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Airline2Sim Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Cadet Training - instant download in HD!

We've put a REAL, rated and current Dash 8 Q400 pilot from a major UK airline into the training pilot seat inside Flight Simulator. Learn every switch and button inside the flight deck, watch how to fly the aircraft with full airline procedures, check-lists and flows, and learn from our mistakes as we put our rookie simulator pilot through his paces, all under instruction from a pilot who flies the Q400 for a living.

No other training program for the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 comes close - if you're serious about flight simulator - THIS is as real as it gets....

9.5 hours of HD video

Part 1 – Pilot fact file – Meet Josh, a real world First Officer for a large European Q400 operator. He will be your training Captain for the entire course. In this short film we find out a bit about him, the Q400 itself and what lies in store over the next 9 hours of training.

Part 2 – Flight deck tour – Before we get in the air, let’s take a complete tour of the Q400 flight deck. We won’t go into too much detail about the finer points of the aircraft systems here, as we’ll be demonstrating them once we get going. This is to get you around the auto-flight system, the overhead panel, the engine controls, fire protection and understanding the layout of the Q400 flight deck so you’re less likely to accidentally flick a switch that might ruin your day.

Part 3 – Initial base training - Now that we’ve learned a bit about how to operate the Q400, it’s time to put our skills into practice and meet our training pilot Josh for our initial base training. Here, just as in the real world, we fly an empty aircraft with no passengers from a quiet airfield for a number of take-offs and landings so that we can get used to dealing with the various flows and check-lists involved. We also learn how to start the engines, taxi safely, understand charts and how to tune navigation aids.

Part 4 – Initial base training - Having started up and taxied to the holding point for runway 27 at East Midlands Airport, we’re now ready to launch off into the sky for our very first take-off in the Q400. Over the following 50 minutes, we perform four take-offs and landings in the Q400 in a variety of different flap configurations and you’ll see how even with a rated Q400 pilot calling out instructions, speeds and power settings, the workload in this fast moving environment is incredibly high.

Part 5 – Planning and loading - Here’s one area where real pilots have it easier than us in the Flight Simulator world – flight planning. Most pilots don’t have a clue which airway they’re on or care which SID or STAR they’re going to use because it’s all given to them either by ATC or the airline’s flight planning department. In Flight Simulator, you need to do all this yourself. Not only do you need to worry about flight planning, but you also need to make sure you’ve got enough fuel and then load your Q400 properly so it actually takes off! Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. With this detailed run through, you’ll see how to to prepare a full flight briefing for any city pairing in the world.

Part 6 – Crew room briefing – Real crews meet up at their home base and often have time for a quick coffee whilst checking over their pilots’ briefing package (or PLOG, as it’s called in the UK) at the airline’s crew room. We’re no different and with a long day ahead of flying the Q400 to almost every corner of the British Isles, there’s a lot for real world pilot Josh and our sim guy Ben to cover. Josh talks us in detail through our briefing for the first sector from IOM to BHX and looks at the weather, the NOTAMS, our fuel requirements and possible diversion airports in case of a problem. With that complete, we grab our pilot’s hat and head for the ramp!

Part 7 – Line flight 1: IOM - BHX Flight Deck set up – After a lot of talking, it’s time to get in the air as Josh and Ben take over from another crew and setup the flight deck at the Isle of Man airport for the first of four planned sectors around the British Isles in the Q400. First is a flight deck safety check, which is needed because we soon discover that maintenance have come along and moved some of the switches around! Following this is a busy period of flight deck preparation against the clock as our departure time is 15.00Z, so in just 31 minutes we board passengers, setup the FMS, tune the navigation aids for a noise abatement departure, make a full takeoff briefing and set up the autopilot modes, managing to get it all done to call for pushback at 15.01Z…

Part 8 – Line flight 1: IOM - BHX - With our flight deck preparation complete, it’s time to push back, start up and launch off from the Isle of Man across the Irish Sea on our short sector to Birmingham International. You’ll see how to fly the noise abatement procedure, how crews communicate with the cabin and some really useful hints from Josh on how to give your passengers in the back a nice smooth ride! Once established in the cruise we are heading into the busy airspace surrounding Liverpool and Manchester airports and there is little time to rest as we need to set the Q400 up for an ILS arrival into Birmingham airport. The STAR involves a level off which we need to plan for, so Josh tells you all you need to know about descent planning. Our landing into Birmingham is a little firmer than ideal, and you find out why!

Part 9 – Line flight 2 : BHX – GCI - With our first sector complete having crossed the Irish Sea, Ben and Josh face a quick turnaround at Birmingham International Airport. We’ve just time to refuel, disembark the passengers and embark some more and also set the aircraft up for our next sector – a 55 minute hop down to brush the coast of France, arriving at the tiny airport of Guernsey. Watch the crew set up the SID for the departure, run the loading and fuel figures for a new traffic load and depart off into the sunshine! You’ll learn more advanced features of the FMS and navigation radios, plus you’ll learn how to fly the Q400 flat out to make up time on the schedule! On arrival at Guernsey, the ILS Localiser is out of action so we are forced to perform a challenging LOC DME approach into the short 1400m runway and you’ll see just how fast a Q400 stops when you really want it to!

