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The Ultimate Utilitarian

First flown in 1956 but often synonymous with the Vietnam conflict, the venerable UH-1 Iroquois is one of the best known military helicopters of all time. Known far more commonly as the “Huey” (based on the original designation of HU-1), over 16,000 units were manufactured across a wide number of variants.

Although the nickname Huey was widely embraced (to the point where the manufacturer took to casting the name on the anti-torque pedals), the variety of role-specific terms within the US Army used to designate the helicopter is a nod to the versatility of this successful rotorcraft. Frog, Hog, Slick, Smoke, Guns, Nighthawk, these terms all held meaning and reassurance for troops on the ground.

Primary developments of the UH-1 line resulted in two main airframes: The original UH-1A/B/C “Short Body” version found popularity in an early close support / gunship role, while the follow-on UH-1D/H “Long Body” version filled a vital role in troop carrying and medevac, and was continuously developed and modified into successive versions for a multitude of uses.

After a proud 60 years of service, a majority of the Huey variants in the various military forces around the world have been retired or are scheduled for such. However, the helicopter still remains a common sight in some forces, and the civilian production versions, the 204 & 205 models, remain a valued workhorse in many regions.

Introducing the Milviz UH-1 Huey Redux

We are very excited to introduce our newly developed Huey Redux package, featuring the two primary single engine variants of the famed Huey, the UH-1C & UH-1H. These two helicopters are at the forefront of our efforts to provide the simulation community with high-fidelity, top notch recreations of both modern and historical aircraft and helicopters.

Our original release of the Huey was over seven years ago, the result of a collaboration between ourselves and another developer. Since then, we’ve been eager for the opportunity to not just ‘refresh’ the Huey, but to completely rebuild it in accordance with modern expectations and our exceedingly strict standards for simulation excellence.

One Package, Multiple Configurations

Our representation of the Huey doesn’t stop at including separate fuselage models for the UH-1C and the UH-1H. We’ve also included common configurations unique to each version, with the UH-1C including both rockets and twin 7.62mm mini-guns, while the UH-1H is outfitted with M-60 door guns. The real world differences in flight characteristics between the two have also been carefully represented.

In addition, we’ve also included the ability to configure ‘civilian’ versions of both models, to represent the civilian production versions of the 204 and 205 models. To further accommodate use as a civilian helicopter, a wide range of modern third party avionics are supported.

Quality Modeling & Textures

If there’s one thing that our team is known for, it’s our careful attention to even the smallest details. Both versions have been redesigned from the skids to the rotors, both inside and out; highly detailed modeling is designed to reflect accuracy on every level, from the paneling on the exterior, to the switches and gauges in the cockpit.

As a counterpart to the superb 3D modeling work, high resolution textures and paints have been created with the primary goal in mind of creating an environment that looks incredibly realistic. Multiple liveries are supplied with the package representing common units in service, and a professional paint kit is included for users to create their own liveries.

Refined Flight Capability

From the moment you take a seat behind the cyclic, we want you to be immersed. Authentic working systems and start-up routine, along with a large array of fully functional and operable controls and switches put you in full command of a very precise simulation of this venerable workhorse.

Our expertly created flight model has been nuanced to provide detailed accuracy throughout the flight envelope, closely matching real world pilot reports and flight numbers. Handling and dynamics are affected by changes to the Huey’s gross weight and balance. Pushing the limits of flightsim capabilities, the Huey’s flight dynamics is not only extremely accurate, but is also capable of auto rotation and vortex ring state (VRS).

Heightening the level of immersion even further is our high quality sound set recorded from an actual Huey, allowing us to faithfully recreate the audio detail of the real rotorcraft. The single turboshaft engine sounds clear and powerful, and you can hear the twin-blade main and tail rotors tearing through the air as you raise the collective and get underway.


Our innovative Milviz Aircraft Management System (MVAMS) is further refined and included for this release. It allows easy control and configuration of many aspects of your helicopter, including configuring your model, avionics suite, animations and more.

From the MVAMS program you can choose to set your helicopter to load cold and dark or ready to fly. You can choose to separately show or remove any of the four doors, optionally hide the mini guns, rockets or door guns, or even pick which crew members you want to be visible.

A configurable Force Trim option is also assignable from within MVAMS, as well as numerous avionics options. We may have recreated the Huey to the absolute best of our capabilities, but we’re allowing you the ability to truly make it yours.

Extensive Avionics Compatibility

While it might be out of place in your vintage era military Huey, it’s very true that today’s civilian helicopters feature an extremely wide ranging assortment of GPS units and avionics. With this package, we’re offering an extensive amount of compatibility for popular third party gauges and avionics. Built-in configuration support from within the MVAMS application is included for the following:

  • Flight1 GTN 650 (Dual)
  • Flight1 GTN 750 (Single)
  • Flight1 GTN 650 & 750 (Combo)
  • Reality XP GNS 430/530W XP (Combo)
  • Mindstar GNS 530
  • MilViz GNS 430/530 (Combo)
  • Or, none at all!

Please note that compatibility for the above gauge packages includes support for installation and setup of our product only; use of any of the offered options requires a functional existing installation of the appropriate gauge. The Huey comes with our MilViz 430/530 combo, but any other gauges we list compatibility for are not included.

Use of any 3rd party avionics package in any desired simulator is also of course restricted to the availability of the avionics package for that simulator. Please see the respective manufacturers’ websites regarding platform compatibility for your avionics package.

Multi-Platform Support

The Milviz Huey Redux package supports a full range of platforms, in a single downloadable installer:

  • FSX: Acceleration
  • FSX: Steam Edition
  • Prepar3d v2
  • Prepar3d v3

TacPack Ready

The Huey Redux package comes with integration support for the 3rd party VRS TacPack software add-on. It optionally adds live, fireable weaponry to the UH-1C and the UH-1H when configured appropriately, in addition to NVG. TacPack users gain visual and audio weapons effects – as well as the ability to damage the simulated environment!

Vertical Reality Simulations' TacPack software offers stand-alone weapons and warfare platforms for both Flight Simulator X and Prepar3d. It is a payware product and is not included with your purchase from MilViz. An appropriate, platform specific version of the TacPack software is required for the described extended functionality and integration in the MilViz Huey Redux.

Special Features:

  • UH-1C & UH-1H included in package
  • Unique flight characteristics per version
  • Highly accurate flight dynamics
  • Model is capable of Auto Rotation
  • Susceptible to Vortex Ring State condition
  • Responsive to changes in weight and balance
  • VRS TacPack ready
  • High quality external model using normal, bump and specular maps
  • High quality internal model complete with custom 3D gauges
  • Sophisticated cockpit lighting
  • Sounds recorded from an actual Huey
  • Model is highly configurable through our MVAMS application
  • Fourteen beautifully detailed liveries
  • High resolution paint kit available for download
  • User Manual, Pilot's Flight Manual and Video tutorials
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Having had a chance long ago to fly left seat in a UH1H Huey, all I can say is that this was deja vu! The look, sound, feel and handling were all as I remember, though the guy in the right seat (who I had gone to high school with)wasn't silly enough to allow this fixed wing pilot to land the thing so I can't vouch for that aspect. But it is a totally immersive airplane and by far my favorite helo ever in FS. And unlike the previous reviewer, I haven't had any performance issues and I use Orbx with everything set to maximum.
*Verified Product User*
The Huey or UH-1C and UH-1H Iroquois is the protagonist helicopter of the Vietnam War and features particularly in Apocalypse Now, one of the greatest war motion pictures in history.

The model can be started from a cold and dark situation in detail. It has high quality sound effects that are authentic. The flight dynamics are very stable and the pilot has to be aware of dangerous situations such as VRS and proper use of the tail rotor. There are animated combatants in the cabin which add a lot to the experience. The external textures are beautiful and accurate to the model. The model exhibits a used look as is appropriate.

The simulation needs adequate PC hardware to run smoothly, as it is flown low among scenery and autogen and this impacts the FPS.

I hope that the developers will improve and optimize the simulation to improve the fluidity. I have only been flown four times in a actual helicopter and the first two was a in a Huey UH-1H and the second two was in a Mil Mi 2.

A must for rotorheads, although a bit on the expensive side.

OS: Windows Windows 7, Windows 10
Use of this product in any other version of Windows is not supported at this time.

Processor: 2.6 Ghz or higher

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: DirectX®11 compliant video card or greater, 1024 MB video RAM or higher

Hard Drive: 2 GB available space

FSX Version: FSX:Acceleration or FSX:Steam Edition

P3Dv2 Version: Latest release, with all hotfixes.

P3Dv3 Version: Latest release, with all hotfixes.

P3Dv4 Version: Latest release, with all hotfixes.

Use or installation of the products(s) referenced on this page in any other platform than that intended or shown above is not supported and may result in errors or a non-functioning product.

Customer Reviews
It’s the 1st time I review a Sim product. I’m a real life commercial pilot, using the Sim to practice my IFR procedures since training over 10 years. I was hooked with the FSPassenger and since I moved to the P3D4, I only used the Sim to practice some FSLabs A320 procedures, mostly abnormal proc before the real life Sim checks every 6 months :) But with APLV2… I’m back to having this feeling I had in the early days with FSPassengers in FSX. It’s so well thought… I find myself on my days OFF sitting on the computer for hours, practicing new procedures I’m normally don’t in my real job, at random destinations around I might never go to in real life and getting rewarded for it… the feeling of being on the top 50 worldwide -so far-, only makes me want to get to the top 10 ;) and get hired by a 5* I feel with this, the simming days for just practice or for fun without progress in the sim are long gone. Big 5* for me. I hope they continue improving the product adding new features, attracting more simmers to join, that will contribute in making it more challenging and of course, more enjoyable.
One of the most conscientious developer ever. Great job, great scenery!!!
Never expected to see OJAM for MSFS so picked this up as soon as it came out. Really cool little scenery for a great price, and dev is super responsive. Highly recommend.
Very nice airport package lot's of detail in and around the airport and excellent night textures aswell very happy with this scenery package so well done to the aerosoft scenery team on yet another fantastic package defo 5star's for this very happy ;) :)
Can't really recommend. Its a bush trip, but just a set of POI's. No description, just fly point to point. I couldn't even find the parking spot to end the first trip. I wanted a tour of the cities to find out about them more. Or at least tell me what I am looking at. This instead was more trying to keep track of which POI I had to go to next then looking at the city....
Needs update its poorly done some stuff like stairs are floating
Fantastic job. Buy it, help the developer make more, you won't regret it!
Systems depth is great, no question. But there are some things lacking compared to other addons, and for this price, they should be addressed. Textures in the cockpit and around the exterior of the aircraft feel dated. After seeing how beautiful some MSFS can be, this aircraft just doesn't hold up to some of the better PBR textures I've seen. The flight model feels extremely heavy and it's hard to manually pilot the aircraft. The delay between when you make an input and when the aircraft responds is slower that even the largest aircraft in the sim. I can imagine this being true for the AN-225, but for and MD-82 this seems a bit exaggerated. The last and biggest complaint I have is the archaic method of installed liveries and changing options on the aircraft. It's done outside the program, but you still have to search through forums and manually install any liveries. The process just feels old. Normally this would all be minor stuff, but again, for THE most expensive aircraft in MSFS atm, this addon needs to do everything better, and it doesn't.
The development of these two main airports in El Salvador is incredible. The level of realism that Monseñor Romero airport has reached in this scenario is so valuable. On the other hand, Ilopango airport with its military operations, training and private operations very well recreated, since FS9 (if I'm not wrong) no one had dared to develop something so valuable for virtual aviation in El Salvador and the world. Excellent job colleagues. I recommend this product 100%.
Excellent product, one of the best for MSFS! Very professional and complex with 0 impact to FPS! Ok, I have to admit that I bought the scenery for error; but when I saw it in MSFS it was a huge surprise! Worth every penny, every cent.
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