Model specifications

  • FSX-only 3D models: a cargo model and a passenger model
  • All the passenger, belly and cargo doors can be opened and closed individually
  • Front and aft passenger stairs, a fully moving cargo loader and GPU model. For people using AES or other ground scenery addons we have added on options hiding ground animatiosn except for the GPU
  • Moving APU air inlet door
  • Low speed/high speed aileron split animations
  • Realistic spoiler animation
  • Main landing gear bogie tilt
  • Bump bitmap
  • Retracting and extending main landing lights
  • Complete virtual cockpit with predefined camera positions
  • Textures from a number airlines are available and more are added on a regular basis
  • A Photoshop based paintkit will be made available


  • High end 3D engine sound simulation
  • Cockpit switch sounds based on actual recording inside the cockpit
  • Speed and extension depended wind sound from the landing gear
  • Speed and extension depended rumble sound from the spoilers
  • Cockpit oral warning based on real life recordings


  • Complete captains and first officer panel with independent gauges (except altimeter)
  • Independent standby altimeter
  • GPWS simulation with 6 modes
  • TCAS panel with realistic TA (RA not simulated as that doesn`t make sense in FSX since there is no communication between aircraft!)
  • Comms panel with 2 independent NDB`s


  • Double INS/CDU system that allows manual waypoint entry but also running off an FSX XML flightplan. The INS will follow great circle flightpath
  • Fuel panel with 5 fuel tanks, fuel dump gauge and fuel loading gauge. Both featuring realistic fueling/defueling and fuel dump speeds
  • APU panel that actually uses fuel from the correct tank(s), realistic start-up and shutdown times
  • Hydraulics panel with realistic use of hydraulics fluids and linked to the correct flight control surfaces
  • Pneumatics, packs, cabin temperature control and cabin pressurisation control with realistic simulation (e.g. open the door end the temperature will change depending on the external temperature, cabin differential pressure based on standard atmoshere + correction for actual conditions)
  • Electrics panel with separate AC and DC system
  • Autopilot and autothrottle based on PID controllers working like the real thing, no FSX standard autopilot nor autothrottle used
  • ROLL and PITCH modes are simulated: enter a roll and the aircraft will maintain the current bank angle (bank is automatically limited to 25°, bank angles < 5° will have the aircraft level the wings), set the aircraft to a certain vertical speed and the aircraft will maintain the vertical speed
  • Realistic N1 limit computer
  • Settings panel with 4 predefined panel states, performance calculation (optimal/maximum levels based on gross weight), ability to call fuel truck, jetway etc...
  • Fully featured overhead panel with, amongst other things, Yellow Accu Pressure simulation: No yellow accu pressure = no parking brake. Yellow accu pressure will last about 30 minutes before the parking brake is disconnected because of lack of pressurisation
  • Realistic pitch trim simulation: You can actually trim the aircraft to fly the attitude you want, not the attitude FSX "thinks" you want...
  • All panel settings are saved between sessions based on the name of the currently loaded flight. Saving a flight "in flight" is not a good idea however, flights should best be saved before take-off our after landing. In total around 400 variables are saved between flights...
  • Dragable speed bugs on the 2D panel
  • Dragable altitude bug on the 2D panel
  • GDI+ based airspeed indicator, RMI, ADI and HSI for smooth and accurate needle movements

Flight model

  • Realistic flight handling tested by a professional A300 Captain
  • Realistic engine performance in flight
  • Realistic fuel use during flight but also during start-up and taxi
  • Realistic braking performance


  • Because we hardly use any default FSX variables and controls, shared cockpit is not supported
  • No FS9 model is planned at this time
  • INS does not have an MSU, no VOR updating or drift
  • We have decided not to add a weather radar as FSX does not provide detailed enough information to make a radar that has any real use
  • Panel will only work with (a very recent) FSUIPC installed

System requirements:

Microsoft Flight Simulator X with SP2 or Acceleration Pack
Windows 7, Vista or XP SP2
Multicore Processor
512 MB Gfx Graphics Card

Microsoft Flight Simulator X with SP2 or Acceleration Pack
Windows 7, Vista or XP SP2
Quadcore Processor
1024 MB Gfx Graphics Card

Installation-Size: 800 MB


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*Verified Product User*
I must say WOW! I really have enjoyed this aircraft. I have been interested in the Airbus A300 series since I first flew on one with American Airlines on their A300-605R. I know this is the A300-200 version but still almost the same. From the flight dynamics to the sounds, it is a very fun and well done aircraft to fly. I also purchased the FMC upgrade and that just makes the whole simulation better. I also have the TSS A300 soundpack and that completes the whole A300 simulation. If you are looking for a good A300, look no further then the SimCheck A300 package. Just be sure to get the FMC upgrade so you will have a modern FMC unless you like using INS.

Captain Walton © 2014
*Verified Product User*
This is detailed simulation of the A300.

The sounds are very well done.
The exterior model and textures are average and the 2D panels and VC are satisfactory.

It would be a good addition to those who wish to have a A300 simulation, utilising the early Airbus technology.
*Verified Product User*
that's a very nice item, maybe a little frame's killer, but very well done overall.
The model is pretty, with a great attention at the details, it has a perfect INS fully functional that adds a lot of reality flying that old bird.
*Verified Product User*
This is an excellent simulation of a classic aircraft. Systems are modeled, 3D Flight Engineer panel is alive and gives you work to do. Sounds and sound effect contribute very positively to the immersion factor. The autopilot is a simulation of itself and you really have to learn the way it operates. Also take care of your engines and doth push them at 120% N1 because you ma got fire.
Flight characteristics correspond to that of widebody heavy aircraft and you have to pick the right runway for take-off.
IF you want something NON-digital and different and nice , fly this, you will be very happy.
*Verified Product User*
Flawless!! Absolutely brilliant!

