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A revolutionary new add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X ("FSX") and 2004. FSFlyingSchool - you'll never have to fly alone again!

Imagine your own team of Flight Instructors ready to accompany you on any flight 
Imagine competing with the rest of the Web to prove your flying skills are the best of the best.
Imagine your personal instructor evaluating every aspect of your flying technique and scoring each phase of flight with information you can use to fly better
Imagine a comprehensive log book recording the good and bad points of each flight.
Imagine FSFlyingSchool...
New features in FSFlying School Pro 2013
DEMO VERSION of Cessna 208B Caravan Detail Pack included.

Beechcraft Baron 58 Detail Pack Included

Want to fly a detailed flight in the ever popular Beechcraft Baron 58?
This 'Detail Pack' for FSFlyingSchool Pro 2013 offers extra detailed treatment when flying this marvellous airplane.
Your instructor knows the details of this machine and will expect the same from you!
The product has the instructor reading Beechcraft Baron 58 checklists to you, but what's more important is that he'll be watching your performance and looking for those details that are so essential in a Beechcraft Baron 58.
In addition to FSFlyingSchool Pro 2013's detailed analysis of your flights, you'll hear extra advice and warnings all specific to the Beechcraft Baron 58. Stall speeds, use of fuel boost pumps, cowl flaps, propeller controls, rate of climb, angle of climb, flap speeds, run up procedures, fuel, starting the engines, one-engine-out speeds, landing techniques, mixture controls and much more. Get ready to fly the Beechcraft Baron 58 like you've never done before!

Voice Command Pack Included

Described by PC Pilot Magazine as a "must have feature", the Voice Command Pack gives you the means to talk back to your instructors. Get the facts you can use right away, just by asking. Constantly updated information on your flight plan, destination airport, ILS, AGL, sky condition, waypoints, ground and air traffic, weather and much more. You can even ask the instructors to identify airports you can see out of the windows!

Mooney Bravo Detail Pack Included

Want to get to know the Mooney Bravo?
FSFlyingSchool Pro 2013 offers an especially detailed experience when flying this fast, fun aircraft. Your instructor will be reading Mooney Bravo checklists to you, watching your performance and looking for your attention to Mooney details.
Extra advice and warnings all specific to the Mooney Bravo include flap speeds, run up procedures, fuel, starting the engine, stall speeds, use of fuel boost pump, cowl flaps, propeller control, rate of climb, angle of climb, landing techniques, mixture control and more. Fly the Mooney Bravo like the PROs!

On Approach PLUS Pack Included

We all know we need to practice, practice, practice, our approaches and landings. Folks around the world are busy flying with the On Approach features of FSFlyingSchool. Introduced in 2011, these features make setting up approaches to any runway in the world the work of only a few seconds. But now - there's more! FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 includes the On Approach PLUS Pack which allows the pilot to set up intersecting approaches, set approach initial altitude and much more. It's never been easier with this unique new feature for Flight Simulator! Just get into your airplane and then have FSFlyingSchool Pro 2013 put you on approach to any airport of your choice. You can even have FSFlyingSchool Pro 2013 choose a random airport anywhere in the world. Ready to be challenged?!

Cessna 152 Detail Pack Included

How about some flights in something easy to handle?
This 'Detail Pack' for FSFlyingSchool Pro 2013 will have you flying the c152 with skill and with the respect it deserves.
Your team of instructors have detailed knowledge they are ready to pass on to you and will read checklists at your command. You'll get all the usual FSFlyingSchool detailed analysis of your flights, as well as Cessna 152 precise information on stall speeds, rate of climb, angle of climb, flap speeds, run up procedures, fuel, starting the engine, landing techniques, carburetor heat, mixture control, use of engine primer and a lot more. The Cessna 152 is hugely popular - find out why!


