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Flight Control Replay Professional Edition is  one of the most complete software that it permits to record and play flight situation in PREPAR3D v4.X / v3 /v3 /v1, Microsoft FSX, FSX:SE, Microsoft ESP but in v4 introduce chance to Re-Live Instant Replay and Re-Start a flight from a user defined time slot and many more features listed below like In-Game Menu (User can Record and Play directly from main Flight Sim UI), PMDG enhanced recording and playing , Majestic Q400 Enhanced suport, FSFX Immersion effects support, Video Rendering Feature (in a not compressed format) , P3D Enhanced version of FlightControlReplay developed in Native way for Lockheed platform etc

- Re-Live InstantReplay (REWIND and PLAY).  

User while flying, using FlightControlReplay in InstantReplay mode, can go backward for last 2 minutes of his flight and if he want , he can RESUME HIS FLIGHT FROM ANY YELLOW SLIDER POINT simply pushing Stop Button.  (Below a screen)  

NEW with v4
- Rendering Video (Alpha).

User can start Video Render pushing dedicated command bar button. In that way FlightControlReplay starts video capture of Simulator Main Camera View. At this time this feature is in Alpha stage. Video render creates an AVI file uncompressed in Windows User Pictures folder, named with a TimeStamp of start video rendering. In Options Dialog, User can change FramePerSecond of rendering (15-30) and Quality recording percentage (10-100). FILE AVI IS UNCOMPRESSED (ALPHA) AND CAN BE VERY BIG. This feature can be very useful for video makers used both with "PLAYMODE SIMULATION RATE" feature.  NEW with v4
- PMDG 737 / 777 / 747 enhanced recording and playing.

User can record and replay his Flight using PMDG planes with more accuracy.

 NEW with v4

- PLAYASAI (Alpha Optimized using FlightControlReplay P3DX Enhanced Native version).  

User can choose and play your preferred Recorded Flight as AI Traffic. You have all options available that you already have in standard playing mode,  change simulation rate on the fly or use User Interface Yellow Slider for choose exactly where your AI Traffic can start his flight.  You can manage more than one recorded flight as AI Traffic using more than one instance of FCR addon at the same time. NEW with v4  

- In-Game Dynamic Text during Replay.  

User can write Notes at any point in a Replay Flight loaded in FCR using Dynamic Text buttons that appears below Yellow Slider when User loads Flight Recorded. At this manner User will able to pause Flight Recorded at a custom point into timeline and clicking DynamicText edit button or delete button User can add , modify or delete notes.  This Notes will be visible in FCR User Interface and also in Simulator playing Replay Flight. Dynamic Text can be customized via FCR Option dialog (Show duration in Seconds, Text Type and  Text Color). (Below a screen)  

 NEW with v4


User can see FSFX Immersion effects in his airplane! Also during FlightControlReplay Play!  

NEW with v4  


User can Record and Play Flight Situation also with this fantastic plane! Thanks to Majestic  
Software collaboration!  

NEW with v4  

- HELICOPTER ENHANCEMENTS User can Record and Play Flight Situation also with Helicopter!  

NEW with v4  

- QUALITYWINGS 787 ULTIMATE COLLECTION?ENHANCED SUPPORT User can Record and Play Flight Situation also with !  

NEW with v4  

This FlightControlReplay v4 version use the last technology of internally developed engine SimFramework that it brings a lot of new Features that help all customers to record, play, analize, Re-Live a moment .

FlightControReplay v4 introduce a new installer that it contains 2 FlightControlReplay v4 version.

FlightControlReplay.EXE it works with all version of simulator engine (PREPAR3D v4 / v3 /v3 /v1, Microsoft FSX, FSX:SE, Microsoft ESP)  

FlightControlReplayP3DX.EXE (P3D Enhanced version) it works with Prepar3d v3 and v4 in a native way , using new Prepar3d SDK and optimizing replay algorithm for Replay and for PlayASAI feature reducing jitters and improving performance.

This new version Professional v4 also have all very useful features of v3.5 like Record FrameRate customizable, Start Record via custom User Altitude trigger.

Voice Command Recognition feature that it allows to speech commands to Flight Control Replay . Voice recording feature that it allows to record also your voice .

