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REQUIRES: Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, Get it here

Enhancer Bundle 1 include the two well know Cielosim Products: Instant Enhancer and Live ATC Chatter.

Instant Enhancer is a scenery utility that greatly enhances the visual quality of Flight Simulator. It enhances the quality of cumulus and cirrus clouds, ocean and river water, water reflections, waves, the sky at all times of day, airport grass/terrain, airplane lights, runway lights, taxiway and runway textures, the sun, lens flare, environment reflections, the trees in all seasons and the moon. It replaces the default Flight Simulator textures with over 250 realistic custom made textures. It also includes an easy to use user application to choose and preview which textures to install. Instant Enhancer will bring Flight Simulator to a new level, transforming your environment with high quality photoreal textures.


→ Sky
- Day, Dawn, Dusk, Night

→ Clouds
- Cumulus and Cirrus

→ Water
- Ocean, River, Waves, Reflections.

→ Trees
- All seasons

→ Lights
- Runway and Airplane

→ Airport
- Runways and Taxiways

→ Grass/Terrain
- Airport and Terrain

→ Sun and Moon
→ Lens Flare
→ Envmap Reflection

In total is more than 250 custom textures!

Also Includes

- Detailed Manual
- No frame rate impact
- User Friendly interface to install/browse textures


Live ATC Chatter is program for Flight Simulator that allows you to listen to live real-time Air Traffic Control streams within the simulator. It connects via the internet to the ATC streams and then projects the audio in Flight Simulator. Although Live ATC does not come with any ATC streams, you can download them freely at Live ATC enhances your Flight Simulator environment by adding real-time live ATC audio for the selected airports you fly at. If you don’t always have an active internet connection or you don’t want to connect to a stream while flying, Live ATC also offers the option to play either Mp3 or Wave sound chatter files. So whether you be online or offline you will be able to listen to Real ATC chatter in Flight Simulator.



  • Easy and clean interface
  • Ability to store favorites
  • Stream internet connection scanner
  • Ability to play Mp3 and Wave files
  • Ability to print stream names and frequencies
  • FS2004 and FSX support
  • Detailed 24 page Pdf Manual with step by step tutorial.
  • No frame rate impact
  • Friendly and fast customer support

How it works
So how exactly does Live ATC work? In order for Live ATC to play ATC audio, you must have ATC streams or Mp3/Wave sound files which can be downloaded freely from After they have been downloaded, you add them to Live ATC. There, you can organize their order and frequency. The stream frequency is the frequency you will tune in your Flight Simulator radio. Each stream will have a unique frequency that is auto-added by Live ATC but can be changed to your liking. Once your streams are added and organized, you can start Flight Simulator and then tune to one of the stream frequencies via the Com2 or Com1 radio and you will hear the ATC Chatter for that frequency.