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FSUIPC: Flight Simulator Universal Inter-Process Communication

FSUIPC is an add-in for Microsoft Flight Simulator which provides an interface for other programs to read and write all sorts of pertinent data relating to the simulation, and in many ways even to control the actual process itself.

It is an essential ingredient in many add-on FS programs, and, in fact, may be installed on your system by any one or more of them already. For many such programs you do not need to actually purchase FSUIPC. That deal, for their access, will often have been already done by the add-on program makers.

But, in addition, FSUIPC contains a number of useful features for you, the Flight Simulator user, features that can assist you setting up the best simulation environment and making the best of what you have. It can do this because, by its very nature as an interface program, as a “puller of wires and pusher of switches” on behalf of external applications, it is also in the best position to help you do the same.

To use these additional features you need to register your copy of FSUIPC here and obtain an Access Key, which will unlock them.

Facilities provided to the Registered User of FSUIPC include:

Joystick control facilities:

  • Facilities for joystick calibration – specifically, more accurate setting of dead zones and centres.
  • Joystick mapping for multi-engined aircraft throttles
  • Facilities for reverse thrust adjustment on each throttle, or via a separate reverser,
  • Joystick button programming, for any Flight Sim control, including those not available in FS’s own assignments dialogues.
  • Joystick buttons can also be made to produce key-presses, for instance when this is the only way to control an add-on aircraft panel or other accessory.
  • Joystick button assignments for Project Magenta controls, and for Roger Wilco’s PTT action.
  • Joystick button assignments for use by WideFS clients on Networked PCs.
  • All button assignments programmable separately for press and release
  • Proportional analogue brake facilities for FS2000, which otherwise doesn’t support these.
  • Facilities for analogue flap and spoiler setting.
  • Facilities for analogue elevator, rudder and aileron trim setting.
  • PFC COM-port connected devices, operating through my PFC DLL driver, can also have their switches and buttons programmed using the same facilities.

Key press programming facilities:

  • Key-press programming, for any Flight Sim control, including those not available in FS’s own assignments dialogues.
  • FS controls can be sent with fixed parameter, for use in setting specific analogue values.
  • Key-press combinations including TAB as an extra shift, for many more assignment possibilities.
  • Key-press assignments for Project Magenta controls, and for Roger Wilco’s PTT action.
  • Key-press assignments for use by WideFS clients on Networked PCs
  • All key-press operations programmable separately for press and release.
  • A page of special Hot Key programmable functions for some special FSUIPC actions, such as clearing the weather, setting STD altimeter, switching throttle sync on and off, and hiding/viewing the AdvDisplay window.

Assorted ‘fixes’ and improvements, including:

  • Locking FS panel parts in place.
  • Removing unwanted spikes from main aircraft controls (as generated, for instance, by some panels).
  • Extending the FS aircraft battery life, when the engines aren’t running to maintain them. This seems to be very useful still, as none of the default aircraft, at least, yet have true APU simulation nor external power connections.
  • Smoothing the IAS read-out for external programs, to avoid the noticeable “tick” which seems to accompany steady descents, at least on FS2002 (I don’t know if this still occurs in FS2004).
  • Synchronising the FS clock seconds counting with that of the PC it is running in, so that it doesn’t lose or gain time when running at normal simulation speeds.

Many weather filtering options for use with external weather programs:

  • Too numerous to mention here, and much less important in any case with the new weather engine in FS2004, which does fix many things which have been wrong with FS weather for quite some time.

And, on top of all that:

  • Automatic IPC access for all compatible application programs, whether they are accredited or not. No access keys are required for programs to use a fully registered user copy of FSUIPC. This may come in especially useful for programs which are no longer maintained by their developer and therefore not likely to become accredited.
  • The possibility of additional user options to come. There are a few on my list, but I cannot guarantee any until I get to them and study the implications. I am also open to requests and suggestions, as in fact I have been over that last four years -- that is how FSUIPC has become what it is.
  • Support from myself for any queries or problems arising from the use of FSUIPC, or identifiable as FSUIPC even when using an application. I would still expect the application developer to be the prime support for his own application, and it is easier for him to sort out FSUIPC interfacing problems with me rather than between the user and me, if you see what I mean.
  • All this for at least the life of FS2004, provided I live that long. I cannot guarantee to continue this into and beyond FS2006 or whatever, that would really be asking too much. There will be no charge for updates before the next version of FS, and, judging by the number there were over the last two years, that represents a lot of work, believe me!


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*Verifizierter Produkt Benutzer*
2010-05-29 22:32:14
Da kann ich Herrn Wellinger nur zustimmen. Auch wenn für mich die anderen Funktionen nicht nutzbar sind (alles auf englisch ohne hilfreiches Manual). Ich brauche dieses Tool eigentlich nur um bei meinem Joystick die Reverse-Thrust funktion nutzen zu können. Jedoch konnte ich dies auch nur aus einem "Freeware-Handbuch" herrauslesen.

Für mich stimmt das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis nicht ganz! Denn nur für dei paar features 23€ auszugeben ist für mich übertrieben. Außerdem ist in diesem Paket die FSX Version nicht enthalten, die dann nochmal ans Geld geht. Desshalb muss ich einen Stern abziehen.
*Verifizierter Produkt Benutzer*
2005-08-09 08:58:55
Ohne dieses Addon geht schon fast nichts mehr.
Ansonst behebt es eine menge Bugs im FS9.
Den Registrierungsschlüssel erhalten Sie nach dem Kauf. Bitte schauen Sie in ihrem Kontobereich unter Bestellungen nach
Bitte zuerst herunterladen und installieren um die Funktionalität zu überprüfen!
Die Demo-Version ist das zu installierende Produkt.
FS2000 FS2002 FS2004
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