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NOTES DBS Terrain Map requires email activation after installation.

DBS Profile Radar presents to any aircraft in Flight Simulator FS2004 and FSX an analog doppler terrain relief radar live image.

Profile Radar can be used as standalone window (left window on screenshot) in any aircraft and any view (cockpit, virtual cockpit, external view, tower view) and adjustable throught configuration window or can be used in XML gauge and configurable throught XML variable (right window on screenshot).

Profile Radar is a new generation of flight-safety tools and can be assist to pilot on a low-altitude flight over strong terrain relief (bush flying, visual approach in bad wheater conditions, helicopter operation etc.).

Profile Radar has a documented program interface and can be implemented into any aircraft in Flight Simulator like an internal GPS or can be used as allways-visible window on predefined screen place.

Profile Radar display window can be configured to use different colors on background, terrain relief, grid lines. Maximum range is 25 nautical miles (can be adjusted to any distance between 0.1 - 25 nm) and altitude range can be variabled between 10 - 3000 feets. Radar resolution can be variable to low for better performance or to high for detailed relief drawing. Grid lines and aircraft altitude line can be hide. Grid resoltion can be adjusted to any distance between horizontal/vertical grid lines. With this configuration settings Profile Radar display can simulate most of real relief radars.


Customer Reviews

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Richard Dorr *Verified Product User*, 03/31/2008
    If you like flying low & fast, this is a "must have" I just got this today, and after activation (more on this later), I flew a B-2 on a terrain-following flight through Yosemite valley with the Profile Radar taking up the almost entire windshield - I had less than 1/2" betwen the panel & radar to see out of. The only problem was the typical FS9 terrain - looks clear, but 'oops' there's an invisible mountain there <CRASH> All the real terrain was easily avoided with only the radar. The only things I noticed were: if I dove hard after a hill, it didn't always pick up the very close terrain I was diving into, and it doesn't pick up trees and houses (which it doesn't claim to do), so you might want to leave an extra 50-60 feet of extra clearance.
As far as activation, the activation guide says it may take as much as 10 hours, but I sent my activation email, and when I checked after dinner, I had received the activation key. The one thing that wasn't mentioned in the guide - I had to have FS running in windowed mode to activate the radar. In full-screen mode, I got a black screen when I tried to activate.
Now I just have to figure out how to make it work as a gauge in the panel....