JUST PLANES - AIR LUXOR A319, A320, A330, L1011

JUST PLANES - AIR LUXOR A319, A320, A330, L1011

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Air Luxor was formed by the Mirpuri family in 1988. The company's network included more than 50 year-round and seasonal destinations. This dvd features Air Luxor's complete fleet including the Airbus A319 and A320 used on short and medium haul routes ; the Airbus A330 generally used on long haul routes and the Lockheed 1011 generally used for charters.

Get an inside look in the cockpit of these aircraft including very extensive and detailed presentations of the A320. You will also discover the superior quality of service Air Luxor offers its passengers on its very modern fleet of Airbuses while enjoying some great scenery in France and Portugal and be sure not to miss the dangerous approach and landing onto Funchal's old runway no less than 3 times in the Cockpit of the A320, A330 and classic Tristar!!!