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Introducing the MilViz DHC-3T Turbo Otter
Extending the capabilities a proven single-engine workhorse.

The original DHC-3 Otter ceased production in 1967. Since then many of these sturdy bushplanes have had their 600HP Wasp radials swapped out for a more powerful turbo-prop power plant thus improving reliability and performance. Our Turbo Otter features a Pratt and Whitney 750 HP PT6A-34 turbine and is based on the typical Viking or Vazar conversion with included STOL kit. In looks and performance it brings the Otter right up to date.

Turbo Otters like their radial predecessors are used extensively across all types of flights: charters, tourist work, cargo and scheduled service, flying passengers and bulky loads deep into the bush, to airfields that would be impossible for most other aircraft.

Same Character, More capable

The overall gross weight is the same as the radial version, but the lighter weight of the turbo-prop powerplant allows the payload to increase by approximately 400lb. The increased power allows shorter take-offs and landings, greater rate of climb and a higher cruising speed - but be careful: in some situations the PT6 can deliver more power than the airframe can handle safely!

The Turbo Otter can carry payloads up to 2,600 lbs.and has a maximum passenger capacity of 9. Cruise speeds up to 140 kts over a maximum range of about 625 miles.

Land Anywhere, Haul Everything

The workhorse capabilities of the DHC-3T Turbo Otter are able to be put to the test. Four separate configurations have been included for landing gear: Standard wheels, amphibious floats, skis, tundra tires; each model complete with tuned flight dynamics that accurately reflects differences in performance and handling.

The interior can be outfitted for nearly any adventure you'd like, with separate passenger and passenger/cargo combinations. Individual passenger and cargo locations can be loaded/unloaded in the simulator, allowing for the visual emulation of flying to a destination and back again.
Meticulously Detailed

The MilViz DHC-3T Turbo Otter features an intricately modelled, true-to-life interior and exterior, with an abundance of fine detail. All gauges, switches and controls feature smooth animation. Custom lighting makes night operations atmospheric and immersive, while high resolution textures with lifelike metal effects and realistic weathering create a simulation like no other.
PT6-34: 'By the Book' performance

Using code developed for our forthcoming King Air, Tomas and his programming team have pulled out all the stops to bring you what we hope you will agree, is the most accurate and realistic rendition of a PT6A-34 available anywhere today.

All functions and characteristics emulate the real-world classic turbine down to a tee. If you have experienced one in real life you will recognise the distinctive start up, and the way power, sounds, temperature and internal pressures are all meticulously co-ordinated.

Engine model = Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34
Engine Power = 750 SHP Flat Rated up to 4000 ft. ISA conditions
Propeller = 3 bladed, constant speed.
Propeller model = Hartzell HC-B3TN-3DY /T10282+4
Custom modelled systems:

    Startup procedure:

        Totally realistic.
        Spool up rates depending on different variable (fuel, temperature, altitude, battery power,etc).
        Starter switch with different levels of precision:

            Real: switch must be held on to keep the starter engaged
            Basic: standard ON/OFF operation
            Easy: Switch to off position automatically when engine in idle conditions

    In-Flight different start procedures included:

        Starter assisted
        No Starter/Windmilling (depending on conditions)
        Hot starts simulated due to different conditions (fuel too soon, low battery, etc)
        FSX/P3D custom AutoStart included (CTRL-E)

    Custom specific sounds for entire startup/shutdown sequence, both external and internal.
    Sound volume is user configurable with MVAMS.
    Realistic propeller rotation at engine startup & shutdown.
    Engine Performance modelled following real engine data from different tables.
    Emergency Power System fully operational.
    Engine failures because of limits exceeded (random)

    Cold & Hot weather operations realistically simulated, including:

        Oil pressure variable upon oil temp conditions
        Oil temp variable upon OAT conditions
        Combustion delays at low temperatures

    Fuel System totally simulated, including:

        Fuel transfer from forward/aft tank to centre
        Dual Boost Pump Operations

    Custom Electrical System, including:

        2 x 24V 30 Ah dual battery configuration.
        Starter/Generator dual operation.

Accurate & In-Depth

Building on our experience with replicating the DHC-2 Beaver and DHC-3 Otter, the MilViz DHC-3T Turbo Otter offers a comparable level of systems depth and functionality. Our goal is to create an immersive, true-to-life experience for any simulator pilot, regardless of experience. Choose to fly the Turbo Otter by the book, or simply jump in and fly, your choice!