FSFlying School Features
  • Evaluates landing with or without ILS at any runway in the world  
  • Automatically creates FSFlyingSchool profile for any powered airplane  
  • Pilot Briefing Tool analyzes all flights to find patterns of performance which need improvement  
  • Option to monitor correct use of aircraft lights  
  • Instructors now give additional warnings before mistakes are made  
  • Instructors have many new helpful and entertaining phrases  
  • Aircraft Failures integrated into scoring  
  • Option to monitor correct use of aircraft engines  
  • Engine fires  
  • Monitors use of emergency communications  
  • Enhanced Help  
  • Instructor optionally reports failures
  • Sound device selection
  • A team of Flight Instructors who talk to you, giving you immediate, detailed advice on your flying technique.
  • Unique scoring system rates all phases of flight: taxi, take off, cruise, approach, landing and much more.
  • Fly a whole flight or just practice landings - you always receive a detailed score.
  • Your flights and their scores are tracked in full detail in your own FSFlyingSchool logbook.
  • Submit your best scores to the FSFlyingSchool web site to show off your flying skills to the rest of the world.
  • Focuses on airmanship and recording your achievements. Track your progress as you improve - take satisfaction from doing difficult things correctly.
  • Works with dozens of the Flight Simulator community's favorite aircraft - add your own in minutes.
  • Highest scores come from good airmanship, often in challenging weather, with the least automation, but you can fly at whatever level is comfortable.
  • From a Cessna 172 landing in a thunderstorm to an FMC controlled flight in a Boeing 747, FSFlyingSchool can handle them all.
  • Instant tests of your airmanship: ask the instructor to immediately test your skills.
  • File a flight plan - follow it carefully to score more points.
  • Large selection of options allow you to configure FSFlyingSchool your way.
  • It's never been easier to use! You can now land anywhere you like and your instructors will know which runway you have chosen. You do not need to file a flight plan and you do not need to create the runway files that FSFlyingSchool used previously. Just get lined up with a runway ahead of you when you descend in landing mode. The instructor will look ahead, figure which runway you are heading for and announce where you are going to land. Easy!
  • No need to file a flight plan! Fly any route you wish with full evaluation of your performance.
  • Instructor knows which runway you are landing at. Even without a flight plan or ILS, and will give advice on how to land.
  • Instructor knows which runway you are taking off from. Instructor will comment and give advice on the runway you have selected.
  • No need to land on a fixed point on the runway. Any reasonable landing on a runway will get a reasonable score.
  • Auto-read FSX's current flight plan. Option so that FSFS2011 will always read FSX's current flight plan when you press the connect button in FSFS2011. This is a great time saver!
  • Spoken Teaching Tips. Option so that FSFS2011 will speak a series of helpful tips when you fly with FSFS2011. Tips are always in the same voice and are clearly different from a normal 'instructor' voice. These tips are like training wheels on a bicycle and are telling you how to use FSFS2011 and Flight Simulator itself. Once you have got the basics of these operations down, you may wish to turn these basic tips off.
  • Friendlier scoring system. Rewards all flights which were basically safe - higher scores require plenty of skill. If you can walk away from your landing - you will get a score. If you crash - you will not!
  • Numerical data added to log book. Shows details of flight performance, such as landing speed, distance from threshold, approach accuracy and more.
  • Runway length and threshold part of landing evaluation. Landings have never been easier - just land beyond the threshold (even when displaced), on the runway, and not too long, and you'll be looking at great scores.
  • Airfield cities and facility names added to log book. No longer just the ICAO code - now you get to see your full airfield names.


FSX Boeing 737-800 Detail Pack Included

Ever wanted to fly a detailed flight in an airliner? After 2 years of design, development and testing, FSFlyingSchool now offers extra detailed treatment when flying the world's most popular airliner.
Your instructor Mr Smith knows a very great deal about the correct operation, systems and procedures of this aircraft and will be watching you carefully.
Around 100 events are added to the instructor's watch and you also get detailed verbal and written checklists.
Get ready for some 'heavy iron'! 

