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  • WinXP, Vista and Win7 32/64 bit
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP1, SP2/Acceleration)
  • Pentium IV 2.6 GHz (2GHz Duo2Core Intel and above or equivalent advised)
  • 1 GB RAM and above recommened
  • 256 Mb DirectX 9/10 graphics card (512 Mb or higher recommended)
  • Word for Windows or Adobe Acrobat® Reader 6 minimal to read and print the manual.
  • Over 250mb of hard disk space


Fuaʻamotu International Airport (NFTF) is an international airport on the main Tongan island of Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga. It is located on the south side of the main island, 35 km from the capital, Nuku'alofa. It was originally built with coral surface runways during World War 2 (WWII) as heavy bomber field.

Fuaʻamotu is suitable for up to Boeing 767 size aircraft, but remains closed to larger jets such as B747s. International airlines with regular services to Fuaʻamotu include Air New Zealand, Air Pacific, Pacific Blue Airlines and Polynesian Airlines. Air Pacific fly B737-800s from Nadi and Suva. Air New Zealand flies Airbus A320, B737-300s, and B767-300ERs from Auckland. Pacific Blue flies B737-800s to Fuaʻamotu from Sydney and Auckland. Polynesian Airlines also flies in from Pago Pago and Apia using Twin Otters (DHc6-300).

The airport and the whole island of Tongatapu was developed in FSX with true-to-life precision which means that we used exact lat/lon coordinates and adopted photoreal background images to resemble RW counterpart. The international and domestic terminal buildings, and surroundings are also created with realistic accuracy.

What's revised in version 2:

  • Altered photoreal waterclass to render proper color shades at northwestern end of Tongatapu Island.
  • Brighten photoreal waterclass along shorelines
  • Added wave effects to shoreline
  • Removed default lights causing aircraft "sinking" effect at domestic terminal area. Replaced with custom lights.
  • Removed flickering building at domestic terminal area.


  • Accurate airport terminal buildings;
  • Photoreal coverage of the whole Tongatapu island and downtown Nuku'alofa
  • Custom runway and ground/apron textured polygons;
  • Custom vegetation and objects;
  • 3D grass
  • Upgraded terrain mesh for the airport area;
  • Complete hand textured coloration of land and waterclass;
  • Night lighting and effects;
  • 15/30/60cm/pixel photoreal texture;
  • Framerate-friendly (including full autogen enhancements for framerate fluidity using SDK annotator). This means all sliders to the right with very minimal fps impact;
  • Runway and apron/tarmac markings;
  • Active Fuel truck between international and domestic terminals (Shift+F for animation)
  • Radio navigation enhanced for instrument approaches (ILS/DME, VOR and NDB)
  • MyTrafficX compatible for real-world schedules and airline liveries that frequent Fua'amotu;
  • ....and more.


Frame rates from scenery complexity and autogen settings were averaged at 30fps and above. This includes moving sliders 100% to the right. Lower settings yielded much higher frames, but our recommendation is Dense to Extreme Dense for variable exceptional rates. Since the scenery is 15/30/60cm/pixel photoreal, it is highly recommended that Mesh Resolution be set at 1 meter within FSX Display Settings (slider 100% to the right). Texture Resolution should also be set at 30cm and above (or slider 100% to the right).
Recommended AI Traffic requirements and settings:

There are AI boat traffic around the island of Tongatapu. To maintain a formidable and exceptional level of FPS, it is recommended that leisure boats be set at 30% or less.
AI road traffic is only found at/near the airport so as to save on FPS. Recommended setting is 10% or lower.

MyTrafficX is our choice of commercial AI air traffic engine especially to reflect compatibility with real-world schedules and airline liveries that frequent Fua'amotu. So you need that to experience and see AI traffic flow.


Similar to any Flight Simulator (FS) Addons, this product may have issues that are either default (Microsoft-related) or developer-related. Issues that are MS-related, whether documented or undocumented are many, but we can only speak for our product. Although there are no micro-stutters or huge lag in fps as tested, it is advisable to lower the Water Effects within FSX Display Settings to High 2x. and set Autogen down to respectable levels for fluidity. These are recommended for lower to medium-end systems, however the scenery is meant for sliders maxed at 100% peak for those computers who can afford the high level scenery design.

For this product, we only implemented shoreline wave effects at certain areas south of Tongatapu island. There are no wave effects at E, N, NE, NW and W of the island, so don't assume that the wave engine is broken or other 3rd party products such as REX is contributing to no wave effects.


Customer Reviews

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Marcus Ottochian *Verified Product User*, 10/04/2011
    This Pacific Islands Simulation rendition of Fua'amotu airport and the rest of the Tonga islands is simply impressive. The scenery is extremely detailed and very frame rate friendly. Well worth the money.