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REQUIREMENTS FS2004 + FSX (FSX patch included)

Reunion Island is a French Isle locaded in the Indian Ocean near the East coast of Africa. Its scenery covers the entire isle with photorealistic textures of a high quality haute qualité, on which each airport has been precisely aligned and enhanced compared to the Flight Simulator 2004 default scenery.

This scenery also includes a full and specific autogen for the area, and a realistic AI traffic based on real airlines timetables and flight plans. This way, the virtual pilot will enjoy a large flight area in which he can fly both VFR or IFR with an unprecedented realism.


  • Reunion Island entirely covered by photorealistic textures
  • Textures based on IGN aerial photos (not satellite), enhanced for the best visual effect in Flight Simulator.
  • Summer textures only
  • Specific Autogen for the area (houses and vegetation) on the whole isle.
  • Custom Terrain Mesh LOD9/10/11 of a high accuracy for the whole isle.
  • Coastlines, lakes and streams are faithfully represented and optimized (LWM) with coast flattening (no water “climbing”). These bodies of water are landable.
  • 2 airports and 2 ultralights strips. Thses airports are enhanced to fit in the photo texture : taxiways, buildings, wind-sock ... precisely placed
  • Airfields and airports areas enhanced in order to prevent from seeing too much (or no) difference of terrain between the accurate mesh and flight simulator flat runways.
  • Extremely precise geo-referenced texture positioning, ensuring a maximal compatibility with scenery add-ons for this region.
  • AI Traffic of commercial aircrafts fully included and realistic based on real timetables and flight plans.
  • Development process 100% conform to the Microsoft SDK to ensure a maximum compatibility with future versions
  • Opened Scenery for other scenery developements by other publishers
  • Original items of Flight Simulator optimized for a faster framerate
  • Charts for all airports : (VAC/IAC, IFR departures / arrivals, VFR approach, airports diagrams).
  • Manual (English + French)


Customer Reviews

5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!  
Andrew Underwood *Verified Product User*, 05/10/2006 1 of 1 customer found this review helpful
    I recently downloaded the payware scenery for “La Reunion Island” by Francesim, and have to say, it combines everything I could have ever wanted from a flight simulator scenic package.
It really has it all, a beautiful range of photoreal textures, matching autogen, stunning terrain mesh, a fleet of addon custom AI traffic flying in, out and around of the island- and yes, it is an island- which is the best location for a scenery addon, as there are no immediate clashes with the rest of the default FS world!
The location of La Reunion was the primary selling point for me, as I have been looking for a decent tropical escape in my virtual world for quite a while, and after discovering the joys of the Canarysim expansion, I was prepared to pay for an island manufactured by Francesim, (As I already have their fantastic Corsica expansion) who although they are not so well known as there website is in French, I highly regard them as the best in the business when it comes to the virtual world of flight simulation.
Anyway, back to location. As I mentioned before, when you have an enhanced island on flightsim, your only limitation is the sea as a boundary rather than borders with default landscapes, which can be off-putting after spending so money to get rid of there sight. I wanted this island to be “tropical” as beforehand, when I bought the Corisca addon, I received a Mediterranean look, and with the Canarysim pack, I got a rather dry African feel. So with La Reunion, being France’s naval base in the Indian Ocean, you can imagine the landscape is much different to my other addons, with lovely green textures complimenting sandy beaches and blue lagoons as the slope down into the sea.
Also, being in the middle of the Indian Ocean, La Reunion serves as a fantastic stop over for long-haul journeys for those of you who enjoy the heavy metal flying, with Gillot (FMEE) airport included in the scenery, with custom AFCADS and terrain adjustments, letting it fit seamlessly in with the photoreal ground textures and the terrain.
Ah yes, the terrain How does LOD9 21m mesh sound to you? It is truly stunning with the islands diverse volcanic landmass, with peaks reaching over 3000 feet, many giant active volcanoes steaming away, as well as loads of craters, lakes, rivers, valleys and crevices. The island itself only has an area of 2,517 square kilometer yet I have barely began to explore even a small percentage of what is on offer.
La Reunion is a GA pilot’s paradise, in both senses of the word. Firstly, the island is a fantastic tropical getaway, and secondly, there is the opportunity for hundreds of hours worth of flying to be done, with every new corner you turn, a new adventure awaits. You seriously cannot run out of things to do here, as the island is such a geographical phenomenon, and once you begin flying here, you will never want to leave!
The island has so many different faces, with landscapes varying from the north tip to the south, and with endless ways to customize your experience by using various weather themes and time/date settings. The package does not include nighttime photoreal, which is understandable considering it is a downloadable only package, and with so many steep peaks around, night-time flying might not be so safe!
Another cool thing about La Reunion is that there are many, many towns both down by the sea and up in the hills. I can run my average machine with the display settings maxed out, viewing Francsim’s accurately placed autogen in all its glory, and still receive an unbelievable 35FPS! My computer normally runs at about 15-20FPS, so I was very happy to see how smooth the rather complex addon ran, this being down to it’s location, out in the middle of the ocean, with no other scenery rendering itself in the background for miles away!
I really can’t express how pleased I am with this addon, and as always, the screenshots just don’t do it justice and I think you really need to fly here yourself to get the total satisfaction that I am feeling. If I could give the scenery a star rating out of five, I would award Francesim's La Reunion Island five stars, even though it does not include nighttime textures, because all its other amazing features, that I have just outlined, manage to balance it out.
See screenshots here:
4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!  
Sean Hare *Verified Product User*, 09/18/2005 1 of 1 customer found this review helpful
    Nice addition to an area previously not covered (as far as I know). Quality appears very good, but the sides of some cliffs look a little patchy and like a stretched photo.
Overall, a good piece of photoscenery at a very reasonable price and a lot of fun!