On Approach feature

We all know we need to practice, practice, practice, our approaches and landings.
It's never been easier with this unique new feature for Flight Simulator!
Just get into your airplane and then have FSFlyingSchool Pro put you on approach to any airport of your choice.
You can even have FSFlyingSchool Pro choose a random airport anywhere in the world.
Ready to be challenged?! 

FSFS Pro Flight Mapping feature

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to review your flight paths over real world satellite terrain using Google Maps?
And... wouldn't it be just great to be able to store them and look back over them at your leisure?
How about sharing them with friends?
Oh - and how about tracking taxi routes too?
Now you can do all of this with FSFlyingSchool Pro's new Flight Mapping feature! 

Cessna 172 Detail Pack Included

Want to fly a detailed flight in the ever popular Cessna 172? FSFlyingSchool Pro offers extra detailed treatment when flying this marvelous airplane.
Your team of instructors know the details of this machine and will expect the same from you!
Get ready to fly the c172 like you've never done before!


Instructor optionally comments on the position, type and activity of both air and ground traffic and issues warnings if aircraft are getting too close. Things can get hectic at busy airports so your instructor will help keep you out of trouble.
Waypoint Advice
Instructor optionally advises when the next waypoint in a flight plan is approaching and reports its ID and type and advises the turn which must be made when it is reached. This gives you a hand setting up for that next important stage of the flight plan.
Navigation Aid Advice
Instructor optionally advises which radio to tune for the next NAVAID (Navigation Aid) in the flight plan (VOR or NDB) and reports the ID and type of the NAVAID, how to use its signal, and the course which can be tracked with it. It all helps the pilot stay on track and is a gentle way of introducing the pilot to the basics of VOR and NDB navigation.
Instant Customization of FSFlyingSchool Runway Data
Powerful new feature means that with a single key-press the pilot can optionally indicate what exact touchdown point on any runway in the world the pilot wants a landing to be evaluated on. You can aim for any point on the runway you like with this handy new tool.
Automatic Setting of OBS
Instructor will automatically set NAV1OBS to the runway heading during landing. One less thing for the pilot to worry about during a very busy time.
Runway Details
Instructor reports runway length, altitude and surface type when on approach. It all helps in planning that perfect landing.

ILS Advice
Instructor advises frequency of ILS (Instrument Landing System) at destination airport. If you want to do an ILS approach and need that frequency, your instructor has it for you.
ATIS Advice
Instructor advises frequency of ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) at destination airport. Use this to tune a radio and get vital information on the current conditions at the airport.
Automatic ILS Tuning
Instructor optionally tunes NAV1 (Navigation Radio One) to ILS (Instrument Landing System) at destination airport. Things can get busy so you can have your instructor take care of this for you if you wish.
Automatic ATIS Tuning
Instructor optionally tunes COM2 (Communications Radio Two) to ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) at destination airport. Handy to save time and COM2 will not interfere with ATC communications.
DME Reporting
Instructor reports distance from DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) navigation aid.
Handy Hints
Even more helpful cues and suggestions from your instructors.
Announces Selected Runway
Instructor reminds pilot which runway has been chosen for landing at destination airport. Helps keep the pilot on the right track and off the wrong runway.
Announces Flight Plan Length
Instructor reports total distance of flight plan. Make sure you can get there safely and with plenty of fuel to spare.
The in-program text tips have been expanded to help pilots get the most from all of FSFlyingSchool2011's features.
Runway Information
Enhanced runway data displayed at Flight Plan Page, including runway length, surface type and ILS and ATIS frequencies.

