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Habe heute die MB -339 - zu 2508001 - ID 139124 gekauft und zu installieren versucht. Nach drei Stunden vergeblicher Mühe richte ich nunmehr an Sie die Bitte, ob es nicht möglich wäre mir Unterstützung zu geben. Allein das Auffinden des Community Ordners ist im Gegensatz zu den direkt bei MSFS erworbenen ADONS, welche sofort vom Programm installiert werden, mühselig. Sollte daher von mir erwartet werden, dass ich weiterhin Ihre Angebote kaufen sollte, so wäre ich Ihnen mehr als dankbar wenn Sie mir in umsetzbarer Form helfen könnten. Ich hätte auch Interesse an der King Air, nur ich bitte um Verständnis, wenn sich vorerst meine Kauflust in Grenzen hält. Ihrer Antwort mit Interesse entgegensehend verbleibt mit freundlichen Grüßen Werner Hochapfel
I don't have much to say about it, it looks good, it flies good, it sounds... acceptable. Overall good for the price. The only major issue I have with this model is the lack of in-game checklists, I know about the manual but in-game checklists is, in my opinion, the best new feature of this simulator and is great for newcomers. It's something that payware aircrafts developpers should stop ignoring.
Meh for the price, probably will be great if fixed. The inside cockpit is quite ugly and below what you should expect for a next-gen plateform, low-poly in places and the textures are pretty bad. The canopy is so dirty it's really distracting and even disgusting, clean it up a bit. The outside model looks pretty good, I have nothing bad to say about it. The sounds are pretty bad, you don't even need to have heard the real plane to notice something is wrong with this addon, sounds are missing, the engine sounds is both wrong and of poor quality. I'm not to complain about the flight model too much since it's a known issue that is going to be fixed when possible and it's mostly Asobo's fault, but it's pretty bad for now. Somethi-
ng I can't accept now or later is the lack of in-game checklists, I know about the manual but in-game checklists is, in my opinion, the best new feature of this simulator and is great for newcomers. It's something that payware aircrafts developpers should stop ignoring.
It is a great plane but max. speed of 280 kts. could be more. I am not sure because i uninstalled Aerofly FS2 but the freeware MB339 made about 350 kts. 3/5 stars.
Simply amazing Th-
e plane is just fantastic, it flies like a charm and despite not being the pro version it is very very complete. Abso-
lutely recommended especially for the incredible price
I like it, fun aircraft. I couldn't get VOR to work though, not sure it's implemented yet...
Excellent apart from the sound as you close the cockpit hood doesn't change, also I noticed when external I cant hear the other 339s, placed myself on the mach loop in drone cam and as the other jets flew past there wasn't any engine sounds which is a shame as would love to make a air show with this aircraft, hope it can and will be fixed in an update, apart from that great fun
Absolutely fantastic, the best fun I've had yet in the sim. Sounds awesome, looks awesome, lots of functionality in the cockpit. Big smiles from me.
The model is very high quality. The interior is high quality. Visually it looks great. It sounds really good too. I'd estimate around 20-30% of the buttons work. There's no heads up display or g-meter. No checklists either, so you're in the dark on how to start it unless you consult the manual or outside sources. I couldn't get any sort of autopilot or on the fly GPS to work as the buttons for that are inop. It flies nice and is easy to land. The control surfaces are animated. Speed brake as well. Canopy opens and is animated. No ejection seat or weapons which is to be expected but you can take the ejection pin out which is a nice touch. There's several liveries included which are very high quality. It could definitely use some more functionality and I hope there's some more work done to it. Compared to the DCS version, there's just no comparison. This is very much a "lite" version of the aircraft in terms of systems. The warning light test button lights up all of the lights and you can dim the lighting. So, it's not completely bare bones. All in all, it's a nice plane. Would like to see more functionality, of course, but hopefully that comes in time with an update or as the market sees more planes being released. Yo-
u also get the aerobatic model of this plane which comes with 1 livery. So, that's a nice bonus. All in all. 3/5 stars. I would really like to see more functionality in future releases. This is one of the first professional add-on planes to be released for FS20. Hopefully, as time goes on devs will start adding more detailed systems to their payware planes. It would be nice to see updates/patches released as well to add more functionality.
I love it!!! Great performance, flies well, great FPS on my 4.0Ghz GTX 1070 machine. I’m not normally a jet fighter guy but this one seems very approachable, landings are achievable.