When you play a flight situation previously recorded you can choose if play only flight situation or flight situation synchronized with your recorded voice.


Other Flight Control Replay Main Features are:

  - PlayAsAI(Play as Traffic) User can choose and play his preferred Recorded Flight as AITraffic. You have all options available that you already have in standard playing mode,  change simulation rate onthefly or use User Interface Yellow Slider for choose exactly where your AI Traffic can start his flight.  You can manage more than one recorded flight as AI Traffic using more than one instance of FCR addon at the same time. NEW with v3.5  


  - PlayMode Simulation Rate. User can modify SimulationRate (during the PlayMode) using 4 buttons in main User Interface (2x,8x,Slow and Fast). This permits for example to compose a video or analyze in a better way a flight.   


 - Multi Instances. Thanks to the system architecture renewed now you can manage more than one instance of FCR at the same time.  


 - New Engine for surface animations and gears movement  

 - New Flaps, Gears , Spoiler animation movement for PMDG 737/747 products  

 - Customizable Record FrameRate (FPS). User can now choose at which FrameRate want record flight situation. FPS allowed are from 0 to 99.  

 - Custom Altitude Trigger Value for Start Recording. User can choose at which Altitude (Above or Below) the system can start record flight.  

 - Voice Command Recognition for all record and play features of FCR. Now you can speak to software and it records, play, go forward and go backward according with your voice command.

 - Record a flight situation and also your voice during flight.  

 - Enable / Disable Voice recognition directly with a button in main User interface.

 -  PREPAR3D  / FSX:STEAM EDITION  / Flight simulator X  compatibility

 -  Record a flight info with unlimited length (Aircraft model , position, heading, bank etcetc).

 -  Load Previous Flight Situation before played a Recorded Flight (When double click Stop Button)

 -  Export all recorded Flight situation for view it in Google Earth 3D and Google Maps 2D.- Simulation Variables recorded:  

    Plane Latitude
    Plane Longitude
    Plane Altitude
    Plane Pitch Degrees
    Plane Bank Degrees
    Plane Heading Degrees True
    Brake Position
    Engines Throttle Position
    Fuel Tanks Level
    World reference position

    Ground Altitude on instruments

    Sim On Ground NEW

    Smoke Effects NEW

    Main Exit effects (Opening/Closing)  











    ENGINE N1   

    ENGINE N2   



  -  Play / Pause saved Recorded flight in original Flight Situation (if available).

  -  Fast forward backward play.

  -  Start flight from an entry point of a recorded flight that user can define.

  - User can choose sample rate for record a flight (6 times per second , 1 time per second, Custom Visual Frame per second, every 4 seconds and Automatic ).

  - Zoom In and Zoom Out flight simulator point of view from FCR client.

  - User can change camera view from FCR client.

  -  Stop playback at any position to continue manually with FCR yellow slider.

  - Show time stamp inside Flight simulator during play.

  - User can define an hardware shortcut for start / stop recording, start / stop playing and forward and backward (this is useful if users use full screen FlightSim option)

  - User can choose custom file path where FCR put file with flight recorded (.FCR and all Flight Simulator files attached)

  - XBOX ONE S CONTROLLER support for move timeline slider and / or map buttons for Play / Record / Stop / Pause features.  


This addon is available exclusively via SIMMARKET



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Link to Review: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?18936-Review-FlightControlReplay-Professional-Edition-v4
Review: FlightControlReplay Professional Edition v4.rnIf you are someone that enjoys watching flight replays, or judging your landings from different angles around the aircraft, or even thinking about uploading some of your FSX and P3D flights online, then FlightControlReplay is a tool that you should find very useful. Now up to version 4 and in active development by author Fabio Merlo, reviewer Michael Haayward was impressed with what it has to offer.
FROOGLESIM NEWS - JULY 22 2018 - YouTube
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*Verified Product User*
2019-12-22 11:03:32
Nice app to record flight video, I recommand this app.
*Verified Product User*
2019-04-28 10:44:54
Best Tool for Recording Flights with PMDG Machines, Captain Sim etc. Support is fast, and the best! You have Problems on Sunday? No Problem. Fabio Merlo helps you on Sunday =) Thanks for That =)
*Verified Product User*
2019-03-20 17:57:39
Due to lack of FSRecorder for P3Dv4, I found this product.
At first, I think it's a waste of money because the playback function just don't work well. But after reporting issues at the forum, Fabio e-mailed me directly and tried very hard to help me solve the problem. The product have significant improvement because of Fabio's hard work to keep it updating. So, I'll place 5 stars to this great author and the keep improving product.

