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NOTES Note: ASE requires online activation in order to use online features. Only one computer may access online features per license purchased. If you need multiple computers that require online access, one license per machine must be purchased.
If you have a previously modified version of an Active Sky license key installed and need to remove it, please use the License Key Reset Tool.
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Later
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 with FSUIPC 3.75 or later for use with FS9 (WideFS required for networked configuration) OR Microsoft Flight Simulator X for use with FSX (deluxe required for networked configuration) with Service Pack 1 or 2 (free download from http://www.fsinsider.com)
  • .NET 2.0 (included in software installation package)
  • Pentium 1.5GHZ processor or better
  • 500MB RAM or better
  • 200MB Hard drive space or better
  • Internet connection for online mode and manual wx file downloads
  • Sound card for voice weather reports
  • Note: ASE requires online activation in order to use online features. Only one computer may access online features per license purchased. If you need multiple computers that require online access, one license per machine must be purchased.


  • Pentium 2.0GHZ processor or better
  • 2GB RAM or better
  • 500MB Hard drive space or better
  • Broadband internet

Active Sky Evolution provides high-fidelity weather simulation for both FS9 and FSX! 

The Active Sky series, first released in 2002, has been continually developed in effort to provide the most realistic and enjoyable weather simulation engine possible for Microsoft Flight Simulator users. Supporting both FS9 and FSX, this version offers tons of useful features including universal graphics add-on compatibility, graphics snapshots with weather influence, an in-flight weather display gauge, realistic wake turbulence, vertical air simulation, comprehensive weather and flight planning, full graphical mapping and much, much more. 

Please note that Active Sky Evolution does not contain graphics textures, but is universally compatible with all graphics add-ons. Active Sky Evolution is a comprehensive weather engine which injects weather into your sim while controlling every aspect of the weather environment. Realism features including wake turbulence simulation, Direct Weather Control with accurate winds aloft, hurricane depiction and more are provided with plenty of ways to see weather information in textual and graphical format.


  • Universal FS9/FSX Integration
    We’ve developed a unique dual-interface for ASE that uses either FSUIPC (FS9) or SimConnect (FSX and beyond). Each interface is fully supported to take advantage of all the features they individually offer.
  • Active Sky Evolution Improvements
    Much improved interpolation processes, better depiction, new graphical look, better weather accuracy, reduction/elimination in temperature and barometer spikes, better high-fidelity aircraft (i.e. PMDG) handling, and many other improvements, fixes and enhancements have been made over our previous ASA product.
  • Universal Graphics Add-on Integration
    Using a newly-developed “as-installed” graphics snapshot management system which essentially archives and manages graphics states, any and all graphics add-ons are fully supported and can be used in any combination, all while benefiting from advanced weather-influenced texture selection and manual or automatic texture installation.
  • Universal In-Flight Weather Display Gauge
    XGauge works for both FS9 and FSX, and gives full in-flight mapping and current/destination textual weather information.
  • Real-Time Sigmets and Airmets for the Continental United States
    Actual Airmet and Sigmet data is provided from live sources and listed in both data grid and visual mapping format.
  • Weather Theme Drag And Drop
    We have now introduced ‘Drag and Drop’ to the map screen to allow you to drag and drop weather files (.ast) onto locations on the map and to apply that weather to a radius anywhere from 5 miles to Global from that drop point.
  • Real-Time Global Networked Pilot Reports
    All ASE users will receive networked Pireps as posted by other users, and can make a Pirep at any time. Pireps are also listed in a data grid as well as on the Map.
  • Station Database Management
    The user is now in full control of their station databases, allowing on-the-fly additions, deletions and modifications in several different categories including Physical Stations, Data Stations, Airports, NDBs and VORs.
  • Enhanced Mapping
    New overlays include VORs, NDBs, Airmets, Sigmets and Pireps. All are fully accessible from XGauge.
  • Enhanced Flight and Weather Planning
    Additional flight planning reporting includes helpful information for fuel calculations as well as Met/Reps. A new Wx-Finder screen allows you to quickly find any kind of condition you are looking for.
  • Included FS Haze Layer Eliminator
    We’ve included a texture that can be configured to automatically install, and eliminates FSX’s haze layer depiction which can cause graphical problems when intersecting with terrain (as well as an undesirable look). FS9 fully supports the disabling of the Haze Layer via direct visibility control, graduation and smoothing.
  • FSX Direct Wind Control, Visibility Graduation, and Smoothing
    Using FSX’s global depiction mode and new techniques, we have achieved control and smoothing of the wind, temperature and visibility. When enabled, you’ll have an environment with little to no wind shifts, accurate direction and speed, and smooth visibility graduation and transitions. FS9 also benefits from these features (in custom vs. global mode).
  • Quadrangle Distance-Weighted Interpolation Technology
    New intelligent interpolation fills gaps in weather data more realistically than ever before. The 4 closest data stations in each 90-degree directional quadrant are analyzed and weighted against distance, significantly increasing depiction accuracy in areas with few (or no) reports.
  • Vertical Air Simulation Technology
    For both FS9 and FSX, new realistic up and downdrafts as well as thermals and ridge lift are simulated throughout your flight.
  • Dozens of Additional Features
    Enhanced high-fidelity wake turbulence simulation, improved weather depiction techniques for better visuals, increased smoothing, direct wind control, visibility graduation and smoothing, and much more is included.


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Serkan ARIKES *Verified Product User*, 01/19/2013 1 of 1 customer found this review helpful
    great addon ewer since, works perfect, I guess, but somtimes serwer not responding
5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!  
Les Dillon , 03/02/2010 16 of 17 customers found this review helpful
    Outstanding effort!!! Everything that was an issue in Active Sky Advance (this product's direct predecessor) has been fixed and enhance upon with this effort. Great product for weather...