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Unequaled Versatility

Continuously manufactured since 1967 with deliveries of over 8800 aircraft to date, the 737 is one of the best selling jet commercial airliners. Originally developed as a shorter, lower cost alternative to the 707 and 727 series, the 737 has matured over the decades into a family of ten passenger models fulfilling a wide variety of roles.

Following closely behind the 737-100 in 1967 and the extended fuselage 737-200 in 1968, the 737-200 Combi allowed for the same aircraft to fill either a full passenger or a full cargo role, or a number of combinations in between. In conjunction with a gravel kit modification, this opened up jet airliner service to many remote and far-flung corners of the globe.

Although the last regular 737-200 left scheduled passenger service in 2008, the versatile and adaptable Combi continues to fill a role as a dependable and uniquely capable aircraft for carrying passengers and freight to the world's most remote communities.

Max Cruise: Mach 0.74 (485 mph, 780 km/h)
Engines: Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17A
Approx. Range: 1,500 nm (2,778 km, 1,726 mi)
Service Ceiling: 37,000 ft (11,300 m)
Maximum Payload: 31,300 lbs (14,197 kgs)

Introducing the Milviz 737-200 Combi

We are very pleased to offer the ultimate in jet airliner versatility: the 737-200 Combi. Our goal with this aircraft was to successfully recreate one of the most adaptable commercial airliners ever made. We feel we've achieved that goal; the Milviz 737-200 Combi is not only highly configurable but also includes feature rich detailing, highly detailed interior and exterior modeling, top-notch textures, professionally recorded sounds and a very realistic flight model.

Extensively Customizable

Through our detailed Aircraft Configuration Manager (ACM), the Milviz 737-200 Combi is ultimately configurable. Select either a Cargo or Passenger equipped convertible or a Combi layout with both freight and passengers, with the ability to tailor your passenger and freight loadouts. Choose to equip the livery of your choice with a properly modeled Gravel Kit, which includes a vortex dissipater system and nose gear ski. Select to have your 737 load up ready to taxi, or cold and dark.

The ability to set these options per livery means that you don't have to choose a single static setup for your entire hangar; you can configure any livery with any combination of options in order to always have a Combi ready for whatever mission you have in mind!

Personalized Flight Deck

Completely in keeping with the long history and wide-ranging use of the 737-200 Combi, we've provided for a variety of navigation options in the flight deck. Configurable through the ACM, there are three different avionics options available: An analog SP-177 is provided alongside an integrated UNS-1LW FMC that is fully functional (given FSX's limitations) and is updateable via Navigraph support, or for those who prefer their airliners old-school, you can choose a SP-77 autopilot with or without the FMC.

Multi-Platform Support

The Milviz 737-200 Combi supports a wide range of platforms, in a single downloadable installer:

FSX: Acceleration
FSX: Steam Edition
Prepar3d v2
Prepar3d v3

Warning: There are currently compatibility issues being reported with the latest version of Prepar3d (v.3.2). This is actively being worked on to resolve the issues. In the meantime, the Milviz 737-200C works without issue in the previous version of Prepar3d (v.3.1).

Special Features:

  • Realistic flight dynamics by Tom Falley
  • Realistic startup and shutdowns
  • Choose between Cold and Dark or Ready to Fly startup states
  • Realistic systems and avionics
  • Custom DX-10/DX-11 night lighting, landing lights, and custom effects.
  • Custom configuration utility to set model, avionics, and loadout options
  • Accurate FMC, updateable via Navigraph
  • High-quality sound set recorded from a 737-200
  • Custom 3D gauges
  • High-quality external model
  • Several high-quality liveries included
  • Highly detailed product manual included

Goodies for P3D v4.2+

True Glass & Real Light are implemented for those running the latest Prepar3d

NOTE: The FMS and SP177 are not modeled in this product.


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*Verified Product User*
Ich selber habe mir die Milviz 737-200 vor einem halben Jahr zugelegt, und kann meinen vorherigen Rezensenten nicht ganz folgen. Die von Milviz publizierte Version ist mit einem Sperry 77 Autopiloten und einem Flight Director System ausgestattet. Diese beiden Komponenten machen auch genau das was sie sollen, und dazu gehört keine umfängliche LNAV oder sogar VNAV Funktionalität. Der Autopilot arbeitet im CWS Modus, und das wurde recht sauber umgesetzt. Leider wurde auf den Performance Data Computer verzichtet. Was jedoch zu bemängel ist, dass auf den Produktbildern immer noch die Cockpitversion mit dem SP177 Autopiloten incl. FMS abgebildet ist, und das FMS unter der Special Features Liste weiter aufgeführt wird (Accurate FMC, updateable via Navigraph). Dies ist irreführend, obwohl bei der Produktbeschreibung darauf hingewiesen wird (NOTE: The FMS and SP177 are not modelled in this product.) Daher ein Punkt Abzug in der Gesamtbewertung
*Verified Product User*
Milviz hat ein sehr sehr schönes Model entwickelt für die B737-200, vor allem der Schmutz am Flugzeug begeistert, ebenso das ganze Cockpit. 1a - Design. Ebenso der Sound der Triebwerke. Es ist schade, aber 47,00€ für dieses Flugzeug ist def. zuviel. Es ist praktisch gesehen kein vernünftig zu bedienender Autopilot vorhanden. Damit weder Vnav noch Lnav, da kein FMC existiert. Der alternative Autopilot arbeitet-irgendwie auf dem Niveau der STandard FSX Cessna. Das ist der Grund warum das Flugzeug nicht zu empfehlen ist.
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Operating System:
Windows 7
Windows 10

Use of this product in any other version of Windows is not supported at this time.