Volleyball Liu
*Verified Product User*
2019-03-19 21:56:36
This tool tries to fill the void where FSRecorder did in FSX however, there is no other tool of its sort for P3D. We use it for our organization in training and it performs very well. We enjoy the ability to record maneuvers and then play them back for students while they are in training. I have contacted Fabio on many occasions and asked for support. He has been prompt and very helpful in his implementing changes that we have asked for. If anyone who gets this software doesn't like or see what they are looking for, then they should get in touch with Fabio and I am sure he will correct the bug in the next released version.
*Verified Product User*
2019-03-18 17:13:01
Very disappointed with the product.. does not record pmdg 777 engine fan blade animations.. it does record the 747 engine animation though.. the auto save in default folder location does not work.. tried many times.. only saves the .fcr if you specify file name.. very cumbersome to use.. i'm putting this in the trash and going back to chaseplane replay.. wish i can get refund.
*Verified Product User*
2019-02-10 23:34:48
I Like the Product, because it does ITS Job and gets updated all the time.

If you need Help With your Product or have questions you get a pretty fast Support from the Developer .

I Just wrote him a Mail and i got an answer within 5 minuts.

Thats amazing.

I would say thats the FS Recorder for P3D v4 With excelennt Support!
*Verified Product User*
2018-10-07 12:43:07
Took some time to get it right but if you:

Install simconnect.msi (SDK)
Set a fps limit (i took 30) to get rid of stutter (this also was needed with old FS recorder)
Install right version of FSCUIP

It will record.

5 star worthy...not yet. I think it would be better if you can more easily play AI and record at the same time. I miss the Special playback feature of FS recorder 2.18, which made it THE go to tool for creating frc files, and arranging them for playback and recording it again all at once. Also its a MUST to get the option to name the file after recording, just for clarity sake.

But i believe in this product, stick with it Fabio! Keep working on it ;) Nobody is taking the effort you do in a piece of software we actually all want to have, just like the old FS recorder days.
*Verified Product User*
2018-07-13 17:46:37
Thanks nice addon.
It work on FSL A320-X and FSL A319-X.
Landing GEAR works automatically.
But flap and reverser do not work.
I hope flap and reverser also function.