Our DHC-3T goes far beyond the default simulator functionality in order to provide an accurate, realistic recreation of key characteristics and systems functionality. The electrical system is closely simulated, with operable circuit breakers present for key systems. The operation of the flaps, operated much like the Beaver with a selector valve and a hand pump, behaves realistically. And a powered tailwheel system has been custom created for this aircraft with a three way toggle switch that allows switching between powered, free castoring and locked.

The dangerous effects of icing is also simulated, with serious consequences for disregarding potentially dangerous flight conditions. Ice accumulation can be hazardous to the Otter, leading to airspeed loss and a stall; freezing rain can disrupt static instruments and cause incorrect readings.

And at the very core of this simulation is a carefully tuned flight model that seeks to impart the unique flight qualities of this STOL-capable workhorse, created by an author with DHC-3 experience.
Highly Detailed KAP 140 Autopilot

The DHC-3T Turbo Otter includes our custom coded, very accurate simulation of the venerable KAP 140 autopilot. Faithful to the original, from the font used to the replication of servo drives on the trim wheels and the yoke. The logic used in the KAP 140 has been carefully replicated to deliver one of the most realistic autopilot simulations available. A separate manual for the autopilot has been included.
KAP 140 Autopilot
Multi-Platform Support

The MilViz DHC-3T Turbo Otter package supports a full range of platforms, in a single downloadable installer:

    FSX: Acceleration
    FSX: Steam Edition
    Prepar3d v3
    Prepar3d v4

Navigate Your Way

Depending on the era and role you're simulating, we've allowed for an extremely wide variety of options for avionics and third party GPS units. With this package, an extensive amount of compatibility for popular third party gauges and avionics is available. Built-in configuration support from within our MVAMS application is included for the following:

    Flight1 GTN 650 (Single)
    Flight1 GTN 750 (Single)
    Flight1 GTN 650 & 750 (Combo)
    Reality XP GNS 430/530W XP (Combo)
    Mindstar GNS 430/530 (Combo)
    MilViz GNS 430/530 (Combo)
    NavStax KingNav
    or, standard radios only!

Please note that compatibility for the above 3rd party gauges (such as from Flight1, RealityXP, Mindstar, NavStax) includes support for installation and setup of our product only; use of any of the offered options requires a functional existing installation of the appropriate gauge.

Use of any 3rd party avionics package in any desired simulator is also of course restricted to the availability of the avionics package for that simulator. Please see the respective manufacturers websites regarding platform compatibility for your avionics package.
Included WX Advantage Weather Radar

The MilViz DHC-3T Turbo Otter package also includes a copy of the innovative MilViz / REX WX Advantage weather radar. The presence of this weather radar unit in the panel is completely optional - you can fly with or without it! (Please note: The included WX Advantage will only function in the DHC-3T.)

Important: Please note that all of the current default analogue and digital avionic equipment installed in our general aviation aircraft and helicopters is based on underlying simulator code and as such, is subject to various deficiencies that cause operation of these units to vary from their real world counterparts. This is not able to be addressed by our team. This includes the GNS 530 / 430 units, audio panel, transponder, ADF unit, and nav/com radios. Due to the inherent limitations present in the simulator, we are therefore unable to provide fixes or support for any issues related to the operation or functionality of these items at this time.

Use or installation of the products(s) referenced on this page in any other platform than that intended or shown above is not supported and may result in errors or a non-functioning product.


All MilViz products require a functioning gaming controller such as a joystick for proper operation.

