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    Sim EFB - Electronic Flight Bag

    For the world’s best flight simulator, FS2020, Sim-EFB provides an easy user interface to create/store flight plans with associated Screen Grabbed Maps/Charts for your next flight or Bush trip.

    Moving Maps - Your plain position can be animated by simply defining two know points on the Map/Chart with a backup World Map with Aeronautical data.

    Your own NavLog and Notes - You can build your own emulated FS2020 Navlog in minutes, displayed outside or within the FS2020 simulator.

    A “must have” for VR Pilots

    In the Virtual Reality flight or multi-screen environments, Sim-EFB comes into its own. Now you can have up to 3 panels arranged in your cockpit to display flight plan notes, maps and charts you have created, in one of the three separate windows.

    Next time you come into land, in FS2020, you no longer have to break that first-class immersive simulated flight to look at an approach plate.

    Sim EFB - Manager

    The management software allows you to quickly create a flight plan, from ICOA Code, current FS2020 flight Plan or .PLN file. It then looks up the basic airport information, or if Airport information is already in Sim EFB database then it would be used.

    The search features allow a quick google search for information to add to your flight plan. Notes are then entered, plus any screenshots of any Chart/Map, using the in-built screen grabber, so you have electronic access to these while in flight.

    Sim EFB also files the flight plans in a structured manner to aid later retrieval, with export to friends with Sim EFB installed.


    Moving Maps/Charts

    Defining two know points on the Map/Chart, using the tools provided, will allow Sim EFB to animate your current position on Airport Map, VFR Map, Departure/Arrival Plates.

    Quick Flight Plan Creation

    At a click of a [Search] button find sources of Map/Chart information. Press the [Grab] button to screen grab Map/Chart for your Sim Flight Plan.

    Create a simple Flight Plan in FS2020

    Simple or Structured Flight Plans

    Use for just displaying Maps/Charts or Simple Flight Plan text, with the option of adding collapsible sections. By defining each leg of the flight, Sim EFB will calculate the Speed and ETE time based on wind conditions entered.

    Keep Organised

    Organised by Category and Departure airport. All Airport information is kept in common storage, so next time you fly from the same airport, all your Notes, Maps and Charts are added to your next flight.

    Open PLN files

    Import flight plans saved by FS2020 or the FS2020 current file plan.

    Database of Airports and Runway Details

    Having selected a Departure/Arrival airport SIm EFB will look up the Airport details listing runway Length, Heading, Coms/Nav Info.

    Share Flight Plans

    At the click of a button Flight Plans, with Maps and charts, can be exported in a compressed format to other Sim EFB users.

    FPS friendly

    In our extensive tests, we have found very little impact on FPS.

    Virtually ANY image within the VR immersion

    Display any image grabbed from the clipboard to display Approach/Departure Charts and Maps.

    World Map

    A World Map is provided with Aeronautical data, thanks to Open Street Map and OpenAIP for those places you don't have your own Map/Chart.


    Simply double click on the world map to Teleport to any location.

    3 Panels In or Out of Game

    The 3 panels can be arranged in you virtual cockpit to show vital Flight Plan notes, Charts and Maps both within the FS2020 VR world or in FS2020 panels running on other monitors outside of the game.

    Create your own Bush Trip

    Create your own Bush trips not locked to weather, plain, etc

    Create your own flight maps

    Grab a map image, draw on it using your favourite drawing app and paste into Sim EFB manager. Or use Little Nav map, Sky Vector or SkyDemon to produce a fabulous map to easily show in the simulator.


    A stopwatch is provided in Panel 1 for timing legs of a VFR journey.

    Notepad for VR Pilots

    Sim EFB panel 1 has a notepad allowing a VR Pilot to scribble notes using the mouse.

    Easy to Install

    Download and install. Just leave open while in FS2020.

    Online Instructions

    Online instructions and YouTube videos tutorials.

    Sim EFB Instructions


    Sim EFB will run on any PC which is capable of running FS2020 and should have minimum impact on the frame rate, as long as you have sufficient RAM to run FS2020.   16GB recommended.


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    SIM EFB solves a major problem that was inherent to flying your simulator in VR: No native capabilities to bring documents into the VR cockpit with you. Any serious simmer knows you need to have access to a bunch of paperwork: Flight Plans, approach charts, maps, checklists, etc. Especially when flying study sim large aircraft. Sim EFB does just what it says. You can bring in as many documents in whatever formats you want, into the cockpit. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Sim EFB is a true EFB app with a ton of capabilities. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it works flawlessly. 5-stars. I would like to recommend to the developer to please consider releasing a version of this app for P3Dv4 and v5. Its a capability that is sorely lacking on that platform, and the P3D sim community would be forever grateful.


    It's possible to create your own moving maps when grabbing some charts. It has a very nice integration of Little Navmap. The EFB has a further moving map function using Open Street Map and OpenAIP.


    This product does exactly what it claims to do, and it does it well. Easy to use. Make bringing in all the docs you need into your "VR" cockpit. I have only one thing to request. PLEASE make a port for p3d so that I can fly the PMDG 747 and Leonardo MD82 in VR in p3d. That would be awesome !!!!!


    Absolutely brilliant! Been wanting something like this for ages. I thought it might be complicated and time consuming to use, but it's really not. Very straightforward. Using VR I would always struggle for the destination frequency codes, now I have them in a handy panel on my passenger seat in VR. Along with a list of Pilot2ATC phrases I always manage to forget. No more taking off the VR headset looking for bits of paper. Nice work, thank you!


    Amazing piece of software obviously made with love by the developer I put 10-15 mins aside to watch the tutorial videos and I was set to go, love the idea of building up a datebase as you go with the various airports and creating your own charts Great for VR, I tend to fly without any assists and code in the approach and atc myself as if in real life and this is a god send 5*


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