HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
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  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
  • HIFI TECH - ACTIVE SKY 4 P3D4 + ACTIVE SKY 2016 P3D3 模拟飞行天气软件
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Active Sky for Prepar3D v4 (ASP4) represents 17 years of weather simulation engine development!  Building on the Active Sky weather engine experience, ASP4 brings a new 64-bit ASConnect simulator interface, 64-bit XGauge, new Air Effect enhancements, new Visibility Depiction enhancements and more, all specifically designed for Prepar3D v4!

In-Cloud Motion Effects, Weather Scenarios SystemAirborne Weather RadarP3D Visibility Smoothing and Volumetric Fog IntegrationNavigraph Data Integration, Map-based Custom Weather Editing System, Universal Web Companion AppMapping System and a High-Latitude Cloud Squeeze Fix are just a few of the advanced features included in the core Active Sky platform.

ASP4 also incorporates full integration with Active Sky Cloud Art (ASCA), our graphics add-on for both FSX and P3D. ASCA includes cloud texturessky textures, and 3D cloud models to transform your skies, while also incorporated Real-Time Dynamic Cloud and Sky Textures!  This enables realistic weather-influenced texture variation that reloads throughout your flight without needing to shut down and restart your simulator.  You can use any graphics add-on(s) with ASP45, but dynamic texture reloads require the ASP4+ASCA combination.


New ASP4 Features

  • Redesigned 64-bit ASConnect simulator interface with tight P3Dv4 integration
  • Updated XGauge radar and weather display gauge, now in 64-bit
  • New Air Effect Enhancements including Low-Interval Smoothing for a more organic and realistic feel to updrafts, downdrafts, thermals, gusts, sheer, turbulence and microbursts
  • New Visibility Depiction Enhancements including new low and high altitude visibility horizon distance adjustment options
  • New Active Runway Data, showing the active runway in use based on current wind conditions via Map pop-ups, Conditions Screen METAR text and Briefing text
  • General improvements in performance and stability throughout
  • Incorporates all of Active Sky weather engine previous product technologies including highly-realistic global weather data integration, advanced radar and precipitation simulation, cloud position awareness and synchronized cloud-based effects, advanced air effects, microburst simulation, wake turbulence simulation, and much, much more

Core Features introduced in AS16

  • In-Cloud Motion Effects
    Feel the speed of motion while flying through clouds
  • XGauge WX + Radar
    Enhanced weather gauge with included realistic airborne radar mode
  • Weather Scenarios System
    Challenge yourself with several scenarios including a Microburst Encounter, Gusting Winds, Wake Turbulence, and more
  • High-Latitude Cloud Squeeze Fix
    Fly high-latitude areas without stretched clouds
  • Map-Based Custom Weather Editing System
    We’ve re-designed custom weather editing and provided a new easy map-based custom weather area manager and weather setting wizard
  • ASCA Integration for Real-Time Texture Dynamics
    ASP4 works with any texture/graphics add-ons (including default graphics), but when combined with ASCA, real-time texture dynamics and automatic wx-influenced selections are enabled
  • Web Companion App
    Remotely view and control weather using any device on your local network with new webserver/browser technology
  • Map System
    Vector Background Options and Background Overlays
  • NAVIGRAPH Data Integration
    Airports, Navaids and Fixes now provided by Navigraph!  A complimentary expired database is included with ASP4, and regular AIRAC cycle updates are available with a Navigraph subscription


  • Award-Winning Active Sky Weather Simulation Engine – Enhanced Further!
    We’ve been enhancing and growing Active Sky since 2000, and this new version expands our weather engine even further than ever before
  • Enhanced Thunderstorm Effects
    Thunderstorms are now very dangerous, as they are in the real world, and require avoidance, in most cases, to ensure safe and successful completion of your flights – Flying into heavy cells can result in loss of aircraft control and even airframe stress overload
  • Performance-Focused Design
    We’ve taken the previous codebase for Active Sky and re-factored it, tuned it, and re-designed many core areas for increased performance and usability
  • User Interface Improvements
    We’ve incorporated user feedback and made dozens and dozens of improvements throughout the entire UI
  • Hybrid Weather Depiction Technology
    AS16 uses multiple integration and depiction methods to provide realistic, smooth and correct weather and ambient conditions at all times, while also providing full cloud position awareness to enable advanced cloud-synchronized radar, precipitation and air effects
  • High-Fidelity Data Resolution and Coverage
    Active Sky 16 includes enhanced global gridded weather data, global sigmets and airmets, global surface data and global aloft data for much improved realism and coverage for all kinds of conditions in all areas without relying strictly on METAR reports
  • High-Fidelity Air Effects
    Wake Turbulence, Microbursts, Downdrafts, Updrafts, Terrain-influenced Drafts, Thermals and more!
  • Smooth Transitions
    Cloud formations, wind, temperature, visibility and every other aspect of your weather is smoothed, transitioned and interpolated for the ultimate in realism
  • Private Server Network
    AS16 utilizes the high-performance and high-availability HiFi DataNet weather network with multiple servers in multiple regions around the world, providing high-resolution weather data and historical data archives for the past 2 years
  • Online Historical Data with Playback
    Fly in weather at any date/time up to 2 years in the past and have weather update realistically throughout your flight according to hourly-archived conditions
  • Active Sky API
    AS16 utilizes an extended version of the Active Sky API, allowing 3rd party developers to integrate and take advantage of advanced radar, icing, wind shear, weather data and weather controlling extensibility
  • Much More!
    AS16’s full feature list is too numerous to list here, but we invite you to TRY AS16 FREE for yourself and experience all it has to offer!

