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САЙТ: http://desk-pilot.com
E-MAIL: support@desk-pilot.com
ФОРУМ: http://forum.avsim.net/forum/652-desk-pilot/
ИНФОРМАЦИЯ: We supply networked shared cockpit functionality to complex third party aircraft. We first started with the PMDG Simulations Boeing 737-NGX back in 2011. It's free to download and it is our free edition.

We have now released our first product (Desk Pilot Professional) which grants shared cockpit functionality to the PMDG Boeing 737-NGX and the PMDG Boeing 777-X. It has a lot of new features that eases the process of multi crew operations.

First we have the Pilot Management System. This is accessed as an instrument within the aircraft and can be accessed at anytime in flight! You can change core settings of the product and modify the Pilot Flying/Monitoring system. It looks like an aircraft CDU and that's because it is! The PMS can also be used to sync the aircraft CDU's in the PMDG Simulations Boeing 737-NGX and the PMDG Simulations Boeing 777-X. Due to the nature of PMDG Simulations SDK, this is the only way to currently sync their CDU components.
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