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    Lagos Murtala Muhammed International Airport (ICAO: DNMM) is the largest airport in Nigeria, and one of the busiest in all of Africa. It was originally built during the World War II to serve the city of Lagos, and later in the 70's it was named after Murtala Muhammed, a former military head of the state of Nigeria. Due to the strong growth of Nigerian economy and the city of Lagos the amount of traffic received by the airport has been growing fast during the 2000's. In year 2014 the airport served over 20 million passengers, 5 million more than the year before. The airport receives scheduled commercial flights from all parts of Africa, as well as from Asia, Europe and North America. It also has a large number of business, general aviation and military operations of the Nigerian Air Force.

    This scenery covers the entire airport in great detail for FSX, P3D and P3D V2 (and V3 & V4 with manual installation - contact livingfs@hotmail.com for details.)


    • Custom 3D models for all main buildings of the airport
    • High quality ground polygons for the runways, taxiways and parking areas
    • Detailed night textures
    • Photorealistic ground textures for the entire airport area
    • Very FPS friendly
    • Static aircraft and vehicles for some of the GA / MIL parking areas
    • Autogen buildings for nearby aiport surroundings
    • Easy to use installer
    • Tested and compatible with most other addons, including FTX Global & Vector and GEX.


    FSX P3D 1.4 P3D V2 (Also compatible with P3D V3 and V4, but requires manual installation for those - contact livingfs@hotmail.com for details)


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    This has the potential to be a good product but it is unfortunately let down by poor textures of many of the buildings, the quality of which is variable though some are really only freeware quality. Much of this large download is taken up by photoscenery which I plan to deactivate if possible as I feel that it doesn't add anything to this product. On the positive side it's good to have another large African airport as a destination and it is not very resource intensive. So come on LivingFS revise Lagos X so that truly reaches FSX standards.


    Great airport! There is too much of African airports not modeled correctly in Flightsim. Lagos is a great airport for my long haul Europe-Africa flights. I enjoy it everytime i land/takeoff. Hope there will be more African airports soon!


    The scenery is truly nice. A great job has been done by the developers, for an African scenery. Hoping more great african airports follow soon, not just northern african ones. The only reason why I wont give it a five star review for now is that there is a problem with the AFCAD file I think. Aircrafts keep on crashing, when trying to start or to park at any of he gates, at the main terminal. I contacted the developers about it and , they promised to solve the issue. Still waiting.


    Not bad,seeing as there are so few African airport sceneries,but I think Kilimanjaro airport sets the needed standard.


    Better than nothing. Would have liked better compatibility with GSX. The centrelines of the gates are offset to the Jetways (which are static) meaning the GSX vehicles are in the buildings, or under other jetways. Only 1 heavy gate (which may be correct) but GSX isn't available there.


    The textures could have been a bit more crispy, nevertheless a great contribution to the continent that seems to be forgotten in FSX. Would love to see some more sub-saharan airports like DGAA, DIAP and DXXX


    There are very few African airports in FSX and this is one of them. A good African airport but GSX does not work on it. It generates error due to AFCAD issue. I hope it is rectified and update is issued by developer


    Die Umsetzung von Lagos ist wirklich nicht mehr auf dem heutigen Stand, insbesondere die schlechte Anpassung der Straßenstücke im Terminalbereich und etliche Gebäudestrukturen, auch ist das Luftbild nicht weitflächig genug und der Übergang an die Standardscenery an einigen Stellen nicht gut angepasst. Alles in Allem eine eher mittelmässige Arbeit, daher wohl auch der relativ niedrige Preis. Deshalb möchte ich nur 2 Sterne hierfür vergeben!


    Afrika ist in der Realität wie im Flusi der "fast vergessene Kontinent". Es gibt nur wenige Ausnahmen im Szenerie-Bereich, leider. Diese Szenerie ist eine davon. Lagos in Nigeria ist einer der wichtigsten Flughäfen an der westafrikanischen Küste. Fangen wir mit den wenigen negativen Sachen an. Es gibt ein paar Designschwächen bei den Terminals... die Darstellung ist nicht mehr ganz zeitgemäß. Die Parkplätze hätten mehr Sorgfalt benötigt. Die abgestellten Autos sind nicht mit den "Schatten" der Fotounterlage kompatibel. Wenn man das mal wegläßt, haben wir ein insgesamt stimmiges Bild dieses Flughafens, reichlich statische Flugzeuge und Fahrzeuge die hier typisch sind. Die Texturen für Runways und Taxiways sind solide, die Beschilderung soweit korrekt, das AFCAD okay... und die Szenerie hat das gewisse "afrikanische Flair", das man nicht beschreiben kann. Ich kann diese Arbeit empfehlen. Sie ist deutlich besser als andere Nachbildungen von Flughäfen in Afrika.


    nice scenery and airport. can you make more African airports especially Ghana Kotota Airport. Would wanna fly there. Thank you


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