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    FS2Crew: FSX Flight1 ATR Edition

    FS2Crew for the FSX Flight1 ATR is one of the deepest, most sophisticated versions of FS2Crew ever. Modeled on the same SOPs used by a real-world ATR operator based in Europe, FS2Crew allows you to fly your FSX Flight1 ATR aircraft like a real ATR pilot!

    And with our "exclusive" access to the internals of the Flight1 ATR (similar to the SDK we had for the Level-D 767 version), your FS2Crew experience is that much more immersive, smooth and seamless!

    The FSX ATR version of FS2Crew is more than just a simple conversion from the FS9 version. Rather, the FS2Crew team invested a tremendous amount of time and energy in updating FS2Crew to match the latest FS2Crew standards.

    The FSX version includes the following exciting enhancements and updates: Reworked panels with new night lighting, a new joystick/keyboard interface system (DirectX), a new FS2Crew ATR Start Center tab for easy panel.cfg management, numerous tweaks and enhancements, the ability to skip all pre-flight events and start in the taxi phase, a new Master Panel, reworked click spot areas to lower the learning curve, new FSX functionality (automatic jetway connection and disconnection), and a whole lot more!

    The FSX version also ships with an updated quick start flow chart courtesy of Markus Wichmann. This document comes in English and German and is a great learning aid!


    • Designed in close consultation with a current ATR FO, the ATR version of FS2Crew models the SOP's of a European airline that operates ATRs. Even the idiosyncrasies that are unique to their company procedures are modeled. All of this adds up to an awesome airline experience on your home computer that is totally unmatched anywhere.
    • Total integration with the Flight1 ATR. The developers of FS2Crew worked with the developers of the ATR to achieve seamless integration between the two products. The result is that FS2Crew is the first of its kind to be able to interact fully with a high end 3rd party add-on like the ATR that uses a lot of custom code not documented in the FS9 SDKs. FS2Crew can read and control every switch on the ATR, which is something no one else can do. This feature alone is huge; it opens up a lot of doors that would otherwise remain closed. FS2Crew can even access the ATR’s FMS.
    • Fidelity to real-world airline procedures with the goal to bring users the most realistic airline experience possible on their desktop computers. The developers of FS2Crew worked closely with a real-world ATR pilot, and we incorporated his company SOPs right down to the last detail. We are confident that the ATR Edition of FS2Crew will set the standard in its genre for a long time to come. That level of detail is totally unprecedented.
    • Professional voice recording. Both pilots’ voices are real-world Captains; the FA’s voice is that of a real world FA, and many of the other positions are recorded by people who work in the associated real-world positions.
    • A custom database is also included for select airports. This allows the FO to accurately configure the autopilot for departure and landing. The FO will for example enter the correct Go Around altitude for your arrival airport, as well as enter the correct initial climb altitude for your SID. Please see the Custom SID and MAPs section for further information.
    • Custom recorded SID, STAR and IAPs for many world airports. The list includes KBOS, KLGA, KJFK, KLAX, KSFO, KATL, KSEA, CYVR, CYLW, CYYZ, EGLL, EGCC, EGBB, EHAM, EDDM, EDDF, RKPC, RKPK, ENGM and VHHH. Generic briefs are also included as it’s not possible to record briefs for every airport in the world.
    • In keeping with FS2Crew’s commitment to provide you with the most detailed product possible, other features are included. Users can now, for example, listen to cabin announcements and cabin music. However, given that you cannot hear them through the cockpit door, you can only hear them if you select PA on the Flight1 ATR’s audio panel and listen to them through the simulated cockpit speakers.
    • A new interface system. The interface system in FS2Crew was totally overhauled to allow users to more easily interface with their crew and the simulation. Users can now do almost everything they need to do using joystick buttons or key presses. This really comes in handy during busy times when you do not want to take you hand off the joystick. Hidden click spots have also been extensively used to help FS2Crew seamlessly blend into the plane.
    • A new sound system. A new sound system was pioneered for this version of FS2Crew that makes it much easier for the crew members to perform their checklists in the most realistic way possible. Equally good, the new sound system helps prevent certain callouts from playing at the same time if certain conditions that trigger the callouts are met at the same time. This goes a long way in helping ensure, for example, that the FO does not say two different things at the exact same time, which doesn’t sound very good. It’s not a foolproof system, but it works well.
    • The largest regional voice set ever included in a flight simulator add-on. The voice set is for the ground crew positions only, and includes voice actors from the following countries:
      • US/Canada
      • The UK
      • The Netherlands
      • France (Also covers Quebec)
      • Germany
      • Greece
      • Australia (Also covers New Zealand)
      • Belgium
      • Venezuela
      • Italy
      • Denmark
      • The Philippines
      • South Africa
      • Scandinavia
      • Switzerland
      • The Middle East and North Africa
      • Sweden
      • Russia
      • Asia
      • Portugal (Also covers Brazil)
      • Spain & Latin America


    Flight1 ATR FSX with SP1 installed FSX

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