FSFlyingSchool immerses you in the simulation using immediate voice feedback from your chosen instructor:

  • Fly anywhere you like and have your performance verbally evaluated and added to your custom log book.
  • Instructor tells you what you are doing wrong, when you do it.
  • Instructor detects subtle things you don't normally know about: G forces; trimming technique; taxiing in wind and lots more.
  • Performance immediately evaluated while you are still out flying: do not need to quit or even switch applications. No need to park or turn engine off to get a score.
  • Fly circuits around your favorite airports and have them evaluated in detail.
  • Always gives you detailed scoring of your performance; not a simple summary.
  • Failures system keeps you on your toes and your instructor can help you spot them.
  • Fly smoothly or you may damage your aircraft.
  • Multiple instructors to choose from with different personalities, genders and nationalities.
  • Advises you of crosswind strength and relative direction at your intended landing site.
  • Instructor will advise you of your height, use of gear, flaps and more as you approach the runway.
  • Improves your flying skills; makes your flying more realistic and attentive to detail.
  • Finds bad flying habits you may have.
New Career Analyzer examines multiple aspects of pilot performance:

Autopilot used
Ballooning during landing
Braking during takeoff
Circuit bad altitude base (secs)
Circuit bad altitude crosswind (secs)
Circuit bad altitude downwind (secs)
Circuit bad altitude final (secs)
Circuit bad altitude upwind (secs)
Circuit bad heading base (secs)
Circuit bad heading crosswind (secs)
Circuit bad heading downwind (secs)
Circuit bad heading final (secs)
Circuit bad heading upwind (secs)
Circuit duration base (secs)
Circuit duration crosswind (secs)
Circuit duration downwind (secs)
Circuit duration final (secs)
Circuit duration upwind (secs)
Circuit excessive banking
Circuit late turn onto base
Circuit late turn onto crosswind
Circuit late turn onto downwind
Circuit late turn onto final
Circuit Score
Complete flights

Cruising fast and low (secs)
Danger of stall
Danger of tail strike
Descending too fast (secs)
Descent during takeoff
Exceeded flaps speed (secs)
Exceeded gear extension speed (secs)
Excessive bank angle - left
Excessive bank angle - right
Excessive negative Gs
Excessive positive Gs
Flaps not set for landing
Flaps not up during taxi
Flew low over obstacle
Flight Score
Ground strikes
ILS approach glide slope rating (%)
ILS approach localizer rating (%)
Landing bank angle (degrees)
Landing flaps (degrees)
Landing IAS (kts)
Landing NAV1 localizer needle deflection (degrees)
Landing pitch (degrees)
Landing rudder pedals: left / right (%)
Landing Score
Landing stall warning
Landing throttles (%)
Landing turn coordinator ball: left / right (%)
Landing vertical speed (fpm)
Landing while too fast to land (secs)
Late rotation
Nose too high
Nose too low
Poor aileron use during taxi in wind
Poor elevator use during taxi in wind
Poor steering after landing
Poor takeoff steering
Poor use of trimmers (secs)
Poorly coordinated turns
Rough pitch control
Rough turns on ground
Rough turns
Rough use of wheel brakes
Simulation rate not normal
Taxiing too fast (secs)
Taxiing with inappropriate throttle and brakes
Wings not level near ground


FSFlyingSchool Pro v 5.7.2 for FSX and FS2004

  • This version adds a "Help Me!" panic button!
  • Sometimes, things start to get a little out of control and we could all use some help way up there in the simulated skies.
  • If you as the pilot think that things are getting out of control and you just cannot recover, a recovery may be possible by asking your instructor for emergency assistance via the new FSFS Pro "Help Me" panic button.
  • If this is pressed when the aircraft is airborne, the instructor will immediately try to configure aircraft in an attempt to get things back under control.
  • The "Help me" keystroke can be pressed as often as desired.
  • We can't guarantee that your instructor will always be able to save the day, but if things are not too far out of control, he/she will certainly try!

FSFlyingSchool Pro v 5.7.4 for FSX and FS2004

Your chief instructor Mr Smith now has a wealth of information for you on basic aviation matters and will pass this along to you during the quieter times when you are cruising the simulated skies. He'll still be watching your performance of course, but will take the opportunity to share his detailed knowledge of aircraft controls, instruments, procedures etc with you as you fly along. As with most of FSFlyingSchool's features, this is of course an option, so seasoned pilots can decline if they would prefer.