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  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
  • Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista
  • 528 MB free diskspace
  • TerraBuilder: Moon has the same hardware requirements as MS Flight Simulator 2004. However, some of the TerraBuilder:Moon landscape features have been enhanced and will require additional video processing power. A good, 256 MB video card is highly recommended.
  • A good, high quality joystick with throttle and Z-axis control is highly recommended. Pedals can be used for Z-axis control and, although unrealistic, a flight yoke can be used in place of the joystick.

Explore the next frontier

Take part in the journey long overdue: check your pressure suit, strap yourself into the MoonHopper and blast off on a prospecting journey into the heart of a deep lunar rille. Take control of a lunar cargo shuttle and deliver supplies to a remote lunar geological survey party. Take passengers that have just disembarked from an Earth shuttle to the polar water mining facility. Or, just take off and explore the scenery unlike anything seen in Flight Simulator 2004...

On a planetary scale

TerraBuilder Moon is a comprehensive expansion package that turns Flight Simulator's entire Earth scenery into a highly detailed world of craters, lava channels, rilles and dusty regolith (lunar soil). This is not just a localised scenery that you can "fly out" of, or an enclosed arena with a roof for a sky that will simulate the lunar enviroment on a scale of a few square kilometers... Entire Flight Simulator environment, the whole Earth, is completely transformed, from a diverse rainbow of landscape variations that our planet offers, to one of the "Magnificent Desolation"
(Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11)

Easy to get there

With a press of a single button on the "TerraBuilder: Moon" configuratuion panel, your existing Flight Simulator 2004 setup is transformed into a lunar exploration mode - sky is "removed", rivers, lakes and seas are "drained", replaced by dusty, flat "marae" (lunar "oceans"). All man made objects are completely removed and replaced by lunar rocks and boulders, strewn about by ancient lava eruptions and impacts from cosmic debris that goes on to this day.

Detailed Model

Lunar prospector's "Jeep", MoonHopper is the workhorse of lunar transportation. Used primarily as a short-range cargo and personel carrier, MoonHopper's simplicity and ease of operation makes it a favorite choice for lunar explorers.

With its high-count polygon model, the spacecraft is rich with detail and features, such as an animated pilot embark/disembark sequence, incredible landing exhaust and dust effects and the compressing landing strut and gear animation.

Fully functional virtual cockpit

MoonHopper's open-style virtual cockpit (VC) offers a breathtaking view while traversing the lunar surface, all in 360 degrees in all 3 axis.

VC is packed with functioning, animated knobs, levers and switches. All of the Instrumentation can be activated from the VC, and even the MFD can be operated using its touch screen.

Astronauts' helmet sun shield configurations can be adjusted by simply touching on the 3 components of the copilot's helmet and observing the animated parts coming into place.

Advanced Instrumentation

MFD (Multi-Functional Display) is the main instrumentation component on the MoonHopper. It is a sturdy piece of hardware, shielded by a protective shroud that makes it readable in the bright conditions. It is also touch-screen operated, with large hit areas allowed for astronauts wearing bulky gloves.

Touch-screen technology minimizes the need for mechanical switches which can break down easily in the dusty Lunar environment.

MFD modes are rich in detail and functionality, with many animated display components.

Clavius Base

Clavius Base is located on a highland plane, in a relatively flat terrain. It consists of a large, underground complex with habitat modules, command and control areas and engineering sections. Off to the side of the central structure is the main landing pad for the crewed vehicles. The base is currently undergoing the expansion, with plans to construct the satelite landing pads for unmanned cargo landers with automated loading/unloading facility and a rail link.

Copernicus Base

Copernicus Base is a scientific research outpost, located on the northern lunar hemisphere, in a relatively flat area rich with geological features. This outpost has been established through the co-operation of three national agencies: European EASB, Russian RKA and North American NAC. The outpost is home to over 70 personell from the participating and partnering nations, on rotation ranging between 3 to 12 months. Although primarily scientific in nature, the outpost also serves as the communication relay and an emergency refuel depot.

Tsiolkovsky Base

Tsiolkovsky Base is located on the inside of the medium, shallow crater near the Lunar South Pole. This location is ideal, as it receives constant sunlight on the edge of the crater, and a perpetual shadow in the crater itself. Constant sunlight supplies an endless stream of energy for station's solar cells, while the perpetual shadow shields the station crew from the harmful solar radiation.

Terrain modeling

TerraBuilder's lunar terrain has been modeled using the in-house developed terrain modeling tools (soon to be available commercially)

Since no high-resolution lunar altitude data exists to this day, the terrain has been created using the lunar pseudo topography, rendering the lunar surface features as close as the real topography. The topography is intended to illustrate the general lunar landscape - no real lunar locales have been represented. As soon as the high resolution data becomes available in the near future, the topography will be upgraded to include the areas covered.

Custom texturing

Flight Simulator's powerful scenery engine allows for creation of realistic landscapes at many different levels of proximity.

TerraBuilder has created thousands of custom lunar terrain textures that seamlessly fit to each other's edges, creating a vast, uninterrupted lunar vista. Down at the "boot level", specially designed textures cover the terrain directly surrounding the observer.

The result is the scenery that looks incredibly realistic from afar as well as close by.

Mode-switching control panel

Easy to use:

TerraBuilder:Moon is incredibly easy to configure:
With a single click on the configuration panel, TerraBuilder:Moon will make all the neccessary changes to the Flight Simulator and switch from "Earth" mode to "Moon" mode. Nothing is removed, deleted or changed in the original Flight Simulator setup - TerraBuilder:Moon uses its own files and directories, where appropriate, to run. Going back to the "Earth" mode is just as simple: with a click of a button, Flight Simulator reverts to the original configuration.


In case any of the Flight Simulator's files are in use or not accessible, TerraBuilder:Moon will detect and inform the user. Even the user's saved flights and configurations are kept separate and safe!