Translate by google
*Verified Product User*
2018-06-16 21:42:36
A nice start for P3Dv4, but falls WAY short of what FSRecorder could do for FSX in it's day:
- Customization of cameras
- Programmable camera switching in a recordings timeline (time-stamping)
- A render feature up to 60 fps in a compressed, .WMV format
A recording addon works much more efficiently when it's installed into the sim itself rather than a stand alone program.
I understand the developer has V4 coming soon with a render feature. Hopefully additional features as well.
*Verified Product User*
2017-10-26 13:25:45
Very nice addon and works well in Prepar3D Version 4.1 with all PMDG aircraft.
Vasileios Botis
*Verified Product User*
2017-08-24 12:22:19
I bought FlightControlReplay today and I used also at my friend pc setup. We made a flight with PMDG 737 and after we used FCR for show replay. Very good addon. You can use slider for go forward or backward ! You can see flaps and gears animations during replay! With Automatic settings we found the right option for record and play flight. PMDG flight was wonderful, we recorded a flight with PMDG , reloaded p3d , and reopen a default flight. After that PMDG 737 animations work very well ,FlightControlReplay record movement every frame ! We used also integration with Xbox One S controller. It works very well and it is confortable. I have also a Microsoft Surface Dial and i saw that developer will integrate it in future version.
*Verified Product User*
2017-08-23 21:01:39
After FS Recorder was abandoned, I was looking for a functional replay application for fsx-se. FCR Pro was really the only remotely similar application advertised. Having installed it and tried it, I cannot recommend it as freeware, let alone payware. The instructions are difficult to understand and grossly insufficient. Trying to learn by doing, I had no luck either as none of the functions seemed to work. The one star is for the developer's prompt responses to the many inquiries, complaints, and general comments. I wish him well, but until this product comes close to even the FSX instant replay functionality (which is far below that of FS Recorder), I'M OUT (to quote the Shark Tank).
*Verified Product User*
2017-07-17 20:01:19
I'm terribly disappointed, money thrown at the trash, as for me. During replay, sitting sound, movie once accelerated, once it slows down, DRAMA, TRAGEDY!!!
*Verified Product User*
2017-07-01 20:07:31
5 stars for this incredible flight recorder !
It finally overcomes the laughable limitations of the standard recorder that comes bundled inside Prepar3D: now it is possible to scrub back and forth along your recorded timeline and see in realtime the results, while the standard recorder cannot do this ! All animations are recorded (flaps, ailerons, rudder, special effects like dust and smoke and so on, provided you are the simulator NOT paused (remember to un-pause it with the "P" key after you have pressed PLAY button on flightcontrolreplay !). Also the on-board and off-board speeches and sounds are recorded with maximum fidelity !
Last but not least: you can play a recording "as traffic", and this permits to flight in realtime together with your previous recorded airplane and route, as just an example !
A paramount important thing that is to be mentioned above all the others is that I had some usage problems due to my faults but neverthless the author, Fabio Merlo, followed me in order to solve all of them even if he was on holidays and I unwilling disturbed him ! Fantastic product and fantastic customer care: if I can give 10 stars, every star is well deserved ! Buy with confidence: you will not be disappointed !
*Verified Product User*
2017-05-10 20:48:10
Naja.wer hier auf ein fsrecorder nachfolger hofft,wird schwer entäuscht sein.sowohl die bedienoberfläche errinert
Eher an alte windows xp zeiten.Auch eine bedienung innerhalb des simulators,wie man es von anderer software (fsuipc,gsx,fsrecorder)
Gewohnt ist,fällt völlig weg.Ich habe es nicht geschafft auch nur einen flug ordentlich nach der aufzeichnung abzuspielen.es ruckelt trotz highend system und der sound der wiedergegeben wird ist grauenvoll.(hört sich an als läuft der sound in 8 facher geschwindigkeit.
Man könnte noch viele tolle funktionen einbauen wie es bei fsrecorder der fall war.
Für Fabio Merlos flightcontrol replay gab es schon viele updates,nur gehts nicht voran!weshalb updates wen sich nichts ändert???

Lieber auf einen fsrecorder v3 hoffen

Für mich ganz klar.unbrauchbar.geschenkt ist noch zu teuer
*Verified Product User*
2017-05-10 14:08:04
If the creator of this tool would spent more time on making it work as fsrecorder I would rate it higher. The maker of this tool could make video creators a lot more happy when it would have options like fsrecorder has, slowing down to 1/3 isn't possible and the sounds and other little things just don't work as I hoped. Hope to see this become better then what it is now.
*Verified Product User*
2017-04-10 06:36:27
No way to slow the playback down for high quality recording purposes making it useless to video editors. Hopefully this will change but I have FS recorder to use. But it does record i'll give it that.......
*Verified Product User*
2016-12-24 18:49:40
A great software addon. Essential for users of P3D and FSX-SE that produce videos. Easy to use, and great support from Fabio.
My only tiny issue is when replaying footage, I don't seem to be able to hide of remove the replay overlay text.
*Verified Product User*
2016-11-24 18:18:05
Not actually a review as such, but just wanted say what a great addon this is. Finally, something to replace FSRecorder, thats current AND being supported. I understand there are some great updates coming for it too;-)
Many thanks Fabio for picking up the baton with this software!

Rated four out of five stars, and will make it five out of five as it improves I'm sure;-)
*Verified Product User*
2016-09-24 08:27:39
Finally a replay addon that works very well on P3D.
Works well with PMDG aircrafts.
This product does not have a registration key, you can simply execute the downloaded file to install

P3D v4.X / P3D v3.X/P3D v2.X/ FSX / FSX SE

All kind of Multicore CPUs
Windows Vista 32 / Vista 64 / Win7 (32 bit / 64bit)
Net Framework 3.5 SP1 (or higher)

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