MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
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  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
  • MILVIZ - T-50 短尾猫 FSX P3D
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In the late 1930’s Cessna saw a growing need for an inexpensive, light twin. The popular twin of the day, the Twin Beech, was fairly expensive and was often oversized for roles with small businesses or occasionally, small charter airlines.

First flown in 1939 and reaching production in 1940, the T-50 Bobcat was of fabric-covered steel-tube construction featuring retractable main landing gear and electrically actuated trailing edge flaps. With the wing structure built up of laminated spruce spar beams and its fuselage faired with spruce stringers, it gained the nickname, “the Bamboo Bomber.”

The Bobcat quickly found great success as a military multi-engine advanced trainer and utility transport; its wood construction was ideal since it didn’t require diverting a lot of valuable aluminum from the war effort. Over 4600 airframes went into service with US forces, with another 640 flying with the RCAF and the BCATP. Not used for long in post-war service, remaining military Bobcats were declared obsolete by 1949.

The ready availability of surplus T-50’s (available at the time for less than $3000) meant that quite a few made their way into civilian life, finding use in many areas of commercial and private aviation.

The Bobcat also found cinematic fame on the 50's television show Sky King, where a T-50, named Songbird, was flown by the lead character (one of which used on the show was the actor’s own aircraft) until replaced later in the series by a Cessna 310B.

Introducing the Milviz T-50 Bobcat

We are very pleased to introduce the newest aircraft to our line-up, the T-50 Bobcat.

Our goal for the T-50 was to create a highly detailed and precise replica of this classic aircraft. This starts with an exquisitely rendered 3D model, both inside and out. Every switch, lever, crank, and control is in its place, allowing the virtual pilot full control. High resolution textures and smoothly animated gauges, along with high quality audio, add to the sense of immersion.

Once in the air, a carefully tested flight model combines by-the-book numbers with a smooth sense of proper flight response in order to carefully replicate the same experience that so many wartime pilots experienced on their way through the multi-engine training program. Our team has spent countless hours tuning, testing, checking, and reporting on how the aircraft performs so as to ensure an authentic recreation.

Radio Range System

A first for a FSX/P3D commercial product, the T-50 Bobcat includes a detailed and fully functional simulation of the Low Frequency Radio Range system. This was the early radio navigational system used across North America (as well as a few other regions) beginning in the 1930's until replaced by VHF band VOR navigation in the 1950's.

The system allows you to tune a set radio signal and "follow the beam" by listening for the continuous tone while navigating from station to station. Off course information is given to the pilot through a quadrant system of Morse Code signals. A full description is far too lengthy to put into words here, but needless to say it's a fascinating (and slightly challenging) experience, one that perfectly fits within the era and role of the T-50 Bobcat.

MVAMS Configuration

As with our other recent releases, configuration for the Bobcat is though our included Milviz Aircraft Management System (MVAMS). This external application provides easy control over setting your preferred options when the Bobcat is loaded in the simulator.

From within the MVAMS application, you can choose pilot and passenger figures to display, your avionics options, and whether you prefer the T-50 to load cold and dark, or with the engines running and the aircraft ready for flight!

Selectable Avionics

While a T-50 Bobcat pilot from the 40’s or 50’s would have only dreamed of the extensive selection of avionics available in today’s aircraft, we’ve allowed for a modern restoration which may have a more up-to-date cabin, featuring GPS and weather radar. An option is also provided for having no modern avionics at all, so as to allow for those who wish to immerse themselves in the era in which the Bobcat was flown in a military setting.

Built-in configuration support from within our MVAMS application is included for the following in various configurations:

Flight1 GTN 650 (Dual)
Flight1 GTN 750 (Single)
Flight1 GTN 650 & 750 (Combo)
Reality XP GNS 430/530W XP (Combo)
MilViz GNS 430/530 (Combo)
Mindstar GNS 530
WX Advantage Radar
No GPS Option
Please note that compatibility for the above gauge packages includes support for installation and setup of our product only; use of any of the offered options requires a functional existing installation of the appropriate gauge. The Bobcat comes with our MilViz 430/530 combo, but any other gauges we list compatibility for are not included.

Use of any 3rd party avionics package in any desired simulator is also of course restricted to the availability of the avionics package for that simulator. Please see the respective manufacturers’ websites regarding platform compatibility for your avionics package.

