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Defining Style & Prestige

More than half a century has passed since the first Baron 55 rolled off the production line in 1961. A derivative of a derivative, the Baron was an offshoot of the Travel Air twin, which itself was largely a development of the Bonanza. Right from the start, the new Baron was a success. It was exactly as Beechcraft intended: a twin engine version of the hugely popular Bonanza.

Originally outfitted with 260hp Continental IO-470L engines, the model line underwent a few changes and re-designations, from the A55 with a 10" longer fuselage and a second fold-down rear seat, to the slightly longer-nosed B55 which remained in production until 1983 as the most numerous model built. The C55 arrived in 1966 with another increase in fuselage length and equipped with the more powerful 285hp Continental IO-520-C engines, later becoming the D55 in 1968 and the E55 in 1970.

Other variants based on the 55 arose, such as the turbocharged Baron 56TC in 1967, and the larger and more powerful Baron 58 which entered production in 1970. Ultimately, the downturn of the early 1980's signalled the end of production for the Baron 55, but the larger Baron 58 continues to carry on the legacy of style and prestige to this day.

Introducing the Milviz Baron B55

A luxurious classic that began life in an era of premium American brands, the Baron 55 has always given their owners a sense of pride. Our offering is based on a well maintained and updated Model B55, with a richly equipped interior that lends a sense of comfort and immersion.
A Pleasure to Fly

Continuing our reputation for producing quality aircraft, the Milviz B55 combines a highly detailed, carefully creafted model with sumptuous texturing both inside and out to recreate the experience of being in the pilots seat. Smoothly modeled 3d gauges convey a wealth of information and feedback to the pilot, with even the little features present in the form of a working legacy Stormscope radar gauge.

Meanwhile, the refined flight model is designed to replicate the crisp and stable flying characteristics of the B55, ensuring the ability to handle the Baron in close response to real world pilot reports. Performance figures closely follow the actual charts available for the B55, and as a bonus, a replication of the flying characteristics of the more powerful E55 is available as well.

Equipped for Anything

The virtual cockpit on the Milviz B55 represents an aircraft that has been updated to modern standards, while maintaining traces of legacy avionics. Along with the already-mentioned functional Stormscope, the legacy Century IV autopilot is still retained in the panel, although it's owner has long since been forced to disconnect it in favor of a more modern unit in the radio stack.

To that end, we've outfitted the B55 to include our Garmin GNS 530 & 430 units, a Garmin audio panel and Mode-S transponder, and a Bendix-King autopilot.

Third Party Avionics

Although the Milviz B55 includes our own detailed GPS units based on the default simulator data, we do recognize that many of our customers use other popular 3rd party options for replicating the GPS functions. For the B55, we've bundled in compatibility for the most popular avionics addons with multiple configurations available to choose from. Compatible 3rd party avionics include the following:

Flight1 750 GTN
Flight1 650 GTN
Mindstar 530 GNS
Mindstar 430 GNS
Reality XP 530 GNS
Reality XP 430 GNS

Please note that compatibility for the above gauge packages includes support for installation and setup of our product only; use of any of the offered options requires a functional existing installation of the appropriate gauge. In addition, any gauges we list compatibility for are not included with the Milviz B55.

Use of any 3rd party avionics package in any desired simulator is of course also restricted to the availability of the avionics package for that simulator. Please see the respective manufacturers websites for platform compatibility.

