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ABOUT: Propair Flight is working on the step change of the initial pilot training with the help of the most advanced available simulation platform – Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. Our vision is to help every pilot to learn the basics of flight easier and in a more affordable way already on the ground, speeding up the overall learning process.

In commercial and airline pilot training the use of advanced simulators are inseparable parts of the curriculum, however the huge, moving platform simulators, or the dedicated instrument training devices are still complicated and expensive to access. However, “Home” or consumer rated simulators (especially Prepar3D) provide a great base for training, but the expertise is still missing for the aspiring pilots: what and how to do.

We believe that we can provide the missing link to this by providing our customers with:

highly accurate virtual aircrafts with systems that are true copies of real world counterparts
complex real-world inspired scenarios, such as specific type ratings or general tasks
sophisticated post-flight analyses to provide the virtual pilots with valuable information on areas for improvement

With this well-rounded approach small flight schools or individual pilots will also get the opportunity to sharpen their flying skills in a safe, affordable way.

Propair Flight is a small startup company founded in 2016 in Budapest, Hungary. Currently 15 of highly enthusiastic individuals create the core of the team with high variety of expertise and seniority. What we share the passion for aviation and innovative solutions in any area like 3D modelling, programming or professional communication.
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Customer Reviews
Absoutly stunning makes the immersion second to none. All the projects Bijan has adds new layers to an already great sim and make it so much more real. Thanks. Go get this its a must
Great mesh and accurate landmarks / terrain. Only missing moving road vehicles on highway and missing ramp/stairs for boarding. fuel truck as well. besides that, its beautiful. great work.
Really brings the poor photogrammetry around China to life! Hoping the developer has plans for Africa as well
This scenery is visually stunning. Highly accurate and immersive. H-
owever, it lacks greatly with its lack of moving air-bridges. The air-bridges featured appear to be static objects and therefore cannot be commanded by AutoGate or SAM, which - for me - drastically lets it down. Whilst it's nice to park at and operate out of, the lack of moving air-bridges really knocks the whole experience down a couple of notches. I wouldn't recommend avoiding it on this basis alone, as despite this it's by far and away the best representation of EGLL available. However, it could be vastly improved by the simple addition of moving air-bridges, and as such your experience will be some-what ill-represented due to this knock in immersion.
Once again flytampa has done an amazing job. I work as a ground handler in Copenhagen Airport and the attention to detail is stunning. PBR looks amazing and performance is good but on the heavier side. It's missing some of the new E stands however they were build in 2019, so hopefully it will be included in an upcoming update. Can totally recommend!
I'm bumping my review from 3 to 4 stars. The latest update just fixed a huge number of day 1 issues, thanks so much for that BRsimDEsigns! -
Edited review: The Debonair modeled is the 35-E33, which was actually a Bonanza as far as I understand (the A33-C33 were Debonairs, there was no D33 and the E33 switched to the Bonanza name.) The Debonair was essentially a Bonanza with a straight tail at a time when the V-tail 35 was popular. Regardless, for all intents and purposes this is an old school Bonanza. Kee-
nly, BRSim understood the Debonair's cargo potential. From the 35-33 supplement: "Careful workmanship and inspection employed in airframe construction assure that structural components will withstand flight loads in excess of FAA requirements for a Utility Category airplane at the certified maximum gross weight of 3050 pounds." Well represented by a dynamic cargo loading animation (move the payload slider to see boxes and suitcases come and go), this is nice choice for GA cargo operations in your preferred mission software. Af-
ter the first update by BRsimDesign, I strongly recommend this addon. The only things I'm really looking for are sound attenuation of the engines and an option to remove the tip tanks potentially to make the winglets more viable. It's very close to being a 5 star addon at this point. Pros:-
- It flies nicely, no issue with the aerodynamics. -
- Model and texture quality is very good overall. - Animations are mostly excellent. - Opening doors (2) and window (1). - The dynamic cargo loading is really cool. - Fuel transfer system works well. - Everything is truly clickable. - Working circuit breakers. - Nice selection of 8 liveries to start with, not sure if there's a paint kit though. - Swappable electronic attitude indicator. - Toggleable static elements are modeled. - No issues encountered with any navigation equipment. C-
ons: - The sounds are not original from what I understand. - No sound attenuation for the engines when opening doors/windows. -
- Engine sounds are too a bit too quiet still. - Winglets on tip tanks doesn't make sense + No option to remove tip tanks. - I had to use 'b' to recalibrate the altimeter because when doing it using the mouse-wheel it had a tendency to fully reset itself, this happened several times. The mouse-wheel can be used to increment it, but not decrement, that causes the reset for me. - The avionics switch doesn't seem to come on when I use the Honeycomb Alpha (but the avionics themselves do so it's not a huge deal.)
Very exciting approach in stunning landscape. The Mod is well done. I can recommend it!
I like Ketchikan Airport very much, and this addon is well done!
Very Beautiful Scenery! A MUST HAVE for every ambitious flightsimmer. -
This airport has several interesting approaches, vfr and ifr. I can highly recommend it.
MILVIZ - KA350I P3D V4.5 V5
Отличный симулятор King Air 350i. Симуляция proline 21, отказы, системы. И двигатели ремонтировать после каждого полета не придется (как тут пишет товарищ), если соблюдать режимы. Прежде чем ставить 3, надо POH сначала почитать. Одно-
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