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    Welcome to the brand new Boeing 767 Expansion product!

    The version you are looking at now, is the FSX only version. This product requires internet activation.

    This is the official expansion package for our award winning Boeing 767 product. The original product is required. This package will add a great number of additional models to our B767, including AWACS, Tanker, Cargo and winglet models.

    This product is not DX10 compatible.

    This is an expansion package to our Boeing 767 product. The original product is required.

    This expansion package will add a high number of additional models to our Boeing 767 product. Also the package comes with 13 new repaints, dedicated to the additional models.

    • 762 AWACS model with Japan Air Force colors
    • 762 Tanker with Italian Air Force colors
    • 762 Cargo models (DHL, STAR, ABX, Airborne Express)
    • 763 Cargo models (UPS, Asiana)
    • 763 Winglets (Tui Nordic, Delta, Austrian, Hawaiian, LAN)

    And for those who like to paint fictional liveries we have added models for:

    • 762 Winglets
    • 762 Cargo models with winglets
    • 763 Cargo models with winglets

    The main cargo door of the cargo models can be opened, as well as the radome of the AWACS rotates! The tanker does have animation for the refueling parts, however the actual transfer of fuel is not possible in flightsim.

    Livery List

    Boeing 767-200

    • STAR Air
    • ABX Air
    • DHL
    • Airborne Express
    • Italian AirForce Tanker
    • Japan AirForce AWACS

    Boeing 767-300

    • Asiana Cargo
    • UPS NC
    • Hawaiian winglet
    • LAN winglet
    • TUI Fly Nordic winglet
    • Delta winglet
    • Austrian winglet

    This is an expansion package to our Boeing 767 product. You need to have the Boeing 767 installed in order to use this product (installed in the same flightsim).

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