Part 10 – Line flight 3: GCI - LGW - With two sectors complete, darkness falls as our crew heads back across the English Channel under a beautiful golden sunset for another short sector to London Gatwick Airport. After a short field take off from Guernsey, Josh briefs us for a potential go-around and a complicated STAR arrival for the busy single runway airport that lays ahead. With several different level offs in the STAR, we learn how to set them up in the FMS and later Josh shows us how to work a descent rate out in our heads, useful for those times when the VNAV does unexpected things. Later in the descent we are given speed control by ATC and finally once established on the ILS, a nasty surprise awaits which makes our day somewhat longer and then a potentially serious but not uncommon Q400 technical malfunction develops which means we do not get to return to our home base tonight.


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*Verified Product User*
When Majestic Software released Dash 8 Q400 Pilot Edition add-on for fsx/p3d. I am very happy and bought it immediately. So I installed it after the purchase is completed, and then open the manual and tutorial manual to learn. However, this is not enough. You have to know much about this aircraft and fly this aircraft. Why it's nickname is Crash 8? because it is different, so if you like to fly heavy aircraft (such as Triple Seven, 737NG, A321), to learn Dash8 Q400 is now very difficult. But Airline2Sim helped me, taught me a lot of knowledge! Then I downloaded the Airline2Sim MJC8 Q400 checklist.So,now,I can fly this bird! Thanks very much! Professional tutorials! Cheap price! Look forward to the training course as well as Captain 、First Office training course! Airbus and Boeing as well as training courses! Sorry for my English.
*Verified Product User*
If you are serious about realistic flight sim experience and you are serious about the Majestic Dash 8 Q400, you need to buy this. The interaction between cadet and the instructor is exactly what I remember from my flying training days. The videos give you a ton of detail that you will be able to use in flying this great aircraft. You'll refer back to these many times before you get it right. Some previous flying knowledge and concepts I believe is essential though. Anyway, if you do not have the money to buy this, go and sell something. It is really worth it.
I purchased this as soon as it was released because I really want to learn to fly the Q400 correctly.
This course is very well produced, and the fact that Ben, the creator of Airline2Sim, is always being guided and trained by Josh, a real world Q400 pilot, makes it very interesting and entertaining to listen to their conversations in the cockpit. Ben will ask questions of Josh and Josh will guide him, and us as we listen.
Many things that Josh says cannot be learned from the manuals, things like what he calls "Dashisms".
Josh talks much about typical things that a Q400 line pilot would do, and what he would be thinking as he prepares the cockpit, that could only be learned from a real world pilot that flies this aircraft every day for a living.
These are videos that I will be enjoying over and over again, picking up more information each time I watch them.
Although these videos can be streamed very well from the website, I would definitely recommend downloading them to you harddrive and backing them up, so you always have them available.
*Verified Product User*
Not much to say, really awsome set of videos for a fair price.
And as the previous reviewer said: If you are serious about your simming and want to learn how to operate the Q400.

Then get this!
*Verified Product User*
Brilliant! Absolutely worth every penny. If you want to learn the Q400 (and some aspects carry over to all aircraft) don't hesitate to pick this up. I wouldn't usually consider this sort of a product but am so glad I did. Editing and production value is superb. All episodes held my attention and motivated me to fly better. All of the videos are yours they are not streamed from a server or anything like that so you can put them on any device and take them with you if you want. If there is any downside at all is they talk a bit fast which might be hard for non native English speakers but that is really a tiny grievance since you can pause and rewind at will.
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Customer Reviews
This is exceptional work by WF Scenery Studio. Frame rates are extremely good even with lots of AIG aircraft around the airport. The quality of the terminals and other buildings is very good. Having bought many airports from different developers this is right up there with the best. I look forward to more from them for P3D. Not all of us have moved to MSFS.
This airport is a world championship, something b e a u t i f u l, no FPS drops, no stutters, beauty. THIS IS NUMBER 1. THANK YOU!
excellent product 100% recommended, 10/10 greetings to the ecuavirtual3d team
Another great city scenery, very detailed and compatible with KIAH by FSDT and MegaSceneryEart-
h Texas. Hoping we may see more from the State?
Really enjoying the city sceneries. Very detailed and no impacts to FPS. Compatible with major airports and other sceneries in the area. Thanks.
Another great city scenery. very detailed and no FPS impacts. Thanks.
Another great city scenery. Adds to the realism of the area. Lets hope for more to come.
Very detailed rendition of San Francisco. Great price. Well worth it.
It should be a dream for bush flights but what the point here. I spend more than 35 euros for 4 products. Resu-
lt ? A few grass runways, cars and cabins. There is no joy in landing there Too bad
For passionates of Helicopter.So many places to land,a new world in MSFS. Lot of thanks!!!
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