Multi-Platform Support

Your MilViz T-50 Bobcat purchase supports installation into a full range of platforms, from one single installer:

FSX: Acceleration
FSX: Steam Edition
Prepar3d v2
Prepar3d v3


重要提示: 安装在我方开发的通用航空/直升机机模上的所有默认模拟或数字航电设备,都是基于模拟飞行底层代码编写的,因此存在一些我方团队无法克服的缺陷。设备包括 GNS 530 / 430 单元, 音频面板, 应答机, ADF 单元, 和 nav/com 无线电。由于模拟器固有的局限性,我们目前无法为与这些项目的操作或功能相关的任何问题提供修复或支持。
  • 操作系统: Windows Vista,7, 10


  • CPU: 2.6 Ghz 或更高频率
  • 内存: 4 GB
  • 显卡: 支持 DirectX®11 或更高版本, 配备 1024 MB 或更多显存
  • 硬盘: 2 GB 可用空间
  • FSX 加速度, FSX:Steam Edition, Prepar3d V2-V4 (包含所有补丁的最新版本)


余额: EUR 0.00
BDOAVIATION - 意大利-拉默齐亚-泰尔默机场 LICA FSX P3D
Beautiful airport, but there's an issue with the afcad. AI airplanes park where the nice static planes were placed. So you have AI on top of the static. The photo scenery is nicely done, but it doesn't play well with the freeware Italian scenery package. It does blend well with ORBX/LC/Vectors-
. You can disable some of the photo included, but god luck finding the .bgl files. They have unusual names and you will have to go through one by one. There's also a slight performance hit when viewing the terminal. Ha-
ving said all that, I think it's a beautiful looking airport even though a bit over priced even when it's on sale. Lastly I contacted support and did not receive a prompt response. If they fix the afcad, I'll revise my review.
AEROSOFT - 德国-埃尔福特国际机场 EDDE P3D4
For me this is one of the nicest little aiports made by Aerosoft. It has charm
SCENERYTR - 土耳其-安卡拉-埃森博阿机场 LTAC FSX/P3DV4
Superb design, very good performance, great depiction of the airport. It is a piece of art.
Well, it’s a start! As someone who wants an easy to use product this fits the bill, it works seamlessly in the background. In Europe,though, there didn’t seem to be much by way of English or German speaking ATC, have I missed something? It’s inexpensive and gives some extra immersion so I’m not going to criticise. Hopefully it can be expanded with additional sounds because the concept, not new I know, works well in P3d...
SCENERYTR - 土耳其-安卡拉-埃森博阿机场 LTAC FSX/P3DV4
Just had the opportunity to test LTAC. Stunning scenery which includes high res textures, and not a single building is not omitted, many SODE objects including jetways and high res photographic seasonal terrain textures are extraordinary.
Pleasantly surprised by the arrival of the Rafale on the market, and confident in the quality of Roland Laborie’s productions, I immediately acquired the "beast". Superb design, elegant model and faithful to the silhouette of the Rafale, the flight model is satisfactory even if I am not a Rafale pilot in real life. I am currently testing it and I am very satisfied with the result. Thank you Mr Roland for allowing the French flagships to fly, like the very successful Airbus A400. Only 4 stars until I complete the testing...
SCENERYTR - 土耳其-安卡拉-埃森博阿机场 LTAC FSX/P3DV4
Perfect quality with the perfect price! Keep up the great work SceneryTR!
FSOARES - 巴西-圣塔伦机场 SBSN - FSX P3DV3 P3DV4
Luiz Ângelo
Super detailed scenery with amazing textures! Great FPS, just wonderful! Congratulations to the developer, we look forward to more new Brazilian Airports!
I've been into Flight Simulator since Microsoft flight sim 2001! If you are like me and used FS Passengers and learned to rely on it as a must now have on Microsoft FSX but since have upgraded to P3DV4. 64 bit you will be aware that FS Passengers dose not support a 64 bit Flight sim environment and is now obsolete due to the developer supposedly rewriting the code for his upcoming but never completed for nearly 4 years now finished revision of FS Passengers then this is just what you need!. I suppose you could even say it's FS Passengers on Steroids. Well worth the money. just hope its compatible with Microsoft's upcoming Flight Sim 2020.
It's wonderful sounds of environment.Eas-
y to install and it very good enhances all TOGA products.For such small money it's very good and quality product.Recomme-
nd to use it.Thank's to TOGA team for all their addons.