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Apart from Flight Simulator you need ©Windows 2000 or higher. FlightSim Commander does not run on Windows 98.
For connecting FlightSim Commander with Flight Simulator you need a version of Peter Dowson's FSUIPC.DLL 3.9 (for FS2004) or FSUIPC4 (for FS-X).
If you wish to use FlightSim Commander in a network, you also need Peter Dowson's WideFS package.

What is new?

FlightSim Commander 9.5

  • Compatible with Lookheed Martin® Prepar3D® 1.0, 1.4 and Prepar3D® v 2.0
  • Run the FlightSim Commander 9.5 with or without Parameter
  • Read the manual chapter "Loading databases for FS2004 or FS X"
    Description also applies to Prepar3D v1 v2
  • If you start the program with fsc.exe 2, the databases for Prepar3D will be loaded.
    These parameters override whatever has been chosen in the Options Window.
  • If you start the program without any parameter, i.e. simply fsc.exe, the value set in the Option Window will determine which databases are loaded.
  • Users who frequently switch between FS 2004 or FS X or Prepar3D may want to place three icons on their desktop, each with a different parameter.

FlightSim Commander 9.4

New in the "Navigation Data Window"

  • Hdg (Heading) / Trk (Track)" display (switchable)and Brg (Bearing)
  • Resetting the Navigation Data window "On Top
    Left mouse click on the title of the sections "General" , "Waypoint" or Departure/Arrival
  • Left click on the "Emergency" Label draws Line of position (LOPs) to the next 5 Airports

New in the "GPS Window"

  • Left click on the "red aircraft symbol" draws Lines of position (LOPs) to the next 5 Airports

New in "Airport Informations Label"

  • The length of the runway(s) for all airports, is displayed in feet and meters

New "Multifunction Button"

  • A left Mouse click immediately opens the "Find Object Window"
  • Right mouse click immediately performs a manual download of the IVAO or VATSIM data

New in the "Options Window"

  • Common opening of the GPS and NavData Window

New in the "Waypoint / Runway / Gate Window"

  • When creating a flight plan and subsequent export for the Aerosoft Airbus (AXE), it is now possible to select the departure and arrival runway.
  • The "Waypoint / runway / gate window" now makes this option available.
  • If no selection is made, FlightSim Commander enters default data when exporting, the "AXE" flight plan.

Export function flight plan:

  • After various additions and updates of the Aerosoft Airbus Extended (AXE), the export of "FlightSim Commander Flight Plans" has also been extended and adapted.
  • Currently supported values are: (see Flightplan on the last page)
  • In addition, "VOR, NDB", "User Waypoints (UWP)", "NATracks and Pacots" will be converted to DctWptxCoordinates.
  • If Aerosoft makes extensions for the "AXE", this export function will be expanded, adapted and subsequently updated as fast as possible by the FlightSim Commander Team.

