FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register to buy something?

Yes, you need to complete the registration procedure to use the simMarket services. Open this page to create your account: https://secure.simmarket.com/create_account.php

How to buy a product?

You have to login, select a product from the catalogue and press “Add to cart”. Proceed to the checkout process to pay for your order.

How to pay for my order?

To complete your order, you have to pay for it. simMarket offers many payment options like payments via Credit Card, PayPal, Alipay and even country specific methods. If you have received a gift certificate or voucher you can apply it’s code during the checkout process.

How to download my product?

All your products and downloads are stored in your account and you can download and redownload your files at any time. To see all downloads click on the “Purchase History” link. If you are on a slow internet connection we recommend using a download manager to download bigger files.

How to install my product?

Most of your purchases from simMarket include a convenient installer and you can install them by executing the downloaded file. For products with manual installation, if you need help you will have to review the included manual or the vendor support resources for details.

How to update my product?

All updates are issued by the respective developer/vendor. When an update becomes available the vendor will notify you via an email sent from our system. Often this notification will include a change-log and any instructions required to apply the update.

I lost the registration key for my product!

All your registration keys are stored in your account. Open "Purchase History" to find the required product, click on the respective order to find the registration details.

Registration key not accepted/working.

Double check all entered details. Always use ‘copy-paste’ to insert keys, DO NOT insert them manually to avoid mistakes. If still not working and you have an error open a Support Ticket to contact our support team.

I purchased a product and I don’t like it. Can I ask for a refund?

We have a No Refunds Policy, all sales are final as per our Terms & Conditions to which you agree when making a purchase and you have no legal grounds for requesting a refund due to the intangible nature of digital downloads.

I purchased a product I already own, can I ask for a credit?

Yes, you will have to open a Support Ticket within 24 hours after you complete the order to let us know what happened. We can then refund the order and credit your account with it’s value, You can use that credit on your next order.
Take Note 1: refunds to your Credit Card, PayPal, Bank or other payment method are not possible.
Take note 2: if you however install and activate the product we can NOT refund the order anymore.

I purchased a product but did not read the requirements and I can not use it in my simulator. Can you change it to the correct version?

No, we can’t change the product but we can cancel your order and credit your account. To request this procedure, please open a Support Ticket within 24 hours after you complete the order.
Take note: if you however install and activate the product (s) we can NOT refund the order anymore

I bought a product and it is not working. Can I return it and request a refund?

If a product is not working or working with errors, either contact the vendor / developer directly or open a Support Ticket with us, we will connect you with the respective vendor. If the vendor confirms the problem, we will cancel the order and refund.
Take note: such a refund is only possible with the vendor"s confirmation (vendor must confirm it to simMarket).

I don’t need my account anymore, how can I resell or give it away?

No, your account is for legal reasons personal and non-transferable. Backup up your purchases before deleting your account.

Do you offer gift certificates?

You can purchase our gift vouchers here: https://secure.simmarket.com/simflight-gmbh-vouchers.mhtml

I have a problem with a payment

If you have any issues or questions about payments open a Support Ticket to contact our staff.

I need support about my product, who will resolve my issue?

If you have problems with your product, please contact the manufacturer's support directly. You can find the support address in your app library on the right-hand side. For all other questions, please feel free to contact us.

How long do I need to wait for an answer to my support ticket?

Usually we reply in 4-12 hours on working days and 24-48 hours on holidays and weekends. Note that simMarket is based in Germany, therefore the German holiday calendar and the CET time fuse applies.

Can I open a support ticket in my native language?

We have a multi-language team and you always can open a Support Ticket in English, Deutsch, Français, 简体中文 or Русском

My question is not listed here.

Please use our Support Ticket system to contact us