COCKPIT SIM PARTS - 波音737 EFIS(电子飞行仪表系统) 面板
COCKPIT SIM PARTS - 波音737 EFIS(电子飞行仪表系统) 面板
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  • COCKPIT SIM PARTS - 波音737 EFIS(电子飞行仪表系统) 面板
  • COCKPIT SIM PARTS - 波音737 EFIS(电子飞行仪表系统) 面板
  • COCKPIT SIM PARTS - 波音737 EFIS(电子飞行仪表系统) 面板
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Boeing 737 EFIS. Made from high quality plastic, Professioanlly sprayed to match Boeing 737 panels, Laser engraving to ensure the best quality to give it that genuine Boeing 737 look.

  • 1 x Front panel 118x64mm. 3mm thick.
  • 1 x Backing panel 118x64mm. 3mm thick
  • 1 x 11 buttons

Please note this is just for the front and backing panels and the 11 buttons, Not push switches are including, No rotary or toggle switches are included either.

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