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    A New bar in Voice Control software and Flight Crew Simulations has just been set...

    Meet the All-New, Radically Redesigned FS2Crew...

    Our biggest, most significant overhaul yet in our 5 year-history, so new in fact we had to give it its own new product label (the 2010 series).

    Now featuring full voice control integration...

    This is Voice Control and Realism like you've never seen it before!!!

    Exciting New Features:

    • Full voice control integration: Issue voice commands to control your crew using your microphone!
    • Powerful new audio engine (volume control, 3-D Sound, audio device control, USB headset support).
    • Unique state-of-the-art voice control system to ensure maximum voice recognition accuracy.
    • Crew interation modelled: First Officer/Pilot Monitoring, FA, Engineer, Start Crew and Gate Agent.
    • Conditioned based voice command system to ensure minimum uncommanded actions.
    • Complete internal redesign to ensure maximum user friendliness and ease of use.
    • No computer generated synthetic voices used!
    • Real human recorded United States, German, British, French, Irish, Dutch, Australian, Spanish and Finnish voice sets included for the First Officer.
    • Checklists, flows and crew interaction based on real-world 737 Airline SOPs.
    • Totally re-designed Configuration Manager.
    • FA Cabin announcements with independent adjustable volume control.
    • Built-in pushback crew with Jetway integration.
    • Integration options with AES and FSPassengers.
    • New sound effects for the default 737 aircraft.
    • First Officer takeoffs.
    • Cockpit Voice Recorder transcripts
    • Blackbox (for Audio Engine Error Checking)
    • And a whole lot more!!!


    Notes for users running home Networks:

    Because the speech recognition engine is built into a gauge file that gets loaded via the host aircraft's panel.cfg file on your main FSX computer, the software is not networkable. A microphone or headset needs to be connected to your FSX computer.

    Suggested files that will improve the FSX Default 737 aircraft:

    Want to improve the FSX Default 737 aircraft itself with a better airfile and improved instruments? Read this thread in the FS2Crew Support for the download links.

    Language Settings and Operating System Notes:

    Please read the following information below carefully. Please be aware of the differences between each Operating System and its various Editions. They are not all the same.

    All XP Owners:

    If you do not have the Microsoft SAPI speech engine already installed on your machine, please download it from Microsoft by clicking here.

    Non-English Vista/Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise Edition Owners:

    Please install the English Language Pack from Microsoft via Windows Update. Next, set your Speech Recognition settings to English - US.

    Non-English Vista/Windows 7 Home or Professional Owners:

    Only Vista/Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise Edition owners can install the required English Language Pack from Microsoft. A suggested work-around is to use Vistalizator to change your language settings to English.


    Microsoft Flight Simulator X (This product works exclusively with the FSX Default 737). Win XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7 with latest Service Packs installed. Microphone and/or Headset. Microsoft DirectX Redistributable (March 2009 or later). Click here to download. Microsoft NET Framework 3.5 or later. Click here to download if you do not already have it. Vista and Windows 7 Users: Windows Speech Recognition language setting must be set to English - US. Internet connection.


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    It is a very nice program. However its only FSX related. I have contacted the developer Brian several times that I am sure a lot of P3D users will buy the 737 default as soon as it will be released. Bryan York told me it has no priority. I am a Prosim737 user and before I used P3D it worked just fine. I can find no alternative program that works as nice as FS2crew default. So again, please Bryan make it work for P3D too.


    I purchased this add-on while it was on sale. And I am glad I did, as it does not work correctly. The First officer is ether “Pants on head Retarded” or drunk. Let me first say that the Voice recognition software on my computer runs fine, I can speak a whole document. However this add-on could not tell if I was saying “set” or one five zero. I often had to repeat myself several times, once I said Altimeter 20 times before just saying set to move on. And when it did work I found that it would not move on until I often had to tell it to move on to the next stage manually. I do-not recommend this add-on unless you really want to buy a new PC as you will most likle throw the one you install this on out a window from frustration. I give it one star, the only thing good was the sounds were of Excelent quality. My advise to FS2Crew. Go back to the old way. It was way more immersive, and a whole lot easier

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