2.6 Ghz or higher


DirectX®11 compliant video card
1 GB video RAM or higher

Hard Drive Space:
1.2 GB available space

Supported Platforms:
FSX Acceleration
FSX: Steam Edition
Prepar3d Version 2 (Latest release, with all hotfixes)
Prepar3d Version 3 (Latest release, with all hotfixes)
Prepar3d Version 4.4+

Use or installation of the products(s) referenced on this page in any other platform than that intended or shown above is not supported and may result in errors or a non-functioning product.

All MilViz products require a functioning gaming controller such as a joystick for proper operation.

Customer Reviews
Comment to my previuous review OF course, as usual, the screenshots DO NOT capture the real work done
Those who criticise the looks have no idea what they are talking about while i'm not a pilot i have sat in a real vampire and the cockpit was just how it was in the real world, i also see no problems with the texturing and quality on the exterior model either, and while i have seen a few planes textured a little better they in no way deserve your crummy 1 star. The external textures are part of the livery and could be improved by other textures if they get made anyway.. That all being said i do have some issues, the documentation while good can be a little confusing in its wording i am guessing this maybe a language translation issue i would also for this price hoped it would come with a few different versions and some historical liveries like raf. After shutting down ambient sounds vanish which is a little weird and there is no sound difference between canopy open and closed The labels in the cockpit are German? while i hate to be arrogant most simmers speak English and English is the international language of aviation so would have been nice to have them in English .apart from those which are minor the plane is great to fly and the sound of the Goblin Engine is amazing. i found it pretty tricky to land getting the speed right i also found it very easy to spin and i haven't been able to recover from it maybe its me or maybe its unrecoverable i have no idea if the real one was so easy to spin also that engine blows up a lot so need to keep the throttle down out of the red all in all a good product and i hope a few fixes are made to make it even better
Despite the lack of inside modeling, its a very good work And the terminal is very precisely designed. The airport itself includes many buildings. As usual with Tropical Sim, the screenshots desserve the product
Those who criticise the appearance of the cockpit have certainly never sat in it. I have flown this plane, I can assure you that it is a very faithful historical reconstruction not only in appearance but also in performance, and not an avatar!
Textures are abysmal. Seems all the ground textures were done with google images. Runway textures is horrid and crooked. I wish more time was put into this project as this is my home airport. There's much to be desired. It seems extremely rush. Not worth the money.
I really love this Plane. This and Br Sim Design's H35 Vtail are just fantastic. Some of the best engine vibration effects and prop effect i have seen. Flight model is great and the plane is such a joy to fly. I have both and they are a part of my regular rotation. This one is unique in its design. Definately worth it! You won't regret it.
Rather well done. I was skeptical at first but it flies nice, it's modeled nice, textures are good and on top of that it has a cool and unique custom efb smart phone with apps (weather, gps, notepad)Even comes with a well modeled fuel truck and transport car for those who like extra immersion. All in all you can tell the dev put passion into this XA42.
First I’d like to confirm that this is fully compatible with FSX Steam Ed. You only need to direct the install to you FSX Steam root folder which is very easy to do. There aren’t a lot of Russian military fighters to choose from or compare this to but this is definitely the best you can buy. The modeling of this SU27 is really quite good. Excellent exterior with reflections and shine as well as detailed aircraft modeling. All switches and panels in the cockpit are 3D. No sections that are just 2d photos pasted into position (like AFS Designs SU planes) while all switches, dials and knobs are 3d, only a handfuls are actually clickable. Only the most important can be clicked and the rest are not simulated at all. At least the VC is accurate and looks great! The Mach indicator in the Airspeed dial doesn’t seem to work. For example when I am at fl360 going 1200 kmh the Mach ready should read approximately (based on conversion charts and speed converter applications taking pressure, temp etc in to consideration) Mach 1.6 but is actually blank at the needle point. The AoA limiter allows for the most stable flight behaviors and forgives excessive stick input. Turn it off and the plane becomes vastly more maneuverable but also less forgiving of extreme movements, but is the only way to perform a “cobra”. With the limiter off, it becomes far more easy to accidentally enter high speed aerodynamic stalls and uncontrolled rolls and spins. When that happens you can hit the “auto recover” button and the plane will usually recover itself even if the pilot blacks out. The overall flight model feels very different from other jet (like F15, F14 etc) fighters of the era making for a nice change of pace if you’re used to American types. The audio is very cool! The engines sound as powerful as they should. Very nice afterburner effects and unique audio set adds to the overall immersion. Turn it up! Overall this is the best SU27 I can find. While little of the systems are simulated (typical of most planes of this type anyway) you get the most important and can enjoy the flight and extreme maneuvering capabilities just fine. It’s priced well all things considered. Excellent frame rates! Based on use with FSX Steam Edition Win 10 3.3ghz i7 16GB ram Intel UHD630 integrated GPU
Best aircraft I have flown in-game. I highly recommend this F35 to anyone who wants great immersion.
nothing to say top scenes with beautiful graphics, well optimized. I recommended it to you
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