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Available since: 01/30/2013.
Publisher: Navigraph
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REGISTRATION KEY Registration key after purchase, see order details page in customer account
  • Microsoft ® Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or later
  • Min. 1024 x 768 px, 24-bit color
  • Min. Pentium 4 type processor, 1 GHz
  • Min. 2 GB RAM
  • Min. 100 MB disk (+ up to 3 GB for data)
  • Broadband Internet connection (DSL or faster)

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About Coupons 

A coupon is a certificate which you can use for payment on the Navigraph website in exchange for data and services. The coupon may be used several times during a period of six months until its total value has been used up.

About Navigraph

Navigraph has provided the flight simulation community with Airport Charts, Enroute Charts, Video Tutorials, and FMS Data since 2003. Through SimMarket, you may purchase coupons which can be used to pay for Navigraph data.

How to Buy?

  1. Purchase a coupon from SimMarket. It is delivered to you as a code, effectively a string of 26 digits and characters.
  2. Select your data.
    • Log in to using your Navigraph account and select which FMS Data addon formats to download.
    • Start Navigraph Charts, available for download from, register with your Navigraph account, and select which charts or videos to download.
  3. Go to your Pending Payments and settle the payment using the coupon you purchased from SimMarket. You may copy and paste the string into the appropriate text field. Please note that you need to disconnect any credit card or PayPal account from your Navigraph account in order to be presented with the option to pay by coupon.

Data and Services You Can Buy Using Coupons

1. FMS Data

FMS Data is a general purpose dataset used for in a wide array of applications ranging from flight planning systems in the operations office to various navigational and performance systems onboard. Subsequently the data contains a massive amount of information to determine not only location of airports and waypoints, but also surface type and slope of runways, the layout of airport gates, navaid frequencies, holding patterns, obstacles close to defined routes, and much more.

Navigraph has provided FMS Data since October 2006 after the merger with Richard Stefan of NAVData-Service who had previously worked on similar datasets since 1999.

Navigraph FMS Data is derived from several professional sources, merged, tested, and parsed into different data formats adapted to specific addon software designed to increase the realism of flight simulation. To get started, read more about the coverage and pricing of the Navigraph FMS Data service, and when you are ready you can download data in the various addon formats here.

Navigraph releases new FMS Data according to the AIRAC cycle which is numbered YYNN (where YY is the two last digits of the year and NN is the cycle number). A cycle is 28 days, thus there are 13 cycles in a year.

2. Navigraph Charts

Navigraph Charts (formerly known as nDAC) is a client software which allows you to download airport and enroute charts when you need them. It connects to Navigraph servers and polls for the latest information available and helps you stay updated and organized.

To download Navigraph Charts and get started, go here. You can also check the screenshots and read more about the features, data coverage and pricing.

The predecessor, nDAC, was launched in October 2004 and has since seen three major revisions. In its fourth revision, a number of functions requested by Navigraph users have been implemented. For simplicity the product has also been renamed from an acronym to just Navigraph Charts 4.0.

3. Video Tutorials

Navigraph offers video tutorials on how to read airport charts. The videos are narrated in English and offer detailed instructions on how to complete procedures in different aircraft in a varying set of meteorological conditions. Each video is approximately 8 minutes long and is viewed directly in the Charts software - no external media player is needed. The charts used in the videos can be downloaded separately as PDF documents from the Video Training section of the Learning Center / Online Contents tab in the Charts software.

Where to Get Support?

Support for the use of coupons is given through the Navigraph forum found at
The remaining value of a coupon can be checked here


  • You need a Navigraph Account to use the coupon.
  • Coupons are valid for six months since the day of purchase.
  • Contrary to the previous coupons, the new coupons can be used repeatedly until their total value has been used up.
  • It is possible to combine the remaining value of a coupon with a manual payment on the Navigraph website.
  • Partially used coupons are not reimbursed.