Flight Dynamics are awesome, it feels like you are flying a heavy!

A beautifully crafted soundest that truly allows you to believe you are flying a heavy!

Systems are fantastic!

Exterior Model: A debated subject with regards to the A300, Whilst it may not be quite the standard as say PMDG or Captain Sim, it still does not fail to deliver in my opinion.
*Verified Product User*
I give it 5 stars I haven't experimented much with but like the previous reviewer it's very enjoyable to fly and very easy on FPS. So far I found no faults in it.

*Verified Product User*
****** Five stars is not enough, so here is five more.
This is an awesome aircraft that is very well made and a lot of fun to fly.
It uses the double INS/CDU system that makes it much easier to manage the cockpit than just a VOR-DME system used by the 727 and DC9, yet there is still enough managing of flight systems, to keep you quite enjoyably busy. It is much more interesting to fly than the modern glass systems and a very stable sim.
You won't be disappointed with this Airbus at all.
*Verified Product User*
geiles teil. allerdings vermisse ich schon noch etwas systemtiefe.deshalb nur 4 von 5 sternen. perfomance toll !!
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X with SP2 or Acceleration Pack
Windows 7, Vista or XP SP2
Multicore Processor
512 MB Gfx Graphics Card

Microsoft Flight Simulator X with SP2 or Acceleration Pack
Windows 7, Vista or XP SP2
Quadcore Processor
1024 MB Gfx Graphics Card


Installation-Size: 800 MB

Customer Reviews
A beautiful, very accurately reproduced plane. The systems work as you can see in the videos on the internet.The flight model seems to be very well made,you have to be careful with the choice of airport,because a fully loaded plane actually needs more than two kilometers of runway,and landing with cargo is about three kilometers.Ther-
e is a huge difference in the behavior of an empty versus a fully loaded aircraft. Starting systems and engines is a lot of manual learning,fortun-
ately there is an option to auto-start systems and engines,especia-
lly starting the various systems of the aircraft is very satisfying.An additional advantage is the ability to switch to the cockpit mode in English (Russian by default),you can do it at any time in the pop-up Configurator (SHIFT + 1). In particular,the autopilot is very complex and works differently than in Western airplanes,but after turning on the English cockpit,it can be managed.Interes-
tingly, after a closer look at the autopilot,it turns out that it has a lot of different functions that make flying easier,e.g.the plane can make 90-degree turns by itself,or circle non-stop. The plane carries several loads on its back,I liked the Molniya mini-shuttle the most. The sound of the engines is also polished,especi-
ally the roar of the engines at high revs and when starting.The plane's volume is adjusted so that it is the first plane where I did not have to silence the game to a minimum so as not to go deaf.
After many years of owning Bear Studios older (and at times, frustrating) MiG-15 offering for FSX I came across this. At first I thought it was just an update of the old offering for P3D with FSX compatibility. It is not. It is an all new offering and it looks great in FSX. Gone are the baked in shadows of the old version with modern texturing applied. The planes are all really shiny, which is good because a a few of the textures represent civilian or museum owned MiG-15s! They are N15YY from the Combat Air Museum of Topeka, Kansas, 079 from the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington, NX87CN from Planes of Fame in Chino, California, NX90589 from the Oakland Aviation Museum, Oakland, California and my favorite (as it was the first MiG-15 I had ever seen in person on the ground and in the air) PLAAF 4115. The version in the sim has no N number but the former Combat Jets Flying Museum MiG-15 N15MG (now residing at EAA in Oshkosh) represents this plane. Best of all, this sim had done away with whatever would randomly cut out your hydraulic pump in the old version! Now the two items that kept it from getting the fifth star. Textures. While they look great and are reflective and shiny when appropriate, the camouflaged aircraft are also shiny (as are flap internals, landing gear and wheel wells. Planes. While it's great that all the planes in this addon come under one entry in Sim Objects (vs the myriad of offerings in the old one) there is no two seater offered this time around. I can only hope that comes later along with a similar update for their MiG-17!
I have to agree with one of the other reviewers as well that's it just OK. It certainly is pretty, but it's really slow. It's not nimble as far as handling and a big part of the realism for a plane for me is the sound, and this little baby sounds like it's got the default Cessna 172 sounds. That is a definite killer for me! I did give it 3 stars because it's a pretty model.
If you enjoyed the FSX version you are going to love this one. The plane itself is simple to fly but many mechanical features have been implemented to generate an extra challenge. Gre-
at job by Ant's Airplanes.
Very fun to fly. Very good options. Just well done.
Airport textures and gates are good. I see a distinct lack in any interior modeling and just feels like the airport is a little bare with no vehicles moving or more detailed ground objects besides textures
Good airport and ground textures. Happy with it except the interior modeling is nonexistent. If you find it on sale for under 10 euros its worth it for the beautiful area and airport itself
I will have to give this 2 stars for the level of detail it does bring to MSFS. The other 3 stars I deducted for two primary reasons. First, the plane is well done; however, for $13 U.S. less, you can purchase the C310R which is by far more comprehensive and accurate than what Flysimware offers in the C414AW. Second, I have witnessed support members from Flysimware embarrass and disrespect members of their Discord who ask questions. I was one such person who took the brunt of a verbal assault for asking a question. Poor customer service is no way to establish a long-term positive relationship with the same people you want to purchase your software. In summary, if you are looking for a challenge in a twin-engine Cessna that offers a level of accuracy and system depth near unrivaled along with world-class customer support, save yourself money and get the C310. You can use that saved money to purchase other products.
This is a must have addon. Great purchase, it adds so much to the sim, the city looks great. Overall fps friendly. Highly recommended.
Beautifully Done… cant wait to see more Nigerian airports please
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