FlightSim Commander Upgrade 9.3 - Build 2013-06-26 for Version 9.x
What is new?
DataBase Manager 9.3 - Support of magdec.bgl files
1. Reads "magdec.bgl" files from other vendors. (third-party)
   To use all the new features requires DataBase Manager must be started
   (see FlightSim Commander PDF Manual)
   The DataBase Manager verifies that in the network a drive or folder is mounted.
   An appropriate message is shown.
FlightSim Commander 9.3 -
1. New pop up Window showing all the required data for navigation
   “General” section shows all required data for navigation:
   Heading, Track, Altitude, AGL (Above Ground Level)
   TAS/IAS (switchable from True airspeed (TAS) to indicated airspeed (IAS)
   GS (Groundspeed), True (True Heading), MVar (Magnetic Variation)
   WCA (Wind Correction Angle), Wind direction and speed
   “Waypoint” section shows route specific information:
   Waypoint ICAO location indicator, FlyBy/FlyOver (switchable)
   BRG (Bearing), FRQ (Waypoint Frequenz (switchable, if available)
   DST (Distance), ETE (Estimated Time En Route)
   Fields to operate by:
   Previous Waypoint, Next Waypoint, AutoHeading ON/OFF, GoTo ON/OFF
   "Departure / Arrival" section shows information about:
   Before departure:
   ICAO location indicator, Name and airport elevation of departure airport, number of parking positions
   After take off the following arrival information:
   ICAO location indicator, Name and airport elevation of departure airport, number of parking positions
   and DTG (distance to go), ETE/ETA (switchable between Estimated Time Enroute / Estimated Time of Arrival)
   For users of the IVAO Network the following Departure and Arrival Information:
   Active controllers at the airport (DEL/ GND/ TWR/ APP) and ATIS
2. Choice of different aircraft symbols in the following window - depiction in Google Earth®
    Option -> Online -> Google Earth®
   (Airliners, general aviation, helicopters, user defined symbols)
3. TACAN Information
    Users flying military aircraft with TACAN Navigation will see in FS Commander
    an additional Label for VORTAC and TACAN indicating the X or Y Channel.
4. Export function flight plan
    For the "Aerosoft Airbus X EXT (AXE)" the export function for flight plans has been extended.
   This feature is very strictly limited (see manual AXE) but is constantly by the
   Developers, the company Aerosoft, expanded, adapted and then by the FSC Team
   updated for the FlightSim Commander from time to time.
The version FlightSim Commander 9.2.x must be installed correctly
in order to upgrade to FlightSim Commander 9.3 to install. 
The update or the full version can be found here:
Owner of a box or download version of the company Aerosoft,
get the upgrade here:
Be sure to read the readme file for installation!!!
I want to thank all users who gave me information, requests whishes and have reported bugs.
Have fun!
When using Win 7/8, You have to give the new FSC.EXE and FSCDbManager.EXE again adminrights.
That means, right click on the appropriate EXE file, select properties, select compatibility
and activate the adminrights for all users.
Detailed information can be found here:

FlightSim Commander version 9.2 - Build 02-05-2012

New features added. Some minor bugs fixed.

DataBase Manager 9.2 - - Now compatible with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D

  • New DataBase Manager 9.2 - Now compatible with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
    To use the new features requires using the DataBase Manager must be started (see FlightSim Commander Update 9.2.PDF)
    The DataBase Manager verifies that in the network a drive or folder is mounted. An appropriate message is shown.

FlightSim Commander 9.2 - Now compatible with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D

  1. NEW  Flight plan creation using airports as a User Waypoint see FlightSim Commander Update 9.2.PDF
  2. NEW Designation (name)of virtual waypoints change see FlightSim Commander Update 9.2.PDF
  3. NEW Flight plans can now be saved for the addon aircraft "Quality Wings"
  4. NEW The change of color, for the design of the text in the GPS Window is possible
  5. The assignment of the runways to the SID's, STAR's and Transition's is now displayed in the XML plan also
  6. Bug in "Print Plan" fixed
  7. Some other minor bugs fixed

Version 9.x customers can download the 9.2 update from here:

FlightSim Commander is a professional flight planner, GPS, Moving Map and navigation tool for Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X . Being a stand-alone program, FlightSim Commander can also be used in a network or with single-monitor or multi-monitor systems.  

The program includes among many features:

  • flight planning for entire routes or route segments
  • display of both ground and airborne AI traffic,
  • real-world and user waypoint database,
  • North Atlantic Tracks, Pacific Organized Tracks,
  • automatic logbook and blackbox recording,
  • automatic switch from magnetic to true at polar region,
  • control zone checks for VFR flights,
  • GPS with real-time display of all relevant parameters,
  • crosshair landing aid for non-ILS runways,
  • holding generator and fuel calculator,
  • SIDs/STARs and customizable route segments,
  • transitions, approaches, and missed approaches,
  • printable airport layout charts
  • ©VATSIM and ©IVAO support
  • ©GoogleEarth support