操作系统:Windows 7, 8.1, 10 或以上
产品内容:Prepar3D v4 for ASP4, Prepar3D v3.2.3+ (AS16 for Prepar3D)
处理器:2Ghz 或以上
内存:2GB 或以上
硬盘:1GB 硬盘可用空间
其他硬件:声卡 (声音、语音功能需求)

这是一款“在线“产品,为获得正确的功能和特性,用户必须拥有良好的网络连接 - 本产品无法离线(即无网络连接)使用。

本产品仅为单机授权,在单台计算机上安装产品时必须使用单独的授权码。单个或多个用户在多台电脑上使用同一授权码将导致自动反激活。单个授权码包含10台电脑迁移/重新激活限制。达到限制后若需重新激活,必须联系HiFi Tech支持部门,同时提供订单确认文档,并确认每份授权协议的正确和有效使用。


处理器:3.0GHZ 或以上
内存:4GB 或以上
屏幕分辨率:1280×800 或以上

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Angus Rowlands
Great Job Aerosoft I’m very happy with the A330. Few updates and you guys got a real winner here in my opinion. PBR, Modeling everything looks great. Plus it’s excellent on FPS and still has all the systems that I need to fly.
VIRTUALCOL - 巴西航空工业公司 EMBRAER E190-195 支线客机合辑 FSX P3D
Nigel Edwards
Much better than the previous version, great fun. At this price why not!
JUSTSIM - 德国-杜塞尔多夫机场 EDDL V.2 P3D V4.4+
Wladimir Belenky
New EDDL scenery has surprisingly supper performance! So, thank you Justsim. But I hoped that it would be more lively than its predecessor - static aircraft would make a better picture here. Otherwise is a successful update!
JUSTSIM - 德国-杜塞尔多夫机场 EDDL V.2 P3D V4.4+
kostis papageorgiou
Very good update from JS. Excellent performance for just a big scenery and very good visuals. The only thing i would like, is the 3d grass all the time of the year. It dissapears at fall/witer.
kostis papageorgiou
Excellent product!It adds immersion to an unknown level so far. Finally you "feel" the weather!5 stars, i could put 10!
MAJESTIC SOFTWARE - DASH 8 Q400 PRO EDITION 64BIT 冲8 Q400 涡桨支线客机 专业版 64位 P3D
Andrew Urbanczyk
My first addon for Flight sim in General. Started in FSX and got the one for P3D as soon as I could. It is by far my favorite aircraft in all of flight simulation. Anyone who is on the fence, make the move. It is fantastic in every way.
PREALSOFT - 高清城市系列 - 卡萨布兰卡 FSX P3D
Ken McVie
This transforms the look and feel of Casablanca airport for P3D by Prealsoft. On takeoff to the west, the city is presented in amazing detail with the port and all key landmarks modelled well. Howeve-
r, I am a bit annoyed with Prealsoft for bringing out a combined Casablanca airport & city package not long after I purchased the airport on its own. Had I waited a few more weeks, I could have purchased the combined package more cheaply than buying the two separately (which is what I did). So, ths alone has put me off buying anymore Prealsoft airport products in the future.
matt levi
Just a two zip files of collection of sound files. its designed and sole purpose is to run through a media player external to the sim. No interface with the sim with no menus, no panel addons just run via your media player. For the asking price, you can live stream from a webiste at no cost. Only gets the 1 star for the ease of use and the ability to use it with out an internet connection, Thats about it! NO Mention of this in the product description otherwise I would've avoided it like the plague. The extract is from the readme me file "How to Use with VLC Media Player: 1:simp-
ly right click and press play with VLC Media Player. The sounds will automatically commence. 2:You can skim through and get the frequency of your choice or you can leave it on to filter through itself. How to Use with Windows Media Player: 1: Open up the ATC Soundpacks folder 2: Highlight the subfolder of your desired region. EU= Europe, US=United States 3: Right click and press play with Windows Media player. 4: You can skim through and get the frequency of your choice or you can leave it on to filter through itself." Thi-
s needs to be clearly explained in the product description, to prevent people paying for a product that at first glance with no information a external driven program. Avoid if you have internet connection while using the sim, use the freeware ATC streams instead and save your money.
thomas holzinger
The model and textures are simply great, as well the immersion in the VC and in the virtual cabin. The engine sound is ok, even the start-up sequence seems too short. The flight dynamics seems reasonable. The model has the Carenado usual animations which looks great. Unfortunately there is a major bug in regard to the stab trim indication which is reversed when the instrument lights are switched on.
JUSTSIM - 德国-斯图加特机场 EDDS P3D V4.4+
Keino Furbert-Jacobs
Nothing less than Amazing!!!!!!!!-
! Need to say nothing more.