Single Purchase, Multi-Platform Use

The Milviz B55 package now supports a wide range of platforms, in a single, downloadable installer:

FSX: Acceleration
FSX: Steam Edition
Prepar3d v2
Prepar3d v3

The Milviz B55 package also now includes addon and avionics options that were, at one time, separate purchases. These have now been included as selectable choices at time of product installation. In addition, the B55 installer also has a new format that eases installation, letting the user select which platform to install to, as well as what avionics options are to be installed

Special Features:

  • Carefully tested flight dynamics
  • Detailed startup and shutdowns
  • Detailed systems and avionics
  • Realistic lighting and custom effects
  • 4 HD liveries included
  • High quality external and internal models
  • Functioning Stormscope weather radar
  • Support for 3rd Party Avionics (RealityXP, Mindstar, Flight1)
  • Highly detailed product operating handbook included
  • Paintkit and Mission Pack available
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*Verified Product User*
Dies ist also die erste Ausführung der "Baron" mit dem kurzen Rumpf. Sie ist kein ausgesprochen "besonderes" GA-Flugzeug, eines unter Vielen.
Aber die Nachbildung ist solide, hat sich im FSX und P3DV3 bewährt. Auch diese Maschien wird von Milviz geppfelgt und wurde mehrfach geupdatetm unter anderem zur Nutzung des Garmin GTN 750 von Flight1. Das funktioniert gut.
I guess I am one of the few but just like Dale White cannot fly this due to the severe pitch upwards. Fighting it all the time keeps this one in the hangar. Milviz forum didn't find a solution. I just bought - 3 years later - the Carenado Pilatus PC-12 and it has the exact same issue, and no one on the Unofficial Carenado Forum (avsim) has the issue. One guy there experienced the same thing and fixed it with a reinstall but that does not solve it for me on either the Baron or PC12. Suspect it has something to do with gauge registration on installation. Shame no one can solve it as they are great products otherwise.
*Verified Product User*
I have never had any problems with trim or any other flight controls, I highly recommend buying this product.
Trim tab in cruise and level flight is set all the way to full down. Outside views show tab in full down position when flying along in cruise and level flight. I have no problems with other add-ons I've purchased. I own about 20 add-on aircraft most purchased from Simmarket. I'm not a rookie Flight Simmer.
I have only had trouble with trim controls on Milviz products. I am troubled by the other reviewers above. Have they actually flown this airplane? I have to bury the down pitch trim to get the plane to fly level. Then I have to pull throttle back to 70% power, or less, to prevent the nose from creeping upward afterwards. It is a pain. It is defective. I haven't found a patch. I shouldn't have to. I didn't buy a Beta aircraft. I purchased a finished product. This product needs fixed. I have had this thing 2 months. I can't stand flying more than 15 minutes at a time. Until they fix this thing, I recommend you skip this one.
*Verified Product User*
Simply one of the very best aircrafts ever made for FS. Visually and in terms of systems this aircraft is very good, but what really impresses me is flight dynamics. Unlike most aircrafts with this one you actually feel like flying it, it is much more dynamic and not unrealistically stable to fly like most addons are, but actually gives you real challenge in bad weather conditions and engine failures especially. Brilliant job!
*Verified Product User*
Fantastic Aircraft!!! I have always looked to Carenado for high quality general aviation aircraft, which they deliver. Now we have another outstanding option for that kind of quality with MilViz. This B-55 not only looks beautiful, with its well worn cockpit, but it flies beautiful.
Switch and knob handling in the virtual cockpit is very user friendly, with a convenient vanishing yoke.
Not being a real world pilot, I would have to say that this Baron flies as close to the real aircraft as is possible in FSX.
This is a real value for the cost. I will be exploring Orbx scenery a lot with it.
*Verified Product User*
All I can say is that this plane rocks! The detail and sound effects are top notch. I look foward to seeing more releases from milviz and in my opinion they are right up there with the other big dogs. Look out carenado there is a new gunslinger in town!
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Important: Please note that all of the current default analog and digital avionic equipment installed in our general aviation aircraft and helicopters is based on underlying simulator code and as such, is subject to various deficiencies which are not able to be addressed by our team. This includes our GNS 530 / 430 units, audio panel, transponder, ADF unit, and nav/com radios. Due to the inherent limitations present in the simulator, we are therefore unable to provide fixes or support for any issues related to the operation or functionality of these items at this time.
  • Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10
    Use of this product in any other version of Windows is not supported at this time.
  • Processor: 2.6 Ghz or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX®9 compliant video card or greater, 1024 MB video RAM or higher
  • Hard Drive Space: 500 MB available space
  • Supported Platforms: FSX with Service Pack 2, FSX Acceleration, FSX:Steam Edition, Prepar3d Version 3 (Latest release, with all hotfixes), Prepar3d Version 4 (Latest release, with all hotfixes)
    Use or installation of the products(s) referenced on this page in any other platform than that intended or shown above is not supported and may result in errors or a non-functioning product.
Customer Reviews
Hard to say, when was the last time I saw so many bugs in such a small plane. There’s exactly as much features, as there are issues with this addon: the lights way too dim, the range way too short, the speed twice slower than stated in the description, some of the buttons like strobe lights don’t work for me at all. The control panel looks really lo-fi, the flickering shadows are all over the place… Some tooltips missing their text, the fuel system requires review as well... I wouldn’t call this a finished product, and the price is way too high for given quality. Feeling a bit disappointed with the purchase.
Fantastic rendition of this airport. Love the scenery and textures. Dynamic lights look stunning! The performence is above expectation as well.
Really nice to fly and probably the best $25 I've ever spent on flight sim. Some switches are grouped up but that's to be expected for a $25 addon. My only gripe with it is that it uses the default P3D flight plan menu/system so flying this on VATSIM is pretty hard unless you install a FMC 2d panel like the freeware one by Garrett Smith (the Honeywell one). A fuel planner would be nice along with a Simbrief/PFPX profile.
Aerosoft has impressed me once again! Beautiful Rendition of Barcelona Airport! Eye catching textures! Dynamic lights are a little bright but its still worth 5 stars. Terminal textures are really well designed. Hats off to aerosoft for this amazing product!
Pros - Ground textures on the apron are fantastic Jetw-
ays look good Exterior modeling is nice, very realistic Gate-
s/GA positions are all good Good performance IL-
S/PAPI all good Cons - No interior model Runway textures slightly lacking More detail needed in roads/paths around the airport Woul-
d recommend this airport on sale to anyone who wants a bit of fun flying in, a beautiful approach, and good airport textures. The area around it is just really amazing so I enjoy flying here and its a bonus with the airport having such great textures and terminal modeling
Good airport, nice location Pro-
s - Each gate has good modeling and jetways, very clean and textures are good Runway textures are very nice Outside modeling is decent Cons - Lack of life at the airport - few moving people, vehicles, very barren area Distinct lack of interior modeling. None on the inside and very few details on the dropoff area Gates are pretty barren as well in terms of moving objects/assets -
If you like the area, find this on sale, and have GSX or live traffic, it could really spice it up, and it would be worth the sale price.
Good airport, If you find it on sale it's worth it The area is beautiful and the airport itself is not bad. I appreciate the glass jetways and the detail. The ground textures are decent and the outside modeling is good. I do see a hit to performance (not terrible) but something to note. For such a cool area, short runway, and jetway gates... Pretty cool to buy.
Not A bad airport, just wanted the rating to be fairer. The airport model is nice, and its a beautiful airport. You have the two jetways per gate, walking areas under the terminal, etc. The model around the commercial area is decently detailed as well. It could really do with better ground textures, even though the ones arent bad, they could definitely better the product because the area is so dull in color more textures and taxi textures would make it more enjoyable. If its on sale I think its worth it and you don't have to buy the more expensive one
I purchased this product from Aerosoft's website! The scenery is amazing, the textures are lovely. Dynamic light simply makes the scenery look so much better. Performence is also much better than expected considering that its a huge airport. 45+fps during night and 60+fps during day time with AIG traffic. Aerosoft has always provided us with great products. Simply amazing and highly recommended!
Beautiful rendition of the scenery. I love the textures and dynamic lights. The performence is also superb. I highly recommend this scenery!! Infact, i highly recommend all aerosoft products!
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