HIFI TECH - ACTIVESKY P3D 模拟飞行天气软件 旧版本用户升级

ACTIVESKY P3D 模拟飞行天气软件 旧版本用户升级

EUR 24.99
EUR 17.49

过去30天的最低价格: EUR 24.99

Eligible upgrade products are Active Sky 2016 for FSX (AS16FSX), Active Sky 2016 for P3D (AS16P3Dv3) and Active Sky for Prepar3Dv4 (ASP4).

WARNING: Only eligible previous-version Active Sky licensees will be able to use this special software download, as it verifies both your new ActiveSky P3D  and old elibile license on first run.

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS UPGRADE SOFTWARE UNLESS YOU OWN one of the eligible previous-version Active Sky licenses. Refunds cannot be given.

IMPORTANT: You must have a valid eligible previous-version Active Sky license key to validate your upgrade software on first run. If you have Active Sky installed, the key will be automatically located. If Active Sky is not installed, you will need to manually enter it. The previous-version Active Sky key is entered AFTER entering your ActiveSky P3D Key.


For Prepar3D v5 and Prepar3D v4
Includes v5.1 and HF1+ Support!


ASP3D is the latest addition to the ActiveSky weather simulation engine line. ASP3D evolves realism-based weather simulation, building upon the ground-breaking and proven features of ActiveSky while integrating with the latest simulator platform from Lockheed Martin: Prepar3D v5.1.


Many of the back-end systems of ActiveSky have been completely redesigned or overhauled for ASP3D


New P3D v5.1 HF1+ Enhanced EA integration system design for improved synthesis, depiction, interpolation, flight plan awareness, grid effect reduction, cloud scene smoothing, visibility smoothing, visibility accuracy improvements and more


New P3D add-on folder specification/design, with everything installed outside of the P3D folders – Includes ASCA support (with SP3 Update)


New networking design eliminating the need for SimConnect configuration in networked environments – Just install ASP3D, install the included Connector on the server machine, configure your shared paths, and go!


New XGauge universal design that works for any aircraft without needing to install into panels – New reworked airborne radar mode visualization with radial signal processing + multiple radar usage capability (you can now use multiple AS Radar API add-on radar displays together along with XGauge airborne radar mode all at the same time)


Wind smoothing redesigned for higher frequency force actuation and organic feel




  • New Prepar3D v5 integration with all the standard functionality you’d expect from the ActiveSky weather engine
  • Works with both P3Dv5 and P3Dv4 (includes P3Dv5.1 HF1+ support)
  • Works in both standard mode and new “Enhanced Atmospherics” mode with P3Dv5 – See below for EA limitations
  • New P3D add-on specification design with all items installed outside of the P3D folders
  • New Universal XGauge design that works for all aircraft at any time without requiring panel additions
  • New networking design that eliminates the need for SimConnect configuration or use between clients and server – Just install ASP3D on the client, the included AS P3D Connector Installer on the server, make sure your networked shares are configured, and go
  • New EA-mode 5.1+HF1 integration with new interpolation, depiction, synthesis and parameter control for a more accurate experience
  • New EA-mode volumetric cloud configuration control for better EA cloud visuals
  • New EA-mode grid reduction adjustments including altered synthesis/logic to prevent or eliminate grid effect potential
    New EA-mode apparent visibility increase for more expected visibility depiction
  • New EA-Mode cloud scene smoothing via EA smooth theme reloads
  • New EA-Mode visibility and volumetric fog smoothing
  • Includes ASCA integration for cloud and sky graphics enhancements with dynamic cloud and sky texture variation, now working fully outside the P3D folder using the new add-on specification design – ASCA works in default depiction mode and does not work with the Enhanced Atmospherics mode in P3Dv5
  • Major enhancements to the data network, weather synthesis, interpolation, and other core weather simulation and depiction technologies – now with much increased performance, stability and availability
  • Includes the most advanced version of our award-winning core weather engine and weather data services, being refined now for over 20 years

Enhanced Atmospherics

The new Enhanced Atmospherics (EA) mode in P3Dv5 is new and undergoing constant improvements. Some features of ASP3D are not compatible with EA mode. This includes: Cloud detection features, in-cloud motion effect, in-cloud visibility reduction, high-resolution radar/precip accuracy, and ASCA-integrated enhancements/dynamics. While the EA depiction and API is evolved over time, we will be constantly working to further extend and integrate with this depiction system.

Note that ASCA content will not be shown in EA mode. Any traditional P3D graphics enhancement add-on content will NOT be shown with EA mode. The cloud and sky visuals will be replaced by trueSKY entirely, following the weather data injected by ASP3D. When EA mode is disabled, ASCA and any other add-on graphics content will be used as expected.

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Last week I checked A.S. with weather satelite SAT24. The clouds and everything is almost the same time at your P3D. Great job!
I enjoy Active Sky now from the beginning and I could not fly anymore without it. Really good addon which I recommend everybody to use in P3D.

Windows v7 SP1 或更高版本, 64位版本

Prepar3D v4 (已安装 HF3 或更高版本) 或 Prepar3D v5 (已安装 HF1 或更高版本)*

本产品支持 Prepar3D v5.1 HF1+*

2GB 或更多内存

1GHZ x64 或更高频率处理器

500MB 可用硬盘空间

1024×768 最低屏幕分辨率

稳定的网络连接 (推荐使用宽带网络)*

在线激活和登录需要有可用的网络连接 – 本产品无法离线使用**


**ActiveSkyP3D是一个在线产品,需要创建一个新的用户帐户。您必须登录才能使用该软件。每次仅允许登录一个用户帐户。您可以在多台计算机上安装软件和/或将软件移动到其他计算机上,但同时只能登录一个账户。使用ActiveSky P3D、创建用户帐户和登录系统需要接受隐私策略 https://hifisimtech.com/privacy-policy。

HIFI TECH - ACTIVESKY P3D 模拟飞行天气软件 旧版本用户升级
Last week I checked A.S. with weather satelite SAT24. The clouds and everything is almost the same time at your P3D. Great job!
HIFI TECH - ACTIVESKY P3D 模拟飞行天气软件 旧版本用户升级
I enjoy Active Sky now from the beginning and I could not fly anymore without it. Really good addon which I recommend everybody to use in P3D.
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