Special DHC-3T Features:

  • Professionally created & tuned, high fidelity flight model including accurate characteristics specific to the DHC-3T.
  • Four Body Configurations - Standard Wheels, Floats, Amphibious Floats, Skis, each with individually tuned flight models.
  • Multiple loadout configurations, with passengers and cargo. Selectable cargo includes an externally mounted canoe!
  • Custom coded and meticulously modelled PT6-34
  • Custom electrical system with display of electrical load and operable circuit breakers.
  • Custom over-boosting cumulative damage simulation.
  • Unique flap operation which simulates the usage of the manually operated hydraulic pump and selector on the DHC-3T.
  • Realistic locked / powered / free-castoring tailwheel simulation
  • Icing effects on airframe and static instruments fully simulated.
  • Accurately simulated KAP 140 autopilot.
  • Richly detailed cabin with beautiful high resolution textures and smoothly animated gauges.
  • Realistic and fully adjustable cabin and instrument lighting.
  • Authentic sound environment, inside and out.
  • Milviz / REX WX Advantage Weather Radar included and available as a 3D panel option.
  • Ability to completely hide yoke and column for ease of access to important switches and controls.
  • Highly configurable avionics with 3D panel installations for many GPS solutions, covering popular 3rd party add-ons such as Flight1 GTN, RealityXP GNS, and Mindstar GNS.
  • Professionally created liveries based on or inspired by real world aircraft.
  • Available layer-based paintkit for creating your own liveries.
  • Detailed & educational flight manual & detailed autopilot manual.
  • True Glass, Real Light included (current version P3D v4 only)



MilViz DHC-3T Turbo Otter User Guide
User guide which covers installation, familiarization and operation.

KAP 140 User Manual
Detailed guide which covers use of the KAP 140 Autopilot.

Paint Kit
Layer-based paint kit for creating custom liveries.

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Toll umgesetztes Flugzeug, was ich bisher sagen kann. Das Cockpit sieht sehr ansprechend aus und hat auch Systemtiefe. Habe kürzlich einen alten Militärjet von Milviz heruntergeladen, auch sehr gut umgesetzt. Milviz bietet hier sehr interessante Produkte, kannte ich vorher nicht.

Schön, wie die Turbine anfängt, zu drehen. Auch der Sound in Prepar3D ist recht wuchtig.

Fliegt mit ähnlichen Eigenschaften wie die Pilatus Porter. Ich bin "Turbinen"-Fan.
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Operating System:
Windows 7
Windows 10

Use of this product in any other version of Windows is not supported at this time.

2.6 Ghz or higher


DirectX®11 compliant video card
1024 MB video RAM or higher

Hard Drive Space:
3 GB available space

Supported Platforms:   
FSX Acceleration
FSX: Steam Edition
Prepar3d Version 3 (Latest release, with all hotfixes)
Prepar3d Version 4

Customer Reviews
Great job. Hope to see more addons for airports/airfie-
lds/scenery in Latvia and Baltics.
An update to my previous review: The taxiways have been updated to their current configuration. Well done, No Limit Sky! Updating my review to 5 stars.
Works as advertised, may take a little while to get FSUIPC7 Wasm to kick in but after it does it is very impressive.
It is wonderful that every detail is carefully made. I hope you will continue to build local airports in Japan. I will definitely buy it.
Good job! It is wonderful that every detail is carefully made. I hope you will continue to build local airports in Japan. I will definitely buy it.
Wonderful add-on! I visited Sitka (by boat) a few years ago and this really enhances the area. The airport looks great, and the bridge and harbor models really flesh out the town. Would be cool to see a few of the local landmark buildings and park details added just to flesh out an already awesome package, but there's way more than enough here to justify the price now! Highly recommended for Alaska fliers.
Performance is not good on my system. The terminal seems to swallow up the framerates. The ground textures look like a chess game around the terminal and taxiways. An update is sorely needed.
Was a big fan of this product when it first came out. However, has not been updated in a long time and is now causing performance problems with some of latest sim releases. Really hope they don't abandon this product.
By far my favourite GA aircraft for MSFS to date. Loving the details and performance of this plane. Sound is awesome and the different cockpit variants are cool too. Got myself both GTN750s just because of this beautiful plane!
One piece of information concerning the commentary on the texts in the cockpit of the Vampire: Switzerland being a quadrilingual country, the choice of inscriptions in the cockpit of military aircraft from the 1940-1990 period was delicate. The German-speaking majority did not want to impose itself too much! And as it was the time of the Second World War, making a distinction with the German neighbour was probably important. As a result, all military aircraft had French cockpit markings (with some exceptions on later instruments). The SwissMilSim Vampire being a faithful reproduction of the aircraft of the time, the texts are in French. As for completing with the original English versions with faithful instrumentation-
s, SwissMilSim has done so in FSX and P